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what does sisi ni sawa mean in english

Human translations with examples: ok, okay, cool, right!, ok,good, mambo poa, sounds ok, that's it!, it is okay. ... Bon appétit is a salutation in French meaning "go ahead and eat". more_vert. - Unajua Kiingereza/Kifaransa? Making fun of music, one song at a time. I don't know. Free dictionaries at No matter how many babies are being born, everyone of us are different on the outside. Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously I've understood. Contextual translation of "sawa sawa" into English. Trivia. English words for ni sawa include lenitive, avail, belike, It's ok, it's all right, covalent, all wrong and is equal. We … What's the meaning of "matata"? Portions of the song are later heard in "A New Way to Go" from the Season 3 episode, "Battle for the Pride Lands". jw2019 en (1 Corinthians 9:27) Like Paul, we too must gain the mastery over our imperfect flesh rather than allow it to be our master. Submitted by: Katycat . ... Kabila hili la Cofan wana aina 17 za ayahuasca, na wanaweza kuitofautisha kutoka mbali huko msituni, na zote hizi kwetu sisi zinaonekana kuwa sawa. Pop songs that are written in english, but use foreign words or phrases within them. If you want to learn Kunradhi in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Swahili to English. Sisi ni Sawa: we are the same (lion guard) Hello everyone. Jasiri: Sisi ni sawa, we are the same! You … I don't know about you but I Love observing people while I'm out with my family. I mean, this kind: Original title: 我们是平等 [We're The Same (Sisi ni sawa)] Transliterated: (Wǒmen shì píngděng [We're The Same (Sisi ni sawa)]) Or this kind: Original title: 我们是平等 [We're The Same (Sisi ni sawa)] Transliterated: (Wǒmen shì píngděng) Could you repeat that! Context sentences for "sisi" in English. - Tafadhali sema pole pole! What does Kunradhi mean in English? Swahili-English Dictionary. I didn't understand (you). Also in that same episode, Scar briefly sings a villainous portion after Kion becomes struck by Ushari. Sisi ni sawa we are the same Sisi ni sawa mean's were the same Forget about the past when there's nothing to gain At the end of the day it's like water and rain Sisi ni sawa we are the same Sisi ni sawa we are the same [Jasiri] Sisi ni sawa we are the same. sw (1 Wakorintho 9:27) Sawa na Paulo, ni lazima sisi pia tuweze kudhibiti mnofu wetu usiokamilika badala ya kuuruhusu utudhibiti. I don't mean staring them out, I mean just taking in the beauty of Gods creation. English Swahili; Do you speak English/French? I speak very little Swahili. Lion Guard Soundtrack's, "We're the Same (Sisi Ni Sawa)" The Lyrics: Sisi ni sawa! Find more Swahili words at! Sisi ni sawa, we are the same! Could you speak slowly, please! "matata" means "problems" What's this?

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