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mac professional chef's knife

Much as we did with the Zwilling J.A. Full bolsters make sharpening your knife more difficult, because eventually you’ll need to find a professional sharpening service to grind away the extra steel at the heel of the blade and maintain a flat edge. We also gathered a testing panel of seasoned cooking pros and curious home cooks in our test kitchen to chop, slice, dice, julienne, chiffonade, and mince with the 15 knives we collected for the 2017 update. But things like comfort, weight, balance, and price are mostly personal preference. Maybe you’re on a budget and outfitting your first kitchen. (5) Total Ratings 5, $94.95 New. Bolsters are metal cuffs that can help balance knives with a heavy blade—such as the Wüsthof Classic Ikon—where you want more weight in the handle. You can grind it out with sharpening, but you shouldn’t have to sharpen a brand-new knife. ), This is a terrific knife for the price. To get the opinions of some professional chefs, we sent the top-performing chef’s knives from our in-house test to the kitchen at Le Coucou (recipient of the James Beard Foundation’s 2017 award for Best New Restaurant) in New York City. In our tests, the Wüsthof Classic Ikon cut smoothly through butternut squash and onions, although carrots did split slightly. (For more on knife care, see our care and maintenance discussion.) (Though I used kitchen shears to cut through the chicken ribs to separate the breast from the back, as no chef’s knife is really meant to cut through bone, only through joints and cartilage.) The Mac MTH-80 has dimples on both sides of the blade to reduce the chances of food sticking to the knife. The last thing you want is to have to constantly … A paring knife is similar to a chef’s knife, but it is smaller. As you watch a chef whipping a knife down the rod toward their hand at lightning speed, it’s easy to see yourself taking a thumb off. German knife blades are curved and designed for a rocking chopping motion. It’s a long, thin grip that’s completely smooth, without any contour at all, and though it looks beautiful, it felt slippery and small in my hand. We think this design is so common because the full tang has stood as a benchmark of quality among both knife makers and cooks. It also requires professional sharpening: One of the secrets to this knife’s amazingness is the fact that it is honed to an asymmetrical edge—one side is 70 degrees and one is 30 degrees, so you have to buy a left-handed or a right-handed model. Even testers with larger hands found that the handle gave plenty of knuckle clearance. Higher HRC ratings mean the steel is harder and more brittle. If you find the Global G-2 intriguing, we suggest checking it out in person to see if it’s right for you. In that respect, $145 or so is a bargain. Low to mid-50s is on the softer end, mid-50s to low 60s is hard. RELATED: The Best Knife Deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020. (As with all the knives, I tested with a brand new version to keep all the variables consistent.) This is compared to a Japanese chef's knife which has a more gradual taper from the heel to the tip. Made in Japan, it has a hard, super-sharp blade and a simple wooden handle that’s extremely comfortable and feels secure in the hand. It has a scalpel-like delicacy and when I used it to tackle big, tough ingredients, it felt wrong, even a little dangerous, and I worried I would damage the blade. © Copyright 2020 Meredith Corporation. After some education and a lot of practice, you’ll be able to sharpen any old knife to a pro-style edge. Another honorable dismissal, this knife is sharp and precise. The Togiharu Molybdenum Gyuto is a classic lightweight gyuto. The combination of the razor-like blade and the familiar, comfortable blade shape and handle were, for me, what made it the very best choice overall.

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