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effects of employee attitude and behavior within an organization

She specializes in business, finance, workplace/career and education. For example, if employees believe that their employer does not look after their welfare, the management should try to change their attitude and help develop a more positive attitude in them. The survey findings also show how workplace changes may affect employees' attitudes and experiences on the job. The encouraging social atmosphere that results from good attitudes creates incentives to be part of the team and gives employees a sense of belonging and emotional investment with the success of the company. When you praise somebody for a job well done, it can mean a … Effective communication allows managers and employees to understand the business context and provides the opportunity for employees to get involved. Publications she’s written for include Southwest Exchange and InBusiness Las Vegas. How the work flow processes are planned affect who is involved and who is responsible for the ultimate product or service. A mere legal stricture cannot ease this attitudinal problem. A person may not always be aware of his or her attitude or the effect it is having on behavior. Based on their attitudes toward work, employees feel more or less committed to the job. If we can remember that attitude then we can form the habit / behavior that should be used with ease. In other words, if attitudes are largely a function of the situation, then attitudes can be changed by altering … Signs of Good Employee Work Relationships, Influence of Compensation vs. Job Satisfaction, USA Today: 5 Unprofessional Workplace Behaviors, Business Insider: 17 Unprofessional Work Habits That Make Your Boss and Coworkers Hate You, Assessing the Role of Motivation on the Employees Performance, Non-participation in meetings and group initiatives, Disrespectful behavior toward colleagues or superiors, Not pulling your weight or doing your share. An organization, regardless of its structure, depends upon an effective combination of managers supervising the performance of their direct reports and all employees making their contribution towards organizational goals. Keywords . Effects of Employee Attitude and Behavior Within an Organization: Everyone has an attitude toward everything-attitude being defined as a personal opinion/feeling toward any given subject. For example, if a member of the team fails to compete their portion of a group project, or undermines the rest of the team due to a disagreement, work product suffers. Performance appraisal has positive and significant effect on employee performance in Eco bank (Nigeria) Plc, compensation plan by management has significant influence on employee motivation in Eco bank (Nigeria) Plc with P-value less than 0.05, R-square of 20.7%, Training and development programs affect organizational … Comments . Whether for better or for worse, employee attitudes tend to have a drastic impact on the productivity of a business, both directly and through the effect on other job-related factors. When people are happy to come to work, are satisfied with their jobs and enjoy the company and collaboration of their colleagues, morale is high. The way the reporting relationships are structured defines who makes the decisions. Posted on March 12, 2014 by … When the workplace feels hostile, unsettled and unwelcoming, and when employees and managers are constantly bickering and refusing to work as a team, morale suffers. Some examples of poor or unprofessional behavior include: When employers behave poorly in the workplace, things don’t get done -- or done right. Hence, he is faced with a clear discrepancy between an attitude (dislike of the job) and a behavior (working long hours) and will probably experience cognitive dissonance. Impact of organizational culture 2 Introduction As we march into the twenty-first century, the environment in which organizations operate is increasingly turbulent, rocked by forces such as globalization and rapid technological change. Employee performance is the summation of commitment and involvement towards their organization and its value. Honest Performance appraisal. An organization, regardless of its structure, depends upon an effective combination of managers supervising the performance of their direct reports and all employees making their contribution towards organizational goals. Decrease in Performance ; Unhappy Customers; Identify the Problem Situations; Look for solutions; Read this post to know more about the different types of negative attitudes in the workplace. It outlines what is rejected, accepted, discouraged and encouraged in a company. It is very much important to keep a good relation between an employee and his/her boss as well as his/her sub-ordinates and co-workers. Perception and Attribution Go to Perception and Attribution Ch 8. related attitudes such as job involvement and organizational commitment have direct positive significant relationships with employee work performance, with the moderating effect of organizational culture in the Saudi Arabian context. The effect of organizational change on employees often depends on the culture of the organization. Classical conditioning theory : Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) proposed a theory based on learning attitudes. Attitudes have significant effects on the behaviour of a person at work. High employee turnover is significantly costly to business in a number of ways, including training, hiring resources and work left undone. But some employees have bad weeks — or even bad months. How employees act has a lasting impact on your company. Organization culture defines the employee’s beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. A person who has positive attitudes towards work and co-workers (such as contentment, friendliness, etc.)

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