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reason for delay payment

“The delay in the November salary is because we are just starting a new salary regime which is the implementation of the new minimum wage. This is why admitting the delay could be quite challenging for some business owners. Nick_F wrote: Payments may take longer between 4pm Saturday and 6am Sunday and if we take our service offline for maintenance. Tips for Communicating Delay in Salary to Employees. However, not communicating with employees does more damage than being vocal on this issue. Late payment of wages is a serious indication of financial troubles a company might be facing. This government believes in the payment of what is due to our workers as and when due, it is still our focus and we will continue to do that”. You have called the category "debt". To, Whom it may concern. The State Government of Osun has reiterated its commitment to the payment of full salaries to civil servants in the state as and when due, saying the delay in November salary was due to delayed returns occasioned by the new minimum wage as announced by … Date: 8/8/13. Subject: [Late payment due to some problem] Dear Sir, I want to beg to st6ate that I want to put this letter into your kind attention that I have been late on my payment to your company on my mortgage due to some personal problems. The IRS will continue to send the first batch of direct payments through Dec. 31 this year, but people considered "nonfilers" must claim their payment … If it is something else like child support put it there and ask. For any payment, there is no acceptable reason for a late payment outside the borders of the contract from which the payment arises. “The delay in the November salary is because we are just starting a new salary regime which is the implementation of the new minimum wage. Sensitizing that organization as to the importance of prompt payment, or at least meeting payment obligations, is critical. We have a new salary table in place, figures are bound to change and we cannot afford to commit errors with salaries of our workers”. A delay in payments, or even worse, antipathy towards suppliers, is patently wrong. 3 Reasons Your Stimulus Payment May Be Delayed ... the IRS has launched a new tool that lets you input your bank details and effectively register for your stimulus payment -- but don't delay… Often, a client who is trying to delay payment will wait until payment is due before advising you that they didn’t receive your invoice. I've found this has been a problem a couple of times with my Tesco account, but my NatWest account continues to send and receive faster payments almost instantly (just not with Tesco). These are not faceless corporations with a 12-digit account number, but companies made of families with cash flow needs of their own. Those delayed payments are added onto the end of your loan and extend your repayment time frame. As you can see, some hardship programs are … Response: Send your client an email asking for confirmation of receipt of your invoice – for example, seven days after dispatch. What's the reason for the delay between 4pm Sat and 6am Sun?

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