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the lion guard the fall of mizimu grove transcript

Need I say more? Simba: Today the Circle of Life continues, as Makini plants her baobab tree. You and your pod are welcome to come too! If you decide to leave, I understand. Frightened by Scar's unexpected appearance, the remaining Pride Landers flee Mizimu Grove. Beshte! Kion: It's too bad that Timon and Pumbaa aren't here to sing their song. ), (HUMMING) Muhangus’s Armory is a group of aardvarks that reside in the Pride Lands. Oct 7, 2019 - Timon and Pumbaa put on a show in Mizimu Grove. It's the planting of a new baobab tree in Mizimu Grove! Bunga: Zuka Zama! Why would anything be wrong? Basi: Uh... (CHUCKLES) Sorry, Lion Guard. Keep singing! Muhimu is a female zebra. Beshte quickly calls a false alarm, and Basi notes that the Pride Landers have been on edge due to the recent Outlander attacks. Ma Tembo: This is what we trained for, everyone. We have Makini's Mpando mpya! At Big Springs, Basi's pod is spooked by the antics of a baby hippopotamus named Kiazi. Thank you, thank you, thank you! At one end of the grove, there is a large, sloping rock. It will appear on Pandora.TV in the near future. Ono: It's more than just hyenas! Kion: Lion guard go calm he herds! Home / Series / The Lion Guard / Aired Order / Season 2 / Episode 28 The Fall of Mizimu Grove Scar entschließt sich dazu in Erscheinung zu treten, während Timon und Pumbaa eine Show im Mizimu … Executive Producer: Ford Riley: Co-Executive Producer. Pumbaa: Oh right. Shupavu: (SCOFFS) Sounds like something Scar wouldn't wanna miss it either. Kion: I don't think so! Credits. Mtoto's Mom: What'll we do without Mizimu Grove? Bupu: Is that why you asked us all to defend the Pride Lands? Just glad I remembered to say "please.". Lots of Pride Landers gathered in one place at the Lion Guard's request. Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home. Makini: Yes, but the whole grove is ruined! Friday 9:30 AM on Disney Channel Premiered Jan 15, 2016 In Season. 22m 32s. Rafiki: Hello, Pride Landers! The Lion Guard | The Fall of Mizimu Grove - Tujiinue" By Timon & Pumbaa (REACTION) Not A Reaction. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to defeat the Outlanders, while Simba deliberates what to do with Ma Tembo. 16K likes. Makuu teaches the Pride landers how to do a tail whip but none of them could do it. Home > Disney > TV Shows > H - M > Lion Guard, The > The Lion Guard: Season 2 > Episode 28: The Fall of Mizimu Grove Episode 28: The Fall of Mizimu Grove 16 views Makini: Oh this is going to be so amazing! It is a sequel to The Irelanders' Adventures of The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. Kion: If we turn into a big event they will. Lion Guard: Lion guard defend! 1 Biography 1.1 The Lion Guard 1.1.1 "Battle for the Pride Lands" 1.1.2 "Journey of Memories" 1.1.3 "The River of Patience" 1.1.4 "Return to the Pride Lands" 2 Trivia 3 References Fikiri is seen as a cave painting along with her family members, Kitendo and Makini. The Fall Of Mizimu Grove S2 E29 24 Mar 2019. Ma Tembo: I want to hear from each of you. Aleste Wiki. (LAUGHS) It's just little Kiazi. Bunga: What do you think they're talkin' about? " The Fall of Mizimu Grove " is the fifty-fourth episode of the Disney Junior animated series The Lion Guard. Add interesting content and ... the fall of mizimu grove "Good King Simba" song / Simba is stung! Ono: Affirmative! Makini: Yes! Kion: I don't think so! Even on the darkest day, there's hope. And so, without further ado, please welcome Timon and Pumbaa! You can also buy, rent The Lion Guard on demand at DisneyNOW, Google Play, iTunes online. Somethin' about needin' beauty rest? Shupavu: And the Lion Guard is personally inviting all the animals from all over the Pride Lands! Scar: An mpando mpya. USER EDITOR. Directed by Howy Parkins. Timon: Stage lights! Hapana! The Lion Guard is an American animated television series developed by Ford Riley based on Disney's 1994 film The Lion King. We're on the trail of a slug-fest. 'Til the Pride Lands' end... Janja: (SCOFFS) They've all run away! When Timon and Pumba put on a show to lift everyone's spirits, they soon find that they'd set a stage for a showdown no one would ever forget. What's that? Ghost of the Mountain, Season 3 Episode 4 . I think if we turn it into a big event, it might cheer everybody up. 1. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Drive 'em towards that big rock at the other end. (ROARS) Simba: Well done, Kion. Rafiki: What else, honey badger? watch 01:44. The Fall Of Mizimu Grove S2 E29 24 Mar 2019. Lion Guard! Timon and Pumbaa: ♪ We'll lift ourselves up today. Kion: Actually, it sounds like a chance to lift everyone's spirits! Kion: Too bad Timon and Pumbaa aren't here to sing their song. This is the first time that Kion has talked to Mufasa at night. We all know the plan. Bupu: (SIGHS) The antelopes will be staying as well. Thurston: We did? Fuli: You got it, Kion. Watch The Lion Guard Season 2 Episode 28 full online in high quality. It's up to the herds now. The Fall of Mizimu Grove 222px: Information: Season # TBA Episode # TBA Proceeded By: TBA Followed By: TBA Contents .

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