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persian shield plant leaves falling off

The beautiful leaves of the Persian shield plant (botanical name strobilanthes dyerianus) offers vibrant color far longer than a flowering plant. How to Grow Persian Shield Plants . I overwinter quite a few plants, and live in New York. Thank you for replying Nan, I will move them to the front of the house to get the morning sun. Persian Shield has luminous purple leaves washed with silver. With sunlight, humidity, and evenly moist soil, plants generally do well, although they tend to lose some of their vibrant color when cultivated indoors. It’s percing up to the sky looks happy but is in peat moss soil and direct light being fed vf-11 almost every watering. The plant lost its leaves and turned brown in days. Stress may help it color up more too. But as the leaves get old they lose their vibrant colors and fade, but they remain otherwise healthy and happy. I know it is not what you want to hear, but your Persian Shield is done. Then I … The colours of the leaves of the Persian Shield look best when the plant is young. I’ve had it for about 2 or so years. The plant does flower, and in fact, will flower year-round under good conditions, but it's best to remove the flowers as they appear to prevent the plant from becoming leggy. First, where are you located, and what environment are you growing in? I live in Southeastern Louisiana. Bring a plant or two indoors, and grow as houseplants through the winter. It is a member of the Acanthaceae family, which consists mostly of flowering tropical plants. Unlike many other plants, there aren’t any cultivar variations with additional names, as it’s all the same basic plant. I will definitely relocate some of these since they will get very large, and some I will leave where they are and just cut back….thank you for the information! I mist the solarium every day in the hottest months. Plant S. dyerianus outdoors in the garden, or cultivate them indoors as houseplants. What’s going wrong? Introducing "One Thing": A New Video Series, The Spruce Gardening & Plant Care Review Board, The Spruce Renovations and Repair Review Board. You can always move them back outdoors in the spring. This week I experienced intense pain in my hand after picking up dead leaves in the room. Persian shield. 1. leaves not yellow and not mottled 2. watering is once a day. DUNCAN SMITH/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY Persian shield is not usually susceptible to fungus disease or other problems with the foliage, except water stress and spotting. I realized I had slightly been switching to Botanicare Pro Grow for soil and some additives like Cal-Mag and Liquid Karma as well. Persian shield is a perennial in USDA hardiness zones 8 to 11. Persian Shield (Strobilanthes dyerianus) -- how does one keep it going over the winter? I live in Layton, Utah. I have been searching all over to find the Persian shield. I was taking care of it as per your suggestion written in your article about it. They are slightly serrated and have deep green veins with purple to silver on the entire surface of the leaf. Now the weather is getting very warm and humid as Virginia is, so my question is, will she come back or did she die? Coleus may be the go-to foliage plant for some gardeners, but Persian shield is a stunning foliage plant that works equally well in summer gardens. I was curious what you recommend I put the three new cuttings into for soil, I think the peat moss I have the mother in isn’t something I want to put the new three in, they’re ready for transplanting any day now. How many hours per day of sun is the plant getting? In regions where the plant thrives year-round, small, tubular, cone-shaped blue flowers bloom in fall or winter. Persian shield is a phenomenal foliar specimen. Happy Gardening! Keep up the good work. By using The Spruce, you accept our, 9 Great Foliage Plants for Container Gardens, 20 Best Tall Plants for Container Gardens, How to Grow and Care for the Autograph Tree. First two days my Persian shield was under direct rain. Plants grown indoors will generally bloom in the winter, but you may prefer to pinch them off and develop a fuller plant instead. While Persian shield is not listed on poisonous plant lists, caution is recommended with pets near plants and planting material, as they are not intended for consumption and may pose a choking hazard. Hi, my name is Reid Wauchope and i have had one of these Persian shields for about two years now and I have been wanting for a long time to get it vibrant as it was when I first bought it. Root prune older plants as a way to control their size. I gather I should cut them back to just above soil level… Should the soil have a fertilizer/feed, or… Read more ». Dear Kathy : tks for replying / taking time to reply. So glad you enjoyed the article on Persian shield and that yours are doing so well. Our best recommendation is to try some potted Persian shield plants again this year, planted in portable containers so they will be easier to protect from the cold. Chlorotic plant leaves will be very light green or yellow and have very deep green veins. I watered them both the same amount of water except the one on the right has left overs….any idea why? Hi fellow Persian Shield lovers, Why has my Persian Shield lost it’s color? See more ideas about persian shield, plants, persian shield plant. The Persian shield is a rarity: a foliage plant that features shiny, purple, and striking leaves. Be sure to avoid watering or feeding too much in the winter, and best of luck with the cuttings. My plant seemed to of had gone into shock and I am wondering if you might suggest a reason why. Would misting help? If your plant becomes leggy, take stem cuttings and discard the mother plant. It has been raining here for last five days. When I first bought it, the plant was very vibrant purple, but now, the pointed ends of my plant are turning brown and brittle. Persian Shield is a native of Madagascar and Tropical Asia where the humidity is high. So glad you enjoyed the article on Persian shield, and sorry to hear that yours had a little too much sun. Again yesterday I went touching all my plants and again,… Read more », Ouch- sorry to hear this, Debbie! As for the excess water in one plant, no two potted plants are identical, because they are bound to have different root structures and soil compaction. The less water the Persian shield plant gets, the more shade it will need. Hi Ellie – It can be confusing to grow a plant that likes it hot, humid – and shady. Or, pinch it back, sacrificing height, but achieving a bushy and compact plant, for a more formal. Pinch back as desired. You can grow Persian Shield as a houseplant or use it in borders and containers. If you like, you can send photos of the plant in question via our Facebook page. This time, I found it used as a bedding plant in a public garden in Stratford, Ontario. Its highly unusual to attempt to, but exposing it to brighter light may help. Sometimes called Bermuda conehead, this striking tropical species thrives on heat and humidity, yielding its most brilliant color in partially shaded locations. Persian Shield Plant – How to Grow Persian Shield Plant Anywhere. We’re glad you found it informative. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11 but is more commonly grown indoors or as a summer annual in cooler climates. I propagate new plants by cutting off young stems at a length of about two inches, placing them into a cup of water until roots form, and then planting them in soil. Persian shield makes a striking border plant, particularly when paired with soft gray greens or chartreuse. My husband bought me a Persian shield for mother’s day and 2 weeks or so later all the leaves were drying and falling off. It may be a houseplant in any zone. The marbled rich purple leaves have iridescent blue markings with a deep wine red underside. Persian Shield Plant. Isn’t this a wonderful combination? Yes it is toxic, not sure how “toxic”, but as mentioned above, some clear finely knit netting over the plant may deter your cat from ever getting at it. These things happen, and usually a return to the shade results in a full recovery, provided that there has been adequate moisture. I planted a lime tree in july and got some great limes . Do you know if this plant is toxic to pets? Not all do, and the flowers are rather non-descript in comparison to the vivid foliage. I use this method for many plants in my garden. Thanks for your reply! Resist the temptation to pinch at this point, to avoid disturbing dormancy. I *just* read how to really care for this plant as I was not given instructions when I bought it. Persian shield grows from one to three feet wide. Do not remove the fading leaves that develop immediately after flowering. In autumn, it bears delicate funnel-shaped violet flowers in an eye-catching spike formation. Would this be a good outdoor plant in CT, zone 6b? First two days my Persian shield was under direct rain. Here is more about what we do. In autumn, it bears delicate funnel-shaped violet flowers in an eye-catching spike formation. When grown as an annual, Persian shield may not have enough time to set buds and flower, but you will not miss them with all the colorful foliage. I’m growing it indoors due to my climate approximately 3 feet away from a very sunny window, at least for several hours a day. Keep in mind that Persian shield is dormant during the winter, so you won’t see new growth until spring. The leaves are almost metallic in their hue. Persian shield flower. If this doesn’t revive it, the plant has died. Thank you very much! This was around 6 months ago but I have moved twice recently, however the plant has been quite white I think ever since I brought it inside. Re: Re: browning, drying up and dropping leaves - persian shield. Persian shield quick care illustration by Seb Westcott. The leaves shimmer with iridescence. Indoor light is almost definitely the culprit in terms of pigment, though you could consider supplementing with grow lights. The leaves are almost metallic in their hue. The pale purple flowers of a Persian Shield plant can’t compare to the beautiful leaves. Thoroughly soak the soil, let the water drain through, and then water a second time. Try moving them to a brighter, warmer location. An advocate of organic gardening with native plants, she’s always got dirt under her nails and freckles on her nose. In zones 10 and 11, it should remain evergreen or "everpurple." Though light coming from a window may be direct, it is still filtered in comparison to what a plant would get outdoors – but not during the winter in Washington! misting is twice a day, at least 3. drainage is fairly okay, but i … It produces 4- to 7-inch (10 to 18 cm.) I see their mature height is 3-4 ft. How fast do persian shields grow and about how long do they take to reach their mature height? What is the best way to grow this very beautiful plant outside in my garden? A soft-stemmed shrub grown for its extraordinary foliage, Persian shield has thick, quilted purple leaves to 6 inches long splashed with iridescent pewter or silver. How to Propagate a Persian Shield Plant. The leaf colours can fade if the plant is kept in too dark or too cool a place. The last two years I have tried unsuccessfully to get more plants, and no luck. If kept indoors, it needs bright light to keep its color. is a stunning ornamental plant that originates in the warm and humid nation of Myanmar, where it grows as an evergreen perennial. Now fall (and never seeing any flower/bloom as I read they can) and most still fairly healthy – I’m thinking of taking a big pot and maintaining many in the basement for the winter. You can start Persian shield from seed or cuttings. Now it is time to select the place to grow them. With wit and hopefully some wisdom, she shares what she’s learned and is always ready to dig into a new project! The plant does flower, and in fact, will flower year-round under good conditions, but it's best to remove the flowers as they appear to prevent the plant from becoming leggy. In other regions, including yours, you may grow it as a summer annual. Persian Shield can be grown as a root-hardy perennial in zones 8 to 11 and an annual in colder climates. misting is twice a day, at least 3. drainage is fairly okay, but i … We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. We absolutely loved this particular plant -- it grew and grew and had beautiful leaves. The best way to accomplish this is to repot younger plants annually until they reach their maximum size, then repot every other year. Persian shield is a phenomenal foliar specimen. I live in zone 8 , middle Ga..I really don’t want them 3/4 ft tall.. can you trim them? Thank you for reading! H. Lemasters, West Virginia Hibiscus is not likely to cause a reaction and it does not have thorns or spikes, but individual reactions to skin contact with certain plants may vary. Another possibility is that the sunlight coming in through the window is too intense. I sprayed them with Neem oil thinking it should help cause of the bugs. It is screened above and yes it gets hot in the summer. When it wilts that much and doesn't perk up after watering, it is clear that the roots are no longer functioning and the roots are EVERYTHING to a plant. Jan 23, 2019 - Explore Deannie Helget's board "Plants: Persian Shield", followed by 158 people on Pinterest. Persian shield quick care illustration by Seb Westcott. Re: Re: browning, drying up and dropping leaves - persian shield. It sat in a bright, indirect light, window behind the shade of a translucent shade. We have been very hot this year, and humid. I purchased the "Persian Shield", among other plants, for my 86 year old Aunt's large containers. It produces 4- to 7-inch (10 to 18 cm.) Find these plants at Hirt’s Gardens via Amazon. For indoor cultivation, use a good quality potting soil and a container with adequate drainage holes. Q. Persian Shield. I planted it in large planters, surrounded by pink and violet pentas and trailing potato vines.

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