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where is castner glacier

Thank you for the fun & informative lesson on glaciers. I eventually hit an underground river that I could not pass, but you can hear a powerful underground waterfall in the distance. My trip to the Castner Glacier was unexpected and short, but provided an interesting perspective on something I had yet to witness in person. Pushing our way out of the drainage to stay dry, we followed a gentle moraine to the top of the northern terminus of the Castner. Castner Glacier Cave (Click any photo to go to my Flickr) Sunday I visited a place I've been meaning to visit since Decemberish - Castner Glacier Cave, about 40 miles south of Delta Junction on the Richardson Highway. The age of Alaskan glaciers is debated because they do not fall into time of expansion like lower 48 glacier (i.e. Castner Glacier 04/14/14. the hurrcane breached the dunes and wiped out over 40 homes in Ortney, NJ. The valley floor coerces the flowages into a stream which flows to the ocean. they do not necessarily expand just because of an ice age) (Pewe and Reger 1983) and there are many methods (e.g. Last year a friend of mine posted some amazing pictures from a day trip she had made to Castner glacier. Castner Glacier sits right at the boundary of these two regions, and generally gets the most use of anywhere in the range, making it one of the more reasonable options for a short hike in this beautiful mountain wilderness. Here, in the interior, we just ended the fourth longest cold snap in history where we had 35 days … Thanks for reading everyone! The glacier is located on BLM land (Bureau of Land Management). Route Description: Castner Glacier is the simplest glacier to reach coming from Fairbanks, and for the past several years it’s been the easiest place to find an ice cave as well. The threads intertwine to form rivulets and the rivulets meld into flowages. “Holocene glacier fluctuations in Alaska.” Quaternary Science Reviews 28.21 (2009): 2034-2048. However, there are no signs and no maintained trail leading to the glacier. Castner Glacier .  Flowers are finishing the blooming and purples, yellows, and whites have given way to wispy seed-heads to be carried away by a persistent breeze. I’ve added my parents for reference size Extreme melting and degradation of the ice cave have occurred! The pictures of the flowers are, as always, gorgeous. But for now, it’s one of the most stunning and easily accessed glacier basins in all of Alaska.  What an astounding thing to consider the power of just one water drop! ). The large ice chunks in front of the ice cave have completely melted in the 08/24 photo. Castner Glacier Trail This unimproved road is located at mile 217.3 on the north side of Castner Creek. This sub is about finding beauty in the the world around us, from the simple and ordinary to the … The off-trail route climbs Castner to the Silvertip Icefield and, despite being almost entirely on the glacier, does not require crampons, ice axes, or ropes. Exploring deep inside an Ice Cave within Castner Glacier, Alaska, where no humans have ventured yet this season. A 1/2 mile hike leads you to the Castner Glacier. the terminal moraine) is rapidly melting due to summer temperatures and record levels of summer rain this season. Consequently, following a surge, more ice surface area is exposed to ablation. I would love to hear your stories in the comments! So, although I would like to tell you how long the fresh glacier water I drank had been locked in its solid state, I do not really think I can! What a change in 4 months! This goes on for 6-7 miles. Shedding just one drop of water at a time glaciers containing enough water to change ocean levels can melt and disappear.

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