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duke psychiatry residency director

William Bynum, MD, Program Director; Brian Halstater, MD, Medical Director; Cerrone Cohen, MD, Co-Associate Program Director; ... Residency Staff. Residents receive broad-based training with an emphasis on the biopsychosocial model of mental illness. This past September—five years later and a few states southward—Vestal became the residency program director in Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences. Find a colleague to talk to about it. But as an undergraduate at Boston College, she declared psychology as her major, finally admitting to herself … It may be teaching faculty how to use different teaching methodologies that are thought to be more effective for adult learners. Another thing I value as a leader is to do everything I can to include residents and faculty in decisions about changes within the program and be as transparent as possible regarding how we think about making changes and helping the program evolve and grow. We recently sat down with Vestal to learn more about her background and her vision for Duke Psychiatry’s residency program. The Duke Medicine-Psychiatry Residency Training Program is committed to training physicians to provide compassionate medical and psychiatric care to diverse patients. Director, Residency Program. Built in 1930 as the original Duke Hospital building, Duke Clinic (sometimes called Duke South) is now home to the School of Medicine and the medical center's outpatient clinics. Psy Hub for faculty. The specific way I’ve been doing that is with a focus on encouraging residents and faculty to be willing to be vulnerable and share when they’re struggling with something, rather than having a whole bunch of individual people who are suffering in silence and maybe thinking they’re the only people struggling, when actually it’s really a universal experience. I knew it was never going to be boring. 412-246-5320. Jane Gagliardi, Vice Chair for Education, Psychiatry Residency Training Director, Psychiatry, Duke University Medical Center. To a large extent, Duke already has that, and I want to be sure to continue that tradition. This site is under construction. In academic medical centers, trainees inevitably observe systems in need of improvement. A Typical Week for Charlotte Schwarz, MD Monday. ©2020 Duke University and Duke University Health System, All Rights Reserved. I did that for three years, and then two years ago, I became the program co-director. Exposure to concepts and practice in psychotherapy in the first year, with weekly PGY1 process groups. Vestal: One thing I think is really important is having the right service-to-education ratio, to have really outstanding educational experiences that are grounded in clinical care, while making sure we’re striking the right balance without having too much or too little service—that is, clinical tasks that might not require a physician to be doing. I’ve done a lot of work in that area over the years, as well as teaching residents how to teach and helping faculty learn how to be great educators. Every person was different. I searched for the right 'fit', specifically a friendly, energetic learning environment filled with smart, uniquely talented people. EBM integrates individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research. By Susan Gallagher. The thing I enjoy most about being a program director is the relationships with the residents—talking with them, understanding what they’re going through and helping them through struggles. But as an undergraduate at Boston College, she declared psychology as her major, finally admitting to herself that she “actually really loved psychology.” A few years later, she entered the Yale University School of Medicine with an open mind, but her passion for psychiatry persisted and deepened. Experience with different psychotherapy supervisors throughout the program. (Log-in required). On the medical education side, I’m very interested in physician and resident wellness. Vestal: My advice would be “Don’t worry alone.” If there’s ever something that you’re concerned about, whether it’s something that’s going on with a patient or an interaction with a colleague or you’re feeling like you’re not doing a good enough job, don’t hold that in. Residents learn through clinical experiences at various training sites in a range of healthcare delivery settings, and through lecture-based and interactive learning experiences offered in academic half-day sessions by leaders in the field. Their rotation schedule can be formulated by the Residency Program Director or designee. Clinic starts at 8am, and my first slot of the day is for intake appointments. Thank you for your patience. Vestal: It was the connection with the patients. I believe I've found that at Duke! So that really resonated with me. Faculty Intranet Site. Dr. Rynn is professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Initially, though, I’ll be more focused on my administrative responsibilities as program director. Christopher Eckstein, MD. Duke Clinic is a 20-minute drive from Raleigh-Durham International Airport. Aimee Zaas, MD, MHS. It was where we grew up, but we had also been there for nine years in training. Associate Residency Program Director Eric M. Thompson, MD Phone: 919-681-5073 Morning: Mondays are my full days seeing patients in the Duke Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic—mostly for medication management appointments, with occasional therapy sessions. For more information on the VTCSOM Psychiatry residency program, please feel free to contact us: Michael Greenage, D.O. Donna Sudak, President, AADPRT Vice Chair for Education, Director of Psychotherapy Training, Drexel University. Examples include stepped care with a case manager in the Medicine training clinic, psycho-oncology services at the Duke Cancer Center, transplant psychiatry services in the renowned Duke Transplant Center and collaborative care in the Duke Emergency Department. Professor of Medicine. Emergency Medicine Program Director. I am excited to welcome you to the Hackensack Meridian Health General Psychiatric Residency Training Program at Ocean Medical Center. To be able to move to an area that has it all—the warmer weather, the coast, the mountains, and a place where we could actually buy a house and have a little bit more space—was really an awesome opportunity as well.

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