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evo vs sti

A roof spoiler said to enhance stability graces the top of the rear window, and the underside of the car receives a new diffuser mounted aft of the rear wheels. And, although it may surprise you, the majority of STI owners I have spoken with at car meets and competitions admit they wish they had an Evo. Owners of both brands should be, even considering brand loyalty, praising each other’s work. But who has that money to throw down for one of those? Even if the sti has more hp the evo … Anyway, I love subarus and my next car when I am out of college hopefully will be a sti, but I was at the track a couple weeks ago and evo's were beating sti's all day long. Don’t lift off the throttle, because you’ll spin. The competitiveness, though, is what has driven the manufacturers to build the best cars possible, and what has pushed them to the top for all of these years. The 2.0-liter still feels rather anemic at the low end until muscularity sets in at 3500 rpm, turning it into a rip-roaring, torque-happy beast. STi vs. Evo AWD Systems? A victor in this rivalry is not easily determined. And when the paddle-shifting and extra-beefy suspension of the Evo is considered, the margin of victory starts to look pretty vast for the Evo. But it's not that simple either, as another important ratio to examine is weight to power. Aussies are well familiar with the concept having to choose between red and blue. However, don’t just throw the Evo out because they don’t have an explicit colour scheme. I had to look up what its name even was when I wrote this. They both are always splitting power. What is more practical than a family car? The Evo's 6-speed manual transmission (MR only) is crisp and precise, making missed shifts rare. Well, this is the difficult question. And if you can buy one, you’re going to be too afraid to drive it hard for fear of it losing value! The STi and EVO are not in the same class, they are AWD and the STi is close to $40,000 with the options that my MS3 has on it. Vintage Stig: Mitsubishi Evo 8 vs. Subaru WRX STI We're curing our Top Gear cravings with frequent spins through the YouTube archives. The new Sti has come very close almost as if they were copying the Evo .The Evo is still a little more focused on what its known for but not by much .As … The torque peak of the Evo occurs at a higher rpm than the STI’s, but the seat of our pants tells us the Evo has more torque at lower rpm. Evo feels faster than the STI. Oy vey those are comfortable and snug for tight, fast cornering – even for a woman’s hips! 9 Reasons Why The Subaru Impreza WRX STI Is Better Than The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. Hit Likes and invite your friend. We all heard the news that Mitsubishi has discontinued the Evo X. Additionally, neither offers a very nice interior. The Evo system is more agile but the STI system feels more secure and it is the one I'd prefer driving in Canada winters. the japanese version of the sti vs evo, the evo uses a bunch of electronics to control its handling, while the … It might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but when it boils down to it, is Subaru making the hatchback anymore? 1) My Evo is a daily driver. What’s a rally car without the rally? Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. The STI, on the other hand, does not dis­ appoint in that area. Recaro bucket seats, now upholstered in Alcantara to reduce slipperiness, hold you in place under almost all conditions. The Evo's dynamic characteristics not only make it predictable, but extremely confidence-inspiring, with Bilstein shocks that feel best suited for relatively well-paved roads. What makes a true apology? Built Subaru STi vs Built Evo X! Nope. The leather-wrapped steering wheel has a better feel, and the gauges are visually more appealing. If you need to haul something bigger than what can fit in the car, buy a truck. The Evo is hard on the road, the five-speed box is outdated, and the interior, in typical Evo fashion, is pretty poor. Mitsubishi vs Subaru, the improved 2005 Lancer Evolution IX meets the Impreza WRX STi to see which rally legend is the best - WhichCar is the online home of MOTOR magazine. Today, the rally-inspired fight of the early-2000s: Evo vs. STI. This probably depends upon the country, but certainly in the US it feels as though many STI owners around do not understand that the competition between the STI and the Evo is what makes the cars succeed; they tend to be snobby and stick to their own car club. I mean, c’mon, Mitsubishi didn’t stop producing the Evo because it was losing to Subaru and the STI. Personal preference, but in most professional reviews they say this. On the other hand, is the smoother, low grumble of the Evo. The battle of rally-inspired sports cars continue as Mitsubishi and Subaru go up against each other at the Buttonwillow Raceway in our fourth annual STI vs EVO shootout. Fact is the Evo's 122 horsepower per liter easily bests the STI's 102 horsepower per liter. The race to one-up each other comes in the form of add-ons instead of overhauls, mainly because Subaru and Mitsubishi know what outstanding performers they already have. The experience of piloting one of these tarmac-tearing, dirt-loving predators down a favorable road can often lead one's imagination astray. There are new slant­ ed bulbous headlights and cleaner taillight clusters too. Then it truly is a special edition. For that money you are in the realm of Used BMW M3's and the new Camaro SS (this isn't the same camaro with only straight line power). Yes, Subaru has done well by offering Limited Edition and special occasion STIs. Overall, the Evo is said to be even a step below the STI in this regard. The Evo vs. STI battle was a fun one, but does anybody remember the 237 HP Lancer Ralliart? Just in case you haven’t stepped outside your Subaru bubble recently, Mitsubishi also has a hatchback. Braking systems are identical Brembo setups with nearly equally matched Bridgestone Potenza RE070s (STI) and Yokohama Advan A046s (Evo), which work well for both cars. You suddenly feel like an advocate of rude awakenings, with a mission to complete every time you strap into the driver's seat. Here is the second side to the story, and obviously the truth... Not so long ago, CT staff writer Darren Cassey wrote something that I, and many of you disagreed with. He probably had to replace the entire chassis and suspension to make it a frontrunner. This hour, TED speakers explore how repairing the wrongs of … Advertisement. A ninth-generation Evo preceded an all-new WRX STI, and two diehard factions of fans prayed the cars would trade punches forever. It’s confidence inspiring. Not only are they well-matched opponents, but each could also be arguably superior to the other in some way, shape or function. WRX STI Versus EVO X, a match-up between two sporty family sedans. It is iconic – I’ll give them that. Power from the Subaru's larger 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-4 comes in early and seems to stay fairly linear where the Evo's power kicks in abruptly. The Sti has more important things that can't be upgraded on the EVO like .5 liters, boxer, ultra beefy 6 spd tranny,,,,, you know, the things that count! They’ve branded themselves with their overall looks; they are not hiding behind specific colours. What does it mean to make amends for past mistakes? - … 2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution vs Subaru WRX STI: The Verdict. The interior of the Subaru is comfortable and well equipped, making it less industrial-like and more inviting. The suspension not only has a longer range of travel, but is better suited for soaking up road irregularities (not to mention landings) than the MR's setup. If you care about a special colour scheme, have it custom done. Hey everyone, I really didn't know where to put this so i just put it here. The Evo culture here is doing exactly that. Turn-in is still quicker than the STI's with a new simple and ergonomic titanium-finished steering wheel to handle. Pick an STi if you want to drive fast but do not want to learn how to drive, the car is much more forgiving than the Evo. Subaru has done a great job branding using that paint arrangement. We didn't fret … In a world exclusive, we hijacked the Evolution IX launch to do battle with Subaru’s STi. You can’t tell me the STI is more understated. The STI's overall nature, though still great for track and autocross events, seems to favor a dirtier environment. "Looks like we've got ourselves a dogfight! Here are my arguments for why it’s the Evo that’s in fact the better car: Sure, Subaru has been able to make a name for itself through Colin McRae, but he drove a heavily modified STI with all the best equipment and factory sponsorship. Besides, a hatchback is for practicality. Discussion Starter • #1 • Oct 6, 2016. While it may be a different story off-road, we find ourselves less at ease through long sweepers due to the constant adjustments being made by the STI's anxious active-center differential. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR (2014) vs Subaru WRX STI (2015) Get Your Merch Subscribe to my channel for constant uploads! If you buy a stock Evo, you can have the better handling without spending the extra money if you can’t afford it. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and the Subaru WRX STI have been competitors, red in tooth and claw, for more than a dozen years in the U.S., … Such a title is probably having you wondering if you clicked on the right review but the facts are here, you cannot honestly consider those 2 vehicules as "sportscars" anymore but rather some "Sports Family Sedans".

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