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forensic document examination cases

The questioned entries that were written on the front of the page that intersected with writing on the back all showed that they were written in the normal course of events and not added at a later time as alleged by the plaintiff. In the words of the plaintiff’s attorney; she “fell on her sword” and admitted to forging the employee signature with some sort of flimsy excuse. The case was settled in a very fast and confidential manner VERY soon after the report was issued with the above findings. Photographs were taken of the areas of impressions in the bubble sheets and presented at the deposition. When the day planner that contained the phrases “unsol” was examined using infrared light, it was discovered that the symbol and amount in the day planner was in a different ink than the “unsol” in nearly every instance. Why a Paper Expert. Interestingly, as the attempts progressed, the quality of the forgery became better and better. The subsequent ink dating analysis was conducted on only four of the questioned entries due to overwhelming evidence already present. The ink dating on several of the “time sheets” showed that they were not written on their purported date but much more recently. The broker stated that the investment ideas were those of the client who would call him to place trades and make decisions on buys and sells. Further details of this case are available on our website. Ink & Toner Identification. Contact Us. Samples were taken for the ink dating analysis which was conducted in our Michigan office. This information was disclosed at the deposition. Forensic document examiners can work for the private sector, or in small practices as consultants, with law firms or for major corporations. Charred documents maybe expected in the cases of accidental fireplace, intentional fireplace and burning, insurance and leaky of examination of papers, etc. At the evidentiary hearing, the above evidence was presented with no opposing expert taking the witness stand. The fingerprint analysis found many prints on the document, however none were from the boss that allegedly reviewed the list. The second test, which did not turn out to be needed or feasible in this case and was not performed, was to examine the hard drive of the computer that was supposed to have created this document to determine when the file was created, if it had been altered, and if it had been recently deleted from the computer to avoid detection. The questioned … It was found that the fingerprints and the palm edge print matched the defendant sister’s prints and the case was resolved soon thereafter. This is to increase awareness and thanks to shows like CSI and Forensic Files, much more is known about forensic science as it relates to criminal investigation. As an evidentiary hearing approached, the writer of the notebooks decided to get separate criminal defense counsel. The deed was suspicious because it went in contradiction to the wishes the decedent had expressed previously, and secondly it was supposedly signed very near the date of death and not filed until after the death. - Forensic Examination of writing materials i.e. None of these had apparently been available when Hitler was alive. A sequence could then be established between the writing on next page and the impressions from the questioned entries. You put a drop of coloured substance in a solvent (often alcohol) onto some filter paper and wait a bit. Why and when is forensic document examination used? While this case would take a whole book to detail, a few of the high points will be discussed and only a portion of the evidence that was generated through the forensic examination of the documents produced. The notebooks had already been copied at the inventor’s deposition. Barack Obama 2008 Presidential Election Fraud Indiana, 2013 City of Detroit Absentee Ballot Fraud, 2019 Aretha Franklin Estate Will Examination, Warner Bros. Rights Lawsuit Over ‘Last Samurai’, George F. Jackson Ph.D., DABFT, TC(NRCC), FTS(ABFT), Warner Bros. Rights Lawsuit Over 'Last Samurai'. Posted June 30, 2015 by sdrexler-admin & filed under handwriting analysis. The proposed paper is focused on the latest problem encountered by the questioned document experts. The previous version of the progress notes must have been discarded. The second area is in discrimination/harassment. Document Examination. Our lead Forensic Document Examiner, Kate Strzelczyk, has given expert witness evidence on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence at a number of Crown and Magistrates' courts across the UK. The evidence was presented at trial with the use of large graphs with error bars to demonstrate the ink dating and large full-color, glossy, blow-ups of the ESDA and infrared results. When that document was processed on the ESDA instrument, the impressions from the progress notes were found into the plaintiff’s letter. Wills & Probate Matters. This evidence was presented at trial to the jury with the aid of blow-ups of the testing results. It turned out that an experienced forger, who made a living by faking Nazi memorabilia, had constructed the diaries. The altered ballots were concentrated with ballots that for one reason or another did not properly run through the scanning machine. The judge ruled that the plaintiff had altered the documents and intentionally removed the confidential labels. ABSTRACT: Cases involving digital and electronic signatures are becoming more frequent.In the case of digital signatures, document examiners should recommend the case to a competent computer forensic examiner. Forensic document examination was not new; FDE testimony has been part of solid case preparation in the United States courts for more than 100 years. – Securities A handgun was found near the body of the deceased but did not belong to the police. An inventor and patent holder of a dental implant hired USC to perform a clinical trial of the implant and report on the results. Thorough several different types of examinations that were conducted in a courtroom in California over a four day period, it was determined that the interrogatory table originally had a confidential label that was removed through the photocopying process. A supplemental ink dating examination showed several more critical entries on different patient’s records were written well after their purported dates. Forensic document analysis is employed to examine any form of questioned document to help establish the author(s), to identify any alterations and to help establish the origin. The Molineux Case The Molineux case (1899-l904), was the century's first "crime of the century" because it involved interesting characters, a poisoning death, and the emerging science of questioned document examination. Questioned documents can include legal documents such as wills, cheques, threatening letters, suicide notes and any form of letter or note relating to criminal activity. Were the case to be tried today, such evidence would not be used—bite mark impressions have led to wrongful convictions and it’s not considered reliable science—but back then coupled with eyewitness testimony it was enough to … We still perform more handwriting examinations than any other firm that I am aware of in the world, on top of all the added services that are touched on within this newsletter. It was shown that the was an original draft of the additions and a subsequent version was later added into the notebook, however both versions were inadvertently produced since they were nearly indistinguishable. Log In. Powerful Expert Opinion will help you … Forensic Document Examination (FDE) is a forensic science discipline in which expert examiners evaluate documents disputed in the legal system. As a Forensic Document Examiner, Donna Eisenberg has experience with expert witness testimony for questioned documents and handwriting identification cases. In one memorable instance, there was an entry that stated “being asked to work late tonight”, there was originally a period at the end of the statement, then a comma was written over the period with a different ink and the phrase “it is critical to my job” was added to the end of the sentence. Forensic Document examiners are assigned the duty to apply different techniques and methods to check the authenticity of the questioned document. The story of the occupants was that the person was unarmed and only carrying a cup in his hand and not a weapon. After these results were reported, the signatory then changed her story to state that the documents must have been signed by her years ago and kept in her drawer, blank with her signature. We … Therefore, it’s necessary to put utmost care in handling, preserving and transporting of the documents to the forensic laboratories. But on the basis of this no opinion can be expressed until and unless a detailed examination related with all forensic aspect is carried out. FSR-G-212 Guidance for the assessment, collection and recording of forensic science related evidence in sexual assault examinations . Is the chronology correct? Krenar Lusha—2009. “Documents” may be defined broadly as being any material bearing marks, signs or symbols intended to convey a message or meaning to someone. Then these information about the loan was typed in at a later point in time around the signature. The questioned then became when the documents were signed. The client then alleged that the broker had fabricated the entries in the book and added them later to support his defense after he was sued. In this case, what is typically seen is a journal or diary with additions and alterations to bolster the claims made. The “unsol” was stated to mean unsolicited trade that was initiated by the client. Documentation is an ongoing process throughout the examination. The two sisters wanted this amount paid back after their father’s death. Document Analysis: A Summary of Possibilities - Expert Article. Krenar Lusha of the United Kingdom was arrested based on his internet search … After a few weeks, the inventor then produced a day planner that was supposed to corroborate a portion of his story. The pages were then examined for different inks and for impressions. Deeds. Your attorney will know whether a document examiner is the right expert witness … As part of the defense of the company, several unfavorable employee performance reviews were produced that were allegedly signed by the plaintiff affirming knowledge of poor performance at work. The questioned signature fell in between the date range of the known writings. Expert forensic analysts closely examine individual characteristics on a microscopic level to identify criminals and verify document authenticity. Some time later in the litigation, documents were produced that were very similar to some of the confidential documents that were turned over earlier but the “newly produced” documents did not have a confidential label on them. The solution of ink is then put through chromatography using another solvent, and the components separated. The examination disclosed that the ink was not from several years earlier, as the “signed in blank” theory required, but signed much more recently as the dates on the documents indicated. A further examination revealed that there was a small crack and depressed area at the end of the slide where it encompassed the barrel of the gun. Through careful examination of the multiple sets of copies of the notebook it was discovered that there were two nearly identical versions but subtle differences existed. Many of the cases above involve unique aspects of forensic science and document examination. A subsequent trial occurred in Laredo, Texas. Roland Molineaux, a chemist, was tried for the poisoning Notable early forged Will case in New York. As a professional Document Examiner I adhere to a very strict code of ethics and all cases are treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. This showed at least 14 different areas that had been added with a different ink, not surprisingly all related to the plaintiff’s claims. This means that FDEs can often find employment working with forensic accountants and other fraud investigators. The dispute amounted to money that was supposedly loaned to the step-mother (Anna) in the amount of over $30 million USD. Toward the end of the folder I saw several pages that appeared to be from the diary of the supervisor. – Intellectual Property The American Board of Forensic Document Examiners (ABFDE) was established in 1977. The expert concluded documents had been removed from the chart by examining the documents with side lighting and noting the presence of impressions from writings not found in the chart. The first was that the broker’s assistant would constantly call or take trade orders that were the idea of the broker and the client was unaware of these orders. It showed the same ink formulation from the same manufacturer was used for all the added entries. We were contacted to determine if the pen that was located in the suspect’s vehicle was the pen of the deceased that had been contained in the purse that was stolen at the crime scene. Journal of Forensic Document Examination. Share. This revealed that the documents were written on paper containing a whitening agent called blankophor, which came into use after 1954. The results of professional forensic document examination can be used in a court of law because of the scientific nature of the methods involved. The testimony by the other expert was that “no conclusion” could be reached based on the evidence she could examine (she did not do the chemical testing of the ink). Real Estate Documents. This turned out to be the only piece of physical evidence that linked the suspects to the murder at the trial. Another suit was instituted based on losses from the 2001 time frame. A family dispute arose between two sisters and a step-mother after the death of a tycoon from Mexico. One hundred percent (100%) of Donna’s findings are peer reviewed for technical accuracy; and she participates bi-annually in third … After those results, it was alleged that the first two pages of the contract were substituted and not the true intentions of the signatory. Forensic document examination. When copies of the second notebook were compared to the set of copies kept by the attorney that prosecuted the original patent, it was discovered that there were MANY additions to the critical pages which greatly broadened the scope of the original patent application. The case later went to trial and the same live demonstration was performed for the jury. We were contacted to first analyze the cups in the home to determine if the deceased’s fingerprints were on any of the cups found at the scene. The defense was somehow able to get an opposing expert in the case. Latent print processing may contaminate or damage the ink. PROCEEDS OF CRIME & CONFISCATIONS – Expert analysis of the Crown’s S16 reports with the production of a defence expert forensic … Different components of the ink are carried different distances along the paper. The second type of test was to test the front of the page below the questioned entries for the impressions of the questioned entries. The ink dating confirmed that the inks in the tested entries were not written recently. We have developed a newsletter that is designed to increase awareness in the scope of work performed at our laboratory, the type of cases we may be able to assist with, and the outcome of notable cases and trials we have been involved in. Several fingerprints were found on the document were found but the two groups of the most significance that were noted were the left hand thumb and forefinger (used to hold the document from moving while writing) and the palm edge print directly under the signature in the exact location a right handed person would have rested the palm in order to sign the deed. Document examiners are often also required to testify in the court if the case involves a documentary evidence. Charred documents maybe expected in the cases of accidental fireplace, intentional fireplace and burning, insurance and leaky of examination of papers, etc. Both journalist and forger were imprisoned. Probate cases were the first type of cases that our firm ever received. Services Offered. The jury came back with a plaintiff’s award of nearly $2 million, one of the largest if not the largest ever for that county and one of the first awards in years in favor or a plaintiff in a medical malpractice case. The writer was unaware that the impressions from this “thrown away” page were still present in the submitted evidence. We anticipate publishing this newsletter at least twice a year in the future. The ink must then be dissolved out of the paper fabric which it has impregnated; this is done with a solvent. These bubbles were then filled in for that race while the ballots were in a stack. As a result, some cases can be swayed based on the expert opinions of these examiners and fine details in the results. When the habits present in the known signatures were compared with the habits in the questioned signature, formative spatial, and proportional differences existed that demonstrated the questioned signature was a forgery (which was the opinion of the opposing expert as well). Any disputed document. The original employee file was flown to our office and accompanied by an attorney for the defendant and an expert for the defense. Call with any queries on 024 7657 8344. There are several different types of cases in the employment law area of practice. As the investigation went on, several suspects were generated, primarily based on vehicle description, and investigated. This was demonstrated in court by using enlargements of a series of 25 known copies showing the movement of the transient damage mark and the perfect alignment with the model document that contained the confidential label. Detection of Altered Documents. Leading forensic scientist wins sex discrimination case Jo Millington, a blood pattern specialist, won the claim after she was asked by her boss whether she disliked him because she was gay In most cases, forgers apply cut and paste techniques to manipulate figures, letters, or words that consequently alter the meaning of the document. The resulting film was compared to the known pre-natal prescriptions. Another medical malpractice case became much more suspicious to the plaintiff’s attorney when the handwritten progress notes were too perfectly in line with the defense laid out by the doctor. In patent cases especially, it becomes important to determine if documents have been altered or written at a later time then their purported dates. Some cases are to determine if documents were signed in blank, if the signatories were tricked, or if alterations were made to the content of the documents. Are there additions or deletions? Paper is an excellent source for fingerprints and will retain the prints for a period of years. When we received the chart, it was first processed on the ESDA instrument. In this article, Forensic Document Examiner, Mark Songer provides an overview of the cases where forensic document examination can be applied, the techniques and technologies used, and standards that exist in the field. Handwriting examination typically involves the comparison of known specimens to handwriting evidence found on questioned or disputed documents. An ESDA examination showed that the questioned consult entry was written on top of a progress note that was dated several days after the “consult neurology”. Further details of this case are available on our wesite. Therefore, it’s necessary to put utmost care in handling, preserving and transporting of the documents to the forensic laboratories. The JFDE is a peer-reviewed journal publishing research, case studies, technical articles and book reviews pertinent to the forensic document examination. The solvent moves through the paper, taking the dye or ink molecules with it. The known signatures were found to be replete with individual handwriting habits and easily identifiable with one another. Further ink analysis - measuring the slow evaporation of chloride from the ink - suggested that the writing was less than a year old! She denied signing these documents. If the questioned entries were written before the next page was written; the questioned entry would have to have been written within 2 weeks of its purported date. This fact was later admitted during the litigation. ... What Sorts Of Cases And Documents Does Forensic Document Examiner Deal With? Rupert Murdoch bought the rights to translated extracts and started publication of the fake diaries in the British Sunday Times on April 23 1983, after first paying for examination by a distinguished English historian who was also initially convinced. Before deciphering the charred documents, … Based on this discovery misconduct, terminating sanctions were issued and the case was dismissed along with millions of dollars in costs assessed to the plaintiff in favor of our client. The boss denied ever even meeting with the plaintiff about this issue and further stated that he never saw, read, or handled this list that the plaintiff submitted. Was a page substituted? Our firm’s first medical malpractice case dates back to the early 1980’s.Since that time we have examined thousands of sets of medical records for both plaintiffs and defendants. In the present time medical and forensic examination plays the vital role in the trial process especially at the time of the consideration of the evidences. This is to determine if the writing on the front of the page was written before the writing on the back of the page was written (typically a span of about one week). A police raid was conducted on a house. The client denied this. Where parents are split up and permission is required from each to move a child out of the country, forgery by one parent of the other's signature may again occur. After both experts completed the examinations of the questioned signature, I reviewed the entire file for any other contents that could be significant. Hence, the document examiners are often called upon to identify the ink involved and to determine the actual source of the ink on a document. The visual appearance of inks is only one clue to their composition. Typically the auto dealer keeps the white copy for their records. Civil cases worked by forensic document examiners in private practice include: disputed signatures on mortgage documents, wills, medical records alteration cases, contracts, deeds, loan documents, change of beneficiary forms, receipts, partnership agreements, non-compete agreements, anonymous letters in the work place, log entries, power of attorney, and health care forms. It was found that the ink in the pen and the ink that was in the diary were exactly the same formulation made by the same manufacturer. This was discovered because the progress notes were written on a document that was not in existence until later in the treatment and was not in the chart at the time the progress notes should have been written. The broker denied this and stated that these trades were all the idea of the client and produced a day planner that had all the trades in question recorded and the letters “unsol” next to each symbol and amount. It was not corrected while in the hospital and the nerve was permanently damaged resulting in a claw hand on the patient. In Chapter 9, Forensic Document Examination, from the book Forensic Science: Current Issues, Future Directions (Riordan et al., 2013), the methodology of forensic document examination is articulated emphasizing application of the scientific method to questioned document cases. To discuss forensic document examination in general, or your case specifically, contact Emily J. The conclusion was made to a high degree of probability that it was her genuine signature. We provide a comprehensive range of forensic handwriting and documents examination services at our laboratory including: • … The case eventually went to trial, but the critical issue was conceded before trial and the case settled while in trial. The store happened to be a long ways from anywhere, but the instruments were flown there and transported for the examination. – Probate. Document & Handwriting Verification Fingerprint Expert Recording & Examination Polygraph Test / Lie Detector Test Cyber Crime Investigation Audio - Video Analysis Forensic Experts - Post Mortem Report Analysis Rope Wire Analysis Arson Cases Category Lookup . While some forensic scientists travel to the scene of … A lawsuit was brought forward against a company and a supervisor for a wrongful termination of employment, among other claims. The Board’s objectives are two-fold: to establish, maintain and enhance standards of qualification for those who practice forensic document examination, and to certify applicants who comply with ABFDE requirements for this expertise. Working in close association with Courts of Law, Law Enforcement Agencies and Legal Professionals NSK & Co., under the Management of Naveen Kosti, leverages its expertise in the field of Questioned Document Examination (QDE).

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