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odoban carpet pad

I promise! I have kids and have a lot of kids I babysit always over! I love the eucalyptus scent. Eucalyptus Multipurpose Concentrate. The best part is that it truly eliminated odors, saves you time in cleaning with 3 products instead, specially when you have pets. The carpet is fine as of now, no stain, etc. I run a Family Child Care business and use Odo Ban to disinfect changing table surface, bathroom and kitchen. 1 Gal. Leggett & Platt 11.9mm Foam Carpet Padding. The different scents work so nicely together. PLUS this fresh smell of lavender, I just wish they carried it in the stores!!!! Stops pets from repeating over in same place due to sensitive noses. I removed the entire interior and discarded the carpet. Cucumber Melon Disinfectant, Laundry and Air Freshener, Mold and Mildew Control, Multi-Purpose Concentrate Model# 911461-G $ 9 98 $ 9 98 ... disinfectant concentrate odoban carpet cleaner odoban disinfectant lysol laundry sanitizer odo ban odoban pet. See more ideas about cleaning, odor eliminator, odor. Learn more about the history, benefits, and impact of carpet pad. Great for general cleaning and as a diluted spray around litter boxes, carpeting, furniture. All I know I spray in air wipe everything down,we have had no sickness past year !!! Box 7444Warner Robins, GA 31088 | 1.800.841.3904. Item #446958 Model #BZ0331. However, it will not damage water-safe items when used as directed. – March 15, 2012. OdoBan Odor Eliminator and Disinfectant Concentrate – Lavender. Lv 7. My dogs don’t have any problems with their pads or feet. OdoBan® cleans, disinfects, sanitizes and deodorizes precleaned hard, nonporous household surfaces. Nice pleasant smell & reasonably priced! WE HAVE BEEN USING THIS PRODUCT FOR OVER 5 YEARS AND WE ARE VERY SATISFIED WITH IT AND SO AS OUR CLIENTS. My Mom has a dog that has a very strong odor. We’re serious about freshness. Also this product is made for anything, that needs cleaning, or use on fabric for freshner.. Pros – Easy to Use, Efficient, Powerful, Simple Instructions, Smells great, Best Uses – All Pet Odors, Auto, Cleaning, Dis-infect Sick Room, Garage, Home, Office, Pet Urine Smell, Smoke Smell. I have a great nose, everyone knows (no pun) it. You can steam clean with a disinfectant such as Odoban, MicroBan, or Sporicidin. Find all the illuminating spots and pour that Rocco and Roxie on all spots. 0 0. Chemical makeup one of the strongest to fight against microbes from mold to bacteria to viruses. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and analyze site traffic. This industrial liquid odor eliminator leaves no residue and has a variety of uses. it does last a very long time. Right for the price for a case of 4. Economical to use. The ONLY product I have found that get rid of pet odors. OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner is three products in one: a traffic lane pretreatment, extraction cleaner, and spot remover. The EPA Registration No. Closest store is an hour away. I love the smell of it and when company comes over they always ask what the pleasent odor is. A powerful hot steam clean can also kill parvo on a carpet (perform the steam clean 3 times). Pros – Easy to Use, Efficient, Powerful, Simple Instructions. i keep it in my bathroom to freshen up weekly. Bathroom, Laundry Room, Bedroom, everywhere any odors may be. Love the disinfecting properties…great cleaning action and light pleasant fragrance. Power. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for OdoBan Ready-to-Use 32 oz Spray Bottle & 1 Gal Concentrate, Eucalyptus Scent - Odor Eliminator, Disinfectant, Flood Fire Water Damage Restoration at Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Fast Results, Long-Lasting, Effective. OdoBan Multipurpose Cleaner Concentrate 4 Gallons, Lavender Scent, 4 Pack, Odor Eliminator, Disinfectant, Flood Fire Water Damage Restoration 4.8 out of 5 stars 670 $54.00 $ 54 . Choose your application and dilute OdoBan as directed in the Use-Solution Preparation Chart. It even knocks out the smell of dirty diapers! Concentrated so remember to dilute. It is recommended that a small area be tested for colorfastness before applying an OdoBan solution to an entire … I recommend it to any mom that has athletes in the house or is potty training a little one. A Mildewstat... effectively controls and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew. Pros – Easy to Use, Efficient, Non Offensive smell, Powerful, Simple Instructions, Best Uses – Auto, Carpet cleaning, Cleaning, Home, Office. The extra bottle is very useful when you want to spray as an air freshener and clean the counter tops. Even with the shipping charges, this stuff is worth the money & then some. Your email address will not be published. Have several cats and dog that mostly live indoors. OdoBan® is our original multi-purpose, concentrated formula. Explore More on Moisture-resistant barrier repels spills. Cleaned my bathroom with it over the weekend and it shines and offers the crisp clean smell. The house smells so clean when I use it to clean, sanitizer and deordorize. Dilute for use on carpet, upholstery and hard floors. It does dissipate, though, until reapplication & use. OdoBan® Products. OdoBan® is an EPA registered disinfectant. No. Required fields are marked *. It is wonderful to have a product that will not bleach out my clothes and sometimes the clothes of the infants if I do not dry the changing area thoroughly before I lay them down. It is also an excellent deodorant and leaves a clean fresh odor. We produce and package OdoBan year-round at our facility in Warner Robins, Georgia. When using Odoban for carpet cleaning, it can only be used in a carpet extraction cleaner and not a steam cleaner. It is like they were made for each other. Even use it to disinfect counters after processing meat and freshening interior of vehicle. Put it in the laundry in a fabric softener ball, or soak a mildewed towel, dilute & spray on the walls & counters, on the floor, in the garbages & as an air freshener. great smell that is not overpowering and my cats seem not to mind it. If you don’t have a steam cleaner for home use, we highly recommend this one for small -medium household jobs especially involving pets: Hoover Pet Dash Carpet Cleaner (link to product) Wall to Wall Carpet Scraps This is a very good cleaning product. The other scented odoban is ok,like cucumber melon and lavender. However, OdoBan® Disinfectant and Odor Eliminator Concentrate can be used in carpet extraction cleaning machines to deodorize carpet. Doesn’t ruin clothes, etc. NEVEWR EVER are we WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT !!!! I tried a number of different products to clean up after them and nothing worked as well as odoban. Item# 11061-G4 (4 x 1 Gallon)UPC # 00732109470049, Item# 11101-G4 (4 x 1 Gallon)UPC # 00732109917957, Item# 11601-G4 (4 x 1 Gallon)UPC # 00732109917971, Your email address will not be published. At work…..80 kids with horrible aim and a cesspool of germs. Your review *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1eac8b0d9c75ac2a7fb5417daa4472b" );document.getElementById("cb755bc40d").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); 1 Gal. I did the vinegar first, then odoban, then professional cleaning. Check Other Stores closed. Pros – Freshens Air, Long-Lasting, Neutralizes Odors, Not Overpowering, Pleasant Scent, Best Uses-Dorm Room, Garbage Odors, Pet Odors, Smoke, OdoBan Odor Disinfectant, Eucalyptus (1 Gallon Concentrate / 32 oz. In some cases, it is impossible to get urine odors out of wood. I then cleaned up all the debris. Put a little in your humidifyer for a great smell throughout the house. OdoBan® kills common germs ‡ such as Escherichia coli (E. coli), Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Salmonella choleraesuis (Salmonella), Streptococcus pyogenes (Strep) and Influenza A/Hong Kong (Influenza) on pre-cleaned environmental surfaces in 10 minutes. So if the smell comes back, can I just pull up the carpet, replace affected area of pad, seal subfloor, and put carpet back down? Cleaning frequency will depend on your level of use. The smell is pleasnat and works just like the original Odoban which I love. Makes up to 64 gallons. The pad under carpet is a vital part of a home’s comfort. Multi-use, and safe for enviroment. Our patented technology reduces wear and tear to carpets by suspending dirt and soils. Yes, Odoban Professional kills the norovirus as well as many other viruses like HIV, Influenza, Herpes, and other stomach flu like viruses. OdoBan® Air - Lemon. I also use in on changing tables and many other applications. Extends the life of the carpet. Safely cleans carpets without the use of foamy, harmful, or sticky chemicals. It is great for killing the flu germs on fabric, doors, walls, carpet, beds – everything. OdoBan 1 Gal. This cleaner was introduced to me by my mom – a professional house and office cleaner. How do you make it stay down? Use it in mold remediation and everyday cleaning. Never fails to let me down. Ready-to-Use). How do you think about the answers? Great product. So how do they do it? LOVE this stuff, customer for life now. Sign in. works great and smells great too. I diluted the Odoban, 5 ounces per gallon, and wetted each interior panel, trim and metal surface with the solution and let … Staples or something? We appreciate the value & quality. The only downfall with this product is that it is not a regularly stocked item in any harware or chain discount outlets listed on your web site. I introduced it to my company, and they use it for all door knobs, mold in carpet… It doesn’t mask smell, it kills it. Here’s how to effectively remove pet urine smell from carpet with OdoBan. Pros: Great Scent, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Long-Lasting, Effective. Terrific value for the size. Should not be mixed with any other product and works well, safe around the animals. PO Box 7444 Warner Robins, GA, USA 31095 +1-800-841-3904 +1-478-922-5340. This is a great product! A smoker & 2 cats live here? Wonderful remedy for a truly smelling dog. Bonded foam gives carpet a luxurious feel. Beloved by fans everywhere, this concentrate is economical and versatile. Links. Pros: Great Scent, Immediate Results, Cost Effective, Easy to Use, High Quality, Long-Lasting, Effective, Odoban® 1 gal Odor Eliminator and Disinfectant Concentrate – 4 Pack. Takes out wet dog smell, urine, and all other ‘puppy’ smells that come along. Why OdoBan? Love this stuff. EXTREMELY fast shipping and great price !!!! EVEN HAVE FMY USIN IT !! I also use this product to clean toys at the end of the day. OdoBan is a deodorizer, sanitizer, disinfectant, mildewstat, and a virucide all in one. Made in USA. 8 years ago. Pros-Easy to Use, Efficient, Powerful, Simple Instructions, Best Uses-Auto, Cleaning, Garage, Home, Litter Boxes, Office. Use Current Location. You need this in your life. OdoBan® is effective against animal and pet viruses such as Avian Influenza virus, Avian Infectious Bronchitis virus, Pseudorabies virus, Canine Distemper virus, and Newcastle’s Disease virus. Contact Us. Eucalyptus Ready-to-Use Cleaner Combo Pack ... odoban carpet cleaner odoban odor eliminator odoban disinfectant lysol disinfecting spray bomb … Eucalyptus Odor Eliminator and Disinfectant Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate. Fresh dimension antimicrobial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. Eucalyptus smells like baby powder. OdoBan® is an effective fungicide against Trichophyton interdigitale (the athlete's foot fungus) when used on surfaces in areas such as locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower and bath areas, and exercise facilities. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!! View handy dilution chart. This smells awesome! Great product and it smells incredible. The stink was so bad we were going to get rid of our expensive machine, until I tried OdoBan! I have four dogs, two of which are puppies. Read the uses and directions… PERFECT product. Eventually, I was able to research and order this item on line. Thank you for carrying this product. Best Uses – Auto, Cleaning, Garage, Home, Office. This kills odors completely & germs too! Pull up the carpet and pad and search the subfloor for urine stains. OdoBan Carpet Cleaner is intended to get rid of smells and stains on carpet and upholstery. 1 in my book!!! Here's how to remove smoke smell from cars. Great for many different odors, expecially pets!! I use it daily in the kitchen and bathrooms. Prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria. Bad point is that the online Ace site showed that my store did not carry it and that was untrue. We have tried all three scents and like the Lavender the best. Available in 6 fantastically fresh scents. Leggett And Platt Odoban Carpet Pad Homedesignview Co Leggett platt 11 mm rebond carpet padding at lowes com leggett platt 11 9mm foam carpet padding at lowes com carpet padding at lowes com carpet padding at lowes com. so now I am stuck with 4 gallons when I only needed one. That's why we make the best, American-made cleaners, disinfectants, and odor eliminators on the market. This works the best of anything I have tried. Please contact your local retailer and ask if they carry OdoBan… I am very pleased with OdoBan. Instead of trashing the washing machine I loved, we cleaned the rubber gasket, and applied Odoban while holding the gasket open around the inner edge, and OdoBan worked perfectly! I have purchased one gal. We use it throughout the house. Yes it can. look up there website & ask them because they have experts & most of the people here would only be guessing. A Deodorizer... eliminates unpleasant odors on washable surfaces such as upholstery, carpets, bedding, showers, walls and floors while leaving a fresh scent. Respiratory illnesses attributable to Pandemic 2009 H1N1 are caused by influenza A virus. Love using OdoBan to keep my house smelling great. I love the way it smells and it also sanitizes. Buy OdoBan® Now. That's why we make the best, American-made cleaners, disinfectants, and odor eliminators on the market.We produce and package OdoBan year-round at our facility in Warner Robins, Georgia. Great for cleaning and deoderizing. We have a front loading high efficiency washing machine, which always had a horribly bad odor, no matter what we did. Just tried the cucumber/melon – what a relief! The foam on the back of cheer floor will not absorb water like the carpet pad in your homes or offices. Click here for comprehensive directions for each application on all of our OdoBan® products. Best deodorizer on market. For cleaning carpets, we recommend OdoBan® 3-in-1 Carpet Cleaner. A Virucide*... kills *HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), Influenza A/Hong Kong and Herpes Simplex type 2 in 60 seconds. Does what it says, eliminates odors with such a small amount. We use this product all the time in our business. But i rather have original scent (eucalyptus) because it smell real good. It last a long, long time for a super price and does eliminate odors. After the waiting period, all you have to do is wipe down the area or the toys. Few people talk about it. For everything it does, AND KILLS, it’s awesome!! FYI-it’s NOT the $51.96 it says it is-at HD it’s $10. I had a kennel for years and used it everyday,it can’t be beat for pet odors.Deodorizes,sanitizes,disinfects,kills bacteria,viruses,Strep,Staph,even the AIDS virus,eliminates smoke and pet smells.If that wasn’t enough,it smells SO GOOD!I use it everyday in my house and in my car and I’ve been using it for YEARS!I guess you can tell I have nothing but high praise for ODOBAN. Let’s compare carpet and padding to a bridge.Both bridges and carpet have to hold up to traffic whether its cars or feet. Safely and effectively removes odors from: pets, tobacco smoke, cooking, mustiness and mildew while leaving a clean, fresh, long-lasting scent. it is safe to use anywhere. Will definitely buy again. Said that it’s all that they use. Odoban Carpet Cleaner. Find OdoBan® online and in stores at these major retailers. OdoBan® eliminates odors at the source! We are not using a band aid, we are going in and sanitizing this dire situation. Mixed some in spray bottle to spray on furniture. I use this in my laundry and anything else I can’t use bleach on. I tried the lavender and it is perfect. Other products do not work on taking the odor out of carpets or dog beds or the air. We have cats & are glad that it is safe for animals. WE OWN A COMMERCIAL CLEANING COMPANY AND WE SERVICE SEVERAL MEDICAL FACILITIES AND WE USE ODOBAN TO DISINFECT AND DEODORIZE. This stuff is sooooooo Amazing!!! It kills odors & germs & won’t harm pets or sensitive skin. concentrated OdoBan may damage some plastic or vinyl surfaces.) Light scent that is great for relaxing on bedding. When used correctly, OdoBan can be used as a deodorizer, sanitizer, a disinfectant, a mildewstat or a virucidal. Still have … Leaves no residue. Here's how to use OdoBan concentrate in your washing machine for the freshest laundry ever. Best Uses-Auto, Cleaning, Garage, Home, Office. Get free shipping on qualified Bendix OdoBan products or Buy Online Pick Up in Store today. when spilled and smells great. By Have been using this many years now and they developed for the flood of 93 ‘I think the man told me !!

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