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beyerdynamic dt880 pro

Analytical sound. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision. August 4, 2014. In the Treble Range, they achieve an average of 15dB of reduction which is about average. The DT 880 look similar to the DT 990 PRO but have enough unique touches to feel like a different design. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. In addition to the standard model with its distinctive silver-coloured earpieces and grey ear pads, a Pro Black Edition is also available. The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro are well-built, durable and great-sounding closed-back headphones. Both headphones also sound rather sharp, but the intensity depends on how sensitive you are to the higher frequencies. The Sennheiser HD 599 and the Beyerdynamic DT 880 are both great critical listening headphones if you like a neutral sound, but they have different sound profiles. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 and the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are both great audiophile headphones, though they have different sound signatures. Poor for commuting. They provide no isolation in the Bass and Mid Ranges. So don’… How can I connect Amiron wireless to my TV? The DT 880 Edition is identical to the DT 880 PRO when it comes to sound. the 250 ohm DT 880 Edition and the 250 ohm DT 880 Pro sound the same). Save up to 33% on our Cyber Monday offers! Unless you work in an isolated environment, the level of leakage of these headphones may distract those around you. Beyerdynamic DT 770 M Studio headphones. They're a bit more versatile and have a slightly better Bass than the DT 990 PRO or DT 880 thanks to their closed-back design. $198.99. The DT 880 Edition is identical to the DT 880 PRO when it comes to sound. The DT 880 PRO sounds more natural and has less colour sound. The resulting sound will not have enough kick and low-end rumble for the fans of Bass. For decades now, professional users all around the world have placed their trust in our classic range: DT 770/880/990 PRO. The slight tweaks to the classic design are subtle, yet lead to a slightly different sound tuning. The DT 880 look similar to the DT 990 PRO but have enough unique touches to feel like a different design. The DT880 Pro by Beyerdynamic. Unfortunately, the provided carrying case adds so much bulk that they may not even fit into your backpack or gym bag. It isn’t crazy colorful but it does have a huge glossy image of the DT880 on the side. It’s long overdue for us to review one of the studio world heavyweights – the Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro. The DT 880's semi-open design helps to create a slightly more open soundstage. The DT 990 is the same thing, just with boosted bass and treble compared to the DT 880. They're also a bit more comfortable and have a more consistent frequency response. Active Noise Cancelling​​​​​​​Bluetooth®CustomisableSound Personalization, Broadcast & CameraLive on Stage​​​​​​​Presentation / Speech, Wireless MicrophonesWireless Conference SystemInstalled Sound MicrophonesTour Guide SystemInterpreter SystemsSpeakerphone, Event CentresGuided ToursHouses of WorshipJusticeLocal Authorities, Assistive Listening SystemInstalled MicrophonesInterpreter Systems, Wireless Conference Systems ​​​​​​​Wireless Microphones, 56 Central AveFarmingdale, NY 11735Phone: 631-293-3200. The DT 880 are best used as critical listening headphones. While many headphones make you choose between an open- and closed-back construction, the Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro splits the difference with a semi-open design that allows for increased airflow and a wider soundstage. Single-sided cable. Unfortunately, the case almost doubles the amount of space that they would take up in your bag. Once you open the case you will finally find your prize. Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO | 490.970. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The DT 880 PRO is the semi-open-model in the classic range and offers impressive natural and neutral sound. Decent Treble Range performance. so that you can compare the results easily. For further instructions, please follow this link to get in contact with our authorized service provider in the U.S. We want you to be completely satisfied with your order and our products. The semi-open-back design means that these headphones offer unparalleled spaciousness. Robust, easy serviceable construction as all parts are replaceable. However, the DT 880 lack bass compared to the DT 990 PRO, which pack a stronger punch. They also don't have any controls.

  • 250 ohms impedance for studio use (ideal for mixing, editing, mastering)
  • Sony MDR-7506/1 Professional Headphone, Black. The Sennheiser sound a bit dull in comparison, but their sound profile is better-balanced overall, with more bass and less emphasis on sibilants like sharp "S" and "T" sounds. That leaves only one question: Which headphones are the right ones for you? Post a comment. This makes them even less portable which is slightly disappointing. That's because we use similarly designed acoustic transducers for both headphones. Product Description for the Beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Studio Headphones. The DT880 Pro by Beyerdynamic. Excellent Mid Range performance. They have fairly similar sound profiles, although the AKG adds a bit of extra emphasis to the clarity and detail of vocals and instruments, while the Beyerdynamic emphasize more of the sibilance range. The overall level of leakage is also loud. Velour, circum-aural (around the ear) ear pads. The semi-open enclosures of the DT-880 mean they don't rely heavily on an air-tight seal to create their Bass. These benchmark-setting studio headphones, available in three different models, boast extremely detailed resolution and very transparent sound. They reproduce audio tracks neutrally without changing the tone of the sound. put them under the same test bench, Decent Bass Range performance. This makes them quite cumbersome to carry on your person without a bag. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The DT 880 boasts high levels of workmanship and utilises quality materials throughout, underlining Beyerdynamic’s “Made in Germany” philosophy as a benchmark in superior standards of design and manufacturing. Low-treble is well-balanced, but treble is over-emphasized by an average of 5dB, peaking at 12dB around 9KHz. What are the differences between MMX 300 (2nd gen.) and Custom Game? The DT 880 are good critical listening headphones with a well-balanced and open sound. However, the audio cables leading to the ear cups are a little exposed. Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (semi-open). beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones 250 O... beyerdynamic DT-880 Pro Headphones 250 Ohm (490970) with Full Size Headphone Case, Headphone Stand … The Classic Among Premium Headphones. The AKG K702 and the Beyerdynamic DT 880 are both great audiophile headphones if you like a neutral sound. You can see what products we currently have for sale. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro terminate in a 1/8th-inch TRS plug, threaded for a 1/4-inch adapter for high-end/high-output systems. This makes the sound of the Treble on these headphones noticeably bright, and they could sound a bit harsh on overly bright tracks. Headphone cable! The significant portion of their leakage sits between 300Hz and 20KHz, which is quite a wide range. We are particularly proud of the durability of our products, because all the components used are replaceable if necessary. They are a recognised tool amongst sound enthusiasts and a loyal companion for producers. Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018, G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, LEARN ABOUT FREQUENCY RESPONSE CONSISTENCY, Be the first to start a discussion about Beyerdynamic DT 880. The headphones produced by Beyer are very solidly made, I'd imagine the rugged designs have the travelling DJ in mind. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Use our data and table to find the best headphones for your needs, Want to see us review a specific headphones? It also protects them against some impacts but because it's a soft case it won't be ideal against accidental drops. Music lovers delight in its natural, vibrant sound as well as its excellent spacious reproduction.
  • Made in Germany
  • Inside you’ll find a rather large semi-hard carrying/ storage case. From what I’ve seen from various impressions of the DT880, if a pair was put in a room for a group of people to listen to and write down impressions, very few would completely agree with each other. The DT 880 PRO Headphones from Beyerdynamic combines all strengths of open, transparent headphones with those of more powerful, closed headphones. These headphones, unlike the DT990, are not stable. The DT 880 Edition headphones for use at home and the DT 880 PRO studio headphones: soundwise, both models are identical as they feature identically designed acoustic transducers. They also make use of some premium materials in their build quality.
  • Transparent, spacious and natural sound
  • They're bulky, cumbersome to carry around and unstable. DT 880 Pro - The Studio Legend The Benchmark for Studio Sound with Top Notch Impulse Response and Comfort The wide stereo image, neutral sound, and the extremely high resolution make the beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones a reliable benchmark-setter for daily studio use. They're bulky, they don't fold into a more compact format, and the ear cups don't lay flat either. There are fundamentally two differences between the models. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. $0.00. DT770 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 32, 80, or 250 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): NA DT880 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 250 ohms Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 96 dB Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): NA DT990 Specs Frequency Response: 5-35,000 Hz Nominal Impedance: 250 ohms Sound Pressure Le… Secondly, the Edition models come equipped with a straight cable whereas the PRO models come with a coiled cable. It’s enough to make most people at least do a double-take. As with all beyerdynamic professional studio headphones, the DT 880 PRO headphones are also handcrafted in Germany. The DT-880 is rated as semi-open but their performance is very similar to fully open-back headphones, and therefore don't isolate well. What's the difference between the DT770/990 PRO and the DT 1770/1990 PRO? ,,,,,,, sa2_bulletpoint_1:Ideal for mixing, editing, mastering, short_description:Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (semi-open), Wendelanschlusskabel mit 3,5 mm Stereo-Klinkenstecker und Adapter 6,35 mm, hifi_Half-open-construction-halb-offene-Bauweise, hifi_Made-in-germany, hifi_Wearing-comfort-Tragekomfort, For further instructions, please follow this, 250 ohms impedance for studio use (ideal for mixing, editing, mastering), Soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads, Robust, comfortably padded and adjustable spring steel headband design. Also, their semi-open design doesn't block ambient noise, leaks a lot and isn't really intended for any other use case except critical listening in an isolated environment. That's because we use similarly designed acoustic transducers for both headphones. Beyerdynamic’s DT 880 is available in several different forms; Pro 250 Ohm, Premium 32 Ohm, Premium 250 Ohm, and Premium 600 Ohm. They're not versatile enough to use in loud, noisy environments and their bulky, semi-open design means they will be too leaky and cumbersome for most casual uses. Due to their semi-open back design, these headphones leak a considerable amount of sound. Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Specs & Prices. Prices. They fit a bit looser on the head when compared to the 990s and will easily fall off if you shake them too much. Therefore, they tend to perform quite consistently, even though the Bass Range of our Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones are measured on 5 different human subjects, 5 times each. They have a semi-open design which lets a lot of ambient noise seep into the ear cups which is not ideal for the loud environments involved in commuting via public transit. The Beyerdynamic DT 880 and the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are similarly-performing headphones for critical listening. You’ll need an amp for these babies to get the most out of them, and that’s really not much of a surprise. This Beyerdynamic DT880 review is a look the studio headphones that are getting audiophiles excited! Firstly, the Edition models have a somewhat softer headband for enjoying music at home whereas the PRO headset has a slightly firmer fit. Both headphones have a bright and clear treble. Headphones, Dynamic Driver. Sennheiser HD 599 Special Edition, Open Back Headphone, Black - Exclusive to Amazon. The only real differences in the headphones themselves are as follows: Premiums have slightly less headband clamp pressure. 4. The DT 880 have no rough edges sonically or mechanically. For most people shopping for studio headphones best suited for producing, mixing and mastering, two of the top options should be Sennheiser HD 650 (and the derived models) and the DT 880 Pro. beyerdynamic calls the DT 880 a "semi-open" headphone, but they're lying. The models of the Pro product family are designed for professional users while those of the Edition product family are designed for end users.. The DT 880 PRO is the semi-open-model in the classic range and offers impressive natural and neutral sound. © 2020 9298-5266 Quebec Inc. All Rights Reserved. We are reviewing the Pro 250 Ohm model, the least expensive of the bunch. This allows optimum vocal positioning in mixing and ensures every slightest nuance is transparently reproduced. Two things jump off that table; the 96 dB sensitivity which is quite high. The circular ear cups are semi open as opposed to the open design of the DT 990 which combined with the more premium, metal enclosures makes the DT 880 look much more expensive than their price range.
  • Soft, circumaural and replaceable velour ear pads
  • JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. With all the new headphones coming out lately, it’s easy to get swept into the hype of being an early adopter and the great headphones of the past are overlooked for a new, yet possibly inferior headphone. The DT 880 is an open headphone, with no isolation except at the very highest frequencies exactly like the beyerdynamic DT 990. The DT 880 Edition is the classic among the premium headphones from beyerdynamic. The response is virtually flawless and within 0.7dB of our target. The single-sided cable allows the headphones to be put on and taken off frequently without cables getting tangled, and soft, adjustable ear cups provide for added comfort. Sound. It is important to know that the models of the Pro and Edition product families do not differ noticeably in terms of sound, provided that they have the same impedance (e.g. Starting with the packaging, like most headphones these days the beyerdynamic DT880 Premiumcomes in a box that’s mean to grab your attention. The DT-880 suffer from insufficient low-bass and bass. In case you are not fully satisfied and wish to return the ordered items, just follow our instructions for a quick and easy return of your items. Headfonics. They have a durable build, and they're decently comfortable, but they're a bit cumbersome to carry around without a bag. They're not meant to be used while exercising or running, and the non-detachable cable is cumbersome and will yank the headphones off your head if it gets hooked on something. The Sennheiser sound warmer, but also muddier, while the Beyerdynamic have a brighter, but also harsher, sound. They also do not have as much Bass as the DT 990, but on the upside, they have a spacious Soundstage, low harmonic distortion and great stereo image, which makes them good headphones for neutral listening. The DT 880 are comfortable headphones but put an uneven amount of pressure around your ears. The DT 880 have an excellent Mid range and an above-average Bass and Treble. Headfonics. Sennheiser HD … One aspect that sets our products apart from the rest is that they are handmade in Germany. This makes them sound decently well balanced, with instruments and vocals that don't feel pushed back or too forward on most tracks. Sub-par for office use. We buy our own products to test. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds Truly Wireless Review, Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Wireless Review, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? Headphones, Dynamic Driver. Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro Professional Studio Headphones. Like the DT 990 PRO and the DT 770, the DT 880 are not very portable headphones. DT 880 PRO and DT 990 PRO do differ in design and sound. The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO and the Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO are both very good headphones for critical listening, but they have different sound profiles. The Beyerdynamic DT880 is perhaps the lowest priced truly high-end headphone on the market today, making it an immense bargain for the savvy headphone shopper. The specifications for which are listed in the table below. With dynamic headphones, impedance isn’t exactly something that is constant from frequency to frequency, and can vary wildly. The DT 880 are rugged and well-built headphones that won't break if they accidentally fall off your desk. PC Mag "Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro is a great option for those looking out for professional headphones. However, their overall audio reproduction is a little bright and sibilant. Semi-open, diffuse-field studio headphone. This makes the DT 880 sound brighter compared to the DT 990, which sound boomier. Beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO - 250 Ohm Semi-Open Studio Headphones (Limited Edition) 4.7 out of 5 stars 58. and a lot of it, but there are headphones connected to one end… So that has to cou… They also have a slightly different headband design with two small metal plates at the hinges, which look a bit odd but shouldn't be much of an issue once they're on your head. As stereo headphones they help professionals pick up on errors immediately making them ideal for mixing and mastering. 4. Excellent consistency. The wide stereo image, neutral sound and the extremely high resolution make the beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO headphones a reliable benchmark-setter for studio use. Recabling a Pair of Beyerdynamic DT880 Headphones Beyerdynamic is a family-owned audio equipment manufacturer based in Germany that produces headphones, microphones and wireless audio systems. Total Price Tax Shipping Store In Stock $198.99. This item beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO Headset - 250 OHM. Though hardly perfect soundwise, it can hold its' own against far more expensive headphones, and will likely last longer to boot. benchmark for studio sound The wide stereo image, neutral sound and the extremely high resolution make the beyerdynamic DT 880 PRO headphones a reliable benchmark-setter for studio use. "The Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones deliver an accurate, powerful listening experience intended for musicians, sound engineers, and music lovers with stereo systems." The circular ear cups are semi open as opposed to the open design of the DT 990 which combined with the more premium, metal enclosures makes the DT 880 look much more expensive than their price range. However, the Beyerdynamic are more comfortable for longer listening sessions. ships within 48 hours | free shipping within the US, Skip to the beginning of the images gallery,,, Studio headphones for mixing and mastering (semi-open)

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