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shaka zulu interesting facts

– The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) played a vital role in the renaming of Shaka’s day to … Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. Shaka Zulu (born 1787) was the founder of the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa. !u believe the useless history that you have been taught? His leadership and his energy make him one of the greatest Zulu chieftains. at one point he controled so much. I leave you to do your own research by speaking to the elders in KwaZulu the true essence of the “eGazini” part of the Royal Family…..So stop reading the European version of your own history! The big challenge is, i had a debate about the bible, some people believe that bible is not for Africans it’s for whites to manupulate us , can you do a research on that. The rise of the Zulu Empire under Shaka forced other chiefdoms and clans to flee across a wide area of southern Africa. This was a three-part attack tactic where the most experienced fighters would form the chest of a bull pressing enemy at a vulnerable position. The Zulu Tribe Celebrates Shaka’s Day Annually. …but an African saying Shaka was a loser!!! Only the close relatives of the family really know how the family relates. He was no loser, he killed millions though for land. He was assassinated by his two half- brothers in 1828. This is a great history only with few facts and lots of myths. This is really said as we may not find out the true version of our history. Born in 1787, Shaka was the son of Senzangakhona, ruler of a small chiefdom, the Zulu. This was an overly curious person whose itching to know how certain things worked drove him to inflict undeserved harm or even death to his fellow man and beast alike. In this rampage, he killed more Zulus than those who had succumbed during their conflicts with their enemies. Local and international travellers who have visited … Richard you sound so clueless of what being a Zulu king means above that you are not a Zulu I can tell . Senzangakhona initially denied paternity of Shaka but eventually married Nandi. It’s funny how whites always defend what they do and want to make it right. They call him their king though his mother was not royally married like other wives…..he ddnt even have a single child, shame….. Just like the verwoerds and p w bothas of this world, Shaka’s history has been distorted a lot by colonizers who used his story to miseducated Southern Africans about their real history… He was Imbube/Induna yezikhali and served under King Menzi the true founder of the Zulu nation. He was essentially a mama’s boy. People deemed unfit to live were brought to KwaBulawayo to be killed off. The rest of the fighters would form the ‘loin' taking position behind the "Chest" to ward off any additional attackers. Here’s the data. I am finding it very disturbing that our textbooks are littered with European history. What I do not agree with is that, King Shaka was helped by the whites to conquer King Zwide of Nxumalo . 2.kubhalwe ukuthi wake wakopolota umuntu amehlo okungenzeka ngamanga nalawo It’s just crazy how people look at thing because of there own race and not look at the real of it and just say dang our race was wrong or dang we are alike more then we thought. This map illustrates the rise of the Zulu Empire under Shaka (1816–1828) in present-day South Africa. For in the space of twelve years, he organized an immense army of skilled and disciplined warriors, conquering and pacifying a territory larger than Europe. He writes on socioeconomic issues and believes these can be solved through journalism. How is there question about shaka zulu and the pale face as they would say in that time. Shares. Oct 27, 2019 - Explore Tanya's board "King Shaka" on Pinterest. As the commanding general, the young warrior’s thirst for brutality found full expression, and in 1816, he, with the help of Dingiswayo deposed, killed and replaced Sigujana, his half brother. One can understand the confusion because most of our history is oral and there are myths, believes and folktale. My best guess to find the truth would be the British Royal house, because that’s where they discussed which version of our history to write. The empire covered the northeastern part of … But it’s just a sham that this black king is looked down on for doing the same as the pale face did. I wish King Zwelithini can give his version of the story as I think it will be closest to the truth. Africa must renecensse! Like or hate him that is Shaka Zulu for you, and nothing much will change because he is a story now cast on the stone of Shaka Zulu history, Imaage:, @Shaka ZuluSource: Twitter. Illegitimate childIt’s believed the founder of the Zulu clan was conceived through what started out as ukuhlobonga, a sexual act without actual penetration, allowed to unmarried couples, during which Senzangakhona and Nandi got carried away. “White forks don’t belong in Africa”. Shaka kaSenzangakhona, also known as Shaka Zulu, was a great Zulu king and conqueror. "Shaka Zulu" has bit from all of them. 9. if you read more than christoper columbus diaries maybe youd be more informed. 5. I’m glad you are shining the light on the true character of Shaka and the true motives and customs of caucasian people. Menzi was Senzangakhona,and Nkayishana is isilo Maphumuzana kaDinuzulu kaCetshwayo kaMpande kaSenzangakhona kaJama kaNdaba,n yes uMbopha was not a commoner he was from the royal family. However, a small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.The Zulu language, called isiZulu, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup.. Shaka the travellerShaka was fond of traveling. While Shaka Zulu’s aspirations and statesmanship inarguably were earth shattering for the Zulu, they finished on an about sad note. I am currently writing my first ever book and it’s about King shaka Zulu, titled the King we never knew. akukho okuhle abelungu ababengakubhala ngo Shaka: African Tribes. It is the truth about Shaka Zulu. Shaka's reign was never secure, and maintaining the Zulu kingdom's boundaries required further military campaigns. Shaka, Zulu chief (1816–28), founder of Southern Africa’s Zulu Empire. One thing you can say about Shaka Zulu is that he did not do his men this way. Uma kungukuthi uMenzi wakhulisa uShaka, kanti uDingiswayo Mthethwa yena wennzani? lets not forget that he systematically killed his enemies in senseless genocides, raping the women and then taking the children to train them up for his army. This Zulu man forbade his troops from marrying; During his wars, he killed everyone else but spared the lives of bushmen. Here are 16 things that made Shaka Zulu a military genius. Curiosity drove himShaka was a curious person. This is all bull,Senzangakhona named Shaka Mandlesilo not Sigidi,it was he uShaka who use to call himself uSigidi and uMenzi was Senzangakhonas alias hence ebizwa uNodumehlezi kaMenzi,plus uMbopha was a member of the royal house eGazini branch he is uMbopha kaSithayi kaGanganana kaNdaba kaPhunga research first then write.sibonge…thank you, Aw bru don’t say it’s bull. You get angry over the past and useless dead he has been pushing….you call him a king. Senzangakhona claimed that Nandis bloated belly was a symptom of iSh… Shaka usurps the Zulu Chiefdom. He was assassinated by his two half- brothers in 1828. 22 September 1828) was the most important leader of the Zulu Empire.He joined the Zulu tribal groups together into the beginnings of a nation. The youthful and aggressive warriors would then form the "horns ‘and trap the enemy within the semi-circle. The Zulu Tribe Celebrates Shaka’s Day Annually. uMbopha) taking all the blame for uShaka’s assination in the family as a result of being the last line of uShaka’s defense…hence when uShaka said ‘Nawe Mbopha kaSithayi’ uyangibulala na he meant what only the ‘Royal Famiy” members and family tree knows what he meant….basically uShaka meant that I knew that any of these people could kill me or get me killed …”but only you”… that should tell you something……We still paying for that to this day! the King mentored kaNogandaya, and he also rose to be one of the few who had the exclusive rights to eat at the King's table. I’m teaching History and very crazy about it. However, a small number of Zulu also live in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Mozambique.The Zulu language, called isiZulu, is a Bantu language of the Nguni subgroup.. Shaka was the son of Senzangakona, He greatly loved his mother; He killed his half-brother and stole the king's throne; He has his public holiday; The Zulu culture is … If blacks are so great where are the great stone cities built by their great civilizations?? I am from the uMbopha kaSithayi family tree…..and” uHubhu kaBhejane” hit the nail in the head. I am afraid the only person who is right above is “Hubhu KaBhejane Says”. Chep. 1. He had zero tolerance for cowardice. Besides the infamous event in which Shaka sliced a live pregnant woman’s belly open to see how the unborn baby occupied that space, historians claim he once ordered a man’s eyes to be taken out so that he could observe how the man would adapt to his new circumstances. 22 September 1828) was the most important leader of the Zulu Empire.He joined the Zulu tribal groups together into the beginnings of a nation. - The Zulu tribes religion is based around the reverence of ancestors - The Zulu tribe is related to the Swazi and Xhosa tribes also tribes of southern Africa - Two of the tribe's most well known leaders are Dingiswayo and Shaka - Other religions that Zulu people worship are … A historical account on the life of the Zulu King Shaka. The Zulu king liked moving around a lot. c) IMbube: Royal King-Menzi appointed Shaka kaSenzangakhona aka “uNodumehlezi kaMenzi” to lead that department later under the leadership of Goodwill Zwelithini Lifelolenja not Zulu (His hidden surname).

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