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bs in behavioral science

we help you prepare for the future as you research and gain knowledge on topics within psychology, 7 weeks. PCN-360 - COM-263 - Among GCU’s five critical competencies: effective communication, critical thinking, Christian worldview, leadership and global awareness, perspectives, and ethics. 1.800.756.7920 However, the BS in behavioral health science degree does not lead to licensure. The foundation for learning is established for professional skill development through practical experience with the University's four essential learning outcomes communication, problem solving, collaboration, and citizenship, emphasizing a focus on behavioral science. Environmental Science - Distinguish the influences and importance of diversity in human service relationships to demonstrate an awareness of ethics and values and to encourage collaboration. Standard curricula between a BA and a BS in psychology vary, but both generally cover psychological theory, principle, and practice. The substance use disorder curriculum offers a strong foundation for students who want to pursue a master’s degree in counseling, mental health, criminal justice, clinical or forensic psychology or human services. Practical experience is provided in the application of statistical methods. 8 weeks. 15 weeks. Health and Behavioral Science Careers The healthcare sector is expected to grow by 30 percent by 2020, more than twice as fast as the general economy. UNV-112, Success in Science, Engineering and Technology & Lab: 4, UNV-108, University Success in the College of Education: 4, UNV-104, 21st Century Skills: Communication and Information Literacy: 4, MAT-154, Applications of College Algebra: 4, PHI-105, 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: 4. If you do not meet this requirement, speak with admissions Campus courses for this program are generally The Capstone will culminate in the successful completion and presentation of an e-portfolio that will demonstrate integration and mastery of identified program goals. 8 weeks. Description and Outcomes. Degree with major coursework in criminal justice, law and justice, social work or behavioral sciences. 7 weeks. This course covers physical, cognitive, and socioemotional development across various points in human development. The Behavioral Sciences major lays the foundation for this understanding and allows cadets the opportunity to map a path of study through a diverse menu of courses aligned with their professional and educational goals. GCU's non-traditional tuition rates are for students who are interested in pursuing an online degree program or taking evening classes. This course introduces “traditional” theories such as psychodynamic, humanistic, and cognitive-behavioral. Students residing in other Hawaii districts will be charged 4.1666 percent. Discuss the current DSM manual and ICD codes for behavioral health. Graduates of Grand Canyon University will be able to demonstrate awareness and appreciation of and empathy for differences in arts and culture, values, experiences, historical perspectives, and other aspects of life (psychology, sociology, government, Christian studies, Bible, geography, anthropology, economics, political science, child and family studies, law, ethics, cross-cultural studies, history, art, music, dance, theater, applied arts, literature, health, etc.). Analyze the different clinical and documentation skills to be an effective member of an interdisciplinary team. GOV-360 - A range of validated methods are analyzed in areas such as clinical assessment, empathy, parenting, depression, anxiety, phobias, and pain management. It offers a brief overview of trauma, informed care assessment and treatment, and ethics associated with working with trauma victims. *By submitting this form, you agree to receive texts, emails and phone messages from Bellevue University. 15 weeks. Identify and practice basic rapport building and interviewing skills. Our broad selection of electives allows you to select courses related to your major or expand your perspective in other areas of interest. Specifically, the GCU Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science (BHS) program includes the study of the approaches, techniques, current trends, history, research and best practices in behavioral health. Discuss the impact of multiculturalism, diversity awareness, and social justice in the behavioral health field. Study the science of relationships and start on a path that changes lives. Traditional counseling theories, as well as more recent approaches to counseling diverse groups are analyzed for ethical and practical implications. Understanding Trauma - * The Wilmington University's bachelor of science in behavioral science comprises 127 credits and emphasizes interpersonal relations and practical applications of specialized knowledge. BHS-430 - Differentiate between electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR). 1000 Galvin Road South This social science degree prepares you to work with youth, families, the elderly, disadvantaged populations, those struggling with addictions, the court system, crisis intervention services, government agencies, and more. Offered By: College of Humanities and Social Sciences. PCN-360 - Behavioral science is the study of human behavior. Upon completion of the Grand Canyon University's University Foundation experience, students will be able to demonstrate competency in the areas of academic skills and self-leadership. 8 weeks. ENG-105 - HIS-144 - PSY-102 - Substance abuse issues. This course introduces the historical and theoretical perspectives of family dynamics and systems. 15 weeks. Students will learn to work across a range of human needs through a spectrum of courses covering current social issues, working in the helping professions, and theories of personality. BHS-490 - Market Research Analyst. Students in a behavioral science bachelor's program learn the methodologies that are needed to observe behavior and gather information, as well as the science … 7 weeks. The College of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees. The foundation for learning is established for professional skill development through practical experience with the University's four essential learning outcomes– communication, problem solving, collaboration, and citizenship, emphasizing a focus on behavioral science. This course provides foundational knowledge regarding addiction and substance use disorders. Experience with facilitating cognitive behavioral groups. Students will also practice rapport building and interviewing skills, identify various assessment tools, learn documentation strategies for treatment plans. If the predefined course is a part of the major, students need to take an additional course. BIT-200 - 15 weeks. Christian Worldview - Transfer in with an associate degree (or at least 60 credits from a previous institution), 15 weeks. Learner strengths are assessed and analytical, relational, and resilience skills are developed. What Can You Do with a College Degree in Behavioral Science? Please submit copies of official transcripts. BHS-330 - It studies the dynamics of trauma throughout the human life-span development. 15 weeks. Human Development - Speak with your university counselor for more information about estimating the costs of attending GCU. It is the policy of GCU to collect and remit sales, use, excise and/or gross receipts taxes in compliance with state and local taxing jurisdiction regulations, which require the university to remit tax where applicable. Get started with a Behavioral Science degree at Bellevue University. 15 weeks. Cultural and Social Diversity in Behavioral Health - BIO-220 - Find out more about the online experience >. The Bachelor of Science in Counseling with an Emphasis in Addiction, Chemical Dependency and Substance Abuse leads to licensure and includes fieldwork to help students put theories into practice. SOC-330 - Organizational Behavior and Management - 15 weeks. Students are required to take CWV-101/CWV-301. social services, corporate leadership and human resources, and clinical counseling and psychology. Abnormal Psychology - This course provides foundational knowledge in theoretical approaches to counseling. The Behavioral Science Capstone reflects on professional identity and development in the human service field. We have simplified our requirements for admission and we do not require entrance exam scores like the ACT or SAT—so you can get on track to achieving your goals. Dom.Violence,Child,Elder Abuse-Fam w/Addiction &Substance Use Disorders - Students living in the District of Oahu will be charged 4.712 percent. Additionally, the program offers many opportunities for career development through credit-earning internships at a variety of NYC area worksites. Earn your Behavioral Science degree at Bellevue University. New behavioral science careers are added daily on In addition, this course provides students a blended approach of the beliefs and values associated with religion and spirituality as a component of cultural competency. Transfer your full associate degree or (at least 60 credit hours of your previously earned credits)*, Complete a prior learning assessment to potentially get credit for your work experience, Potentially get credit for your military experience and training. higher from an accredited institution of higher learning. From the very beginning of our Behavioral Science degree program, PSY-380 - Technical Support ›, Foundations for Professional Success in Behavioral Science, Multicultural and Diversity in Human Services, Social Deviance and Psychopathological Perspectives, Counseling Microskills for Human Service Professionals, Treatment Strategies and Ethical Considerations. Introduction to Counseling Theories - Analyze local and national behavioral health service entities. The Behavioral Science Program’s Concentration in Human Services provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to obtain specialized knowledge within the field of Human Services. 7 weeks. In addition, this course explores theoretical approaches to group work. an in-person learning experience as you earn your Behavioral Science Degree, you can get what you need to help you be successful. See how: Already have an associate's degree? 15 weeks. Social Problems - Students can also continue their education at the graduate level to qualify for a career in clinical psychology, licensed therapy, or professional counseling. Christian Worldview - Coming to campus? Prerequisites: PCN-100 and PCN-107. BIO-220 - Topics studied include biopsychosocial dynamics; stages, processes, and impact of addiction and substance use; and the role of the addiction professional in prevention, intervention, relapse prevention, and aftercare. Prerequisite: 60 Credit Hours, This course examines civic engagement in relation to individual freedoms and responsibilities. 8 weeks. They will also examine ethical codes and organizational policies. SOC-330 - This includes behavioral health, health services management, health services, and other agencies including, but not limited to, government, private and public entities. Apply practical and theoretical knowledge such as counseling theories, treatment strategies, and leadership strategies to demonstrate ability in problem-solving and in synthesizing concepts. Bellevue University offers a generous credit transfer policy so you can make more of the credits you’ve already earned count toward your degree. Protect and serve Californians by setting, communicating, and enforcing standards for safe and competent mental health practice. 15 weeks. Spirituality and Addiction - PCN-107 - In addition, the course provides overviews of the substance abuse counselor's code of ethics, HIPAA, and legal issues involved in counseling. Students will have the opportunity to directly work with those affected by substance abuse. communicating, and collaborating) needed for professionals in the field: Current students please login to BRUIN and select “Academic Progress” for your curriculum requirements. 7 weeks. 15 weeks. A behavioral science degree joins the natural sciences and social sciences together to create a broad understanding of human behavior. COM-312 - 8 weeks. Learn about the accelerated cohort experience >. Introduction to Family Dynamics - Evaluate the Code of Ethics and specific state laws and rules for behavioral health. This course focuses on the relationship between spirituality and the development and treatment of addictions. about how you can build your credits directly with Bellevue University. and have the option of earning your behavioral science degree as part of an accelerated cohort. English Composition II - Complete assignments day or night — whenever it works for you.

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