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measures of quality of work life

Problems in Improving the QWL. (10 Ways), Alternatives to Traditional Work Schedules | Staffing, Term Paper on Work Life | Human Resource Management, Notes on Performance Appraisal: Meaning, Objectives and Approaches. Identify and implement improvement opportunities: It is important to identify and implement improvement opportunities like communication, recognition and non-monetary compensation. More than a decade has passed since the phrase “quality of work life” (QWL) was first introduced. Quality of work life (QWL) refers to the favourableness or unfavourableness of a job environment for the people working in an organisation. Uploader Agreement. Flexibility can improve the QWL in the following ways: i. This reduces absenteeism and turnover, thus, saving organisational costs of recruiting and training replacements. Many organizations, including Governments, NGOs, investors and the media, consider the quality of employee experience in the work place when evaluating a company. b. QWL can be improved if the staff is committed to improvement in productivity and performance. 6. Married. A new measure of QWL was developed based on need satisfaction and spillover theories. This can include the quality of task completion, interactions and deliverables. The measure was designed to capture the extent to which the work environment, job requirements, supervisory behavior, and ancillary programs in an organization are perceived to meet the needs of an employee. Applied Research Quality Life vol 3, 181–202 DOI 10.1007/s11482-008-9054-6 528 Norfadzilah Abdul Razak et al. What is your marital status? a. Minimising work-life role conflict helps prevent role overload and people have a more satisfying working life, fulfilling their potential both in paid work and outside it. 1. Prohibited Content 3. b. Positive employee attitudes toward their work and the company. Formation of focus groups can affect the QWL and discuss the questions in a positive way like: (b) What do you feel are the top three issues that affect your quality of work life? Such a job is considered a quality job and the quality of work life is also considered good in such a case. 6 Ways to Write a Resignation Letter Effective. measure quality of life, and to document attempts to model the evaluative processes employed by individuals when reporting levels of life quality. Quality of Work Life (QWL) is the extent to which employees enjoy their work and feel comfortable. A work place should ensure the health and hygiene of its workers in order to provide them a suitable working atmosphere to be recognized as a quality ensured workplace. Next comes the satisfaction with staff. Image Guidelines 4. The Government establishes the rate of minimum salary; the employer should not pay less than that to the employee. Work which does not offer opportunities for growth and promotion is one of the greatest reasons for employees’ de-motivation and non-commitment. QWL maintains balance between work and family. b. Keywords: QWL, Quality of Work Life, Job satisfaction, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership styles. The Quality of Life Scale (QOLS) originated from John Flanagan, who was an American psychologist (Burckhardt & Anderson, 2003). They consider the attention and right perception of quality of work life as a tool for improvement the management performance. Quality of work life is specifically related to the level of happiness a person derives for his career. Policy Pract., 9: 1-27. a. Companies with QWL have employees with high degree of job involvement. The basic objectives of quality circles are to develop and utilize human resources effectively, to develop quality products, improve the quality of work life and sharpen and utilize an individual’s creative abilities. Efforts towards QWL measurement help in efficient and effective allocation of resources to enhance productivity and stability of the workforce. Half of the questions in the Quality of Worklife module were taken directly from the 1977 Quality of Employment Survey, allowing comparisons of worker responses over a 25-year period. It is also noted form the research that fair pay, growth opportunities and continuing promotion improves staffs’ performance which in turn increases QWL of employees. Companies that have family-friendly or flexible work practices have low absenteeism. Employee satisfaction and quality of work life directly affect company’s ability to serve its customers. Issues related to work life should be addressed by the Board and other important officials of the company like why people are not happy, do they need training, why employee morale is poor and numerous other issues. The employee and the employer agree upon appropriate salary. More employees may stay on a job, return after a break or take a job with one company over another if they can match their needs better with those of their paid work. Employees have better methods of dealing with work-life conflicts than taking unplanned leave. According to Harrison__”QWL is the degree to which all members of the organization contribute to material and psychological well-being of its members”. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Employers may also benefit from a wider pool of talent to draw from, particularly to their benefit when skill shortages exist. There are different steps involved in the development of quality … J. In a situation of conflict between work and family, one or other suffers. Work represents a role which a person has designated to himself. In order to measure the quality of your work-life, you can consider the following traits:-How to Measure Quality of Work Life 1. Lead Measures for Work-Life Balance Let’s say your WIG is, “Increase amount of time spent with family from 8 hours a week to 12 hours a week by December 13, 2016.” You might be thinking, “Well, when I get to the end of every week, I can just tally up the hours I spent with … Each person has different needs when it comes to their careers; the quality level of their work life is determined by whether those needs are being met. Overseas studies have found that family life can interfere with paid work. The basic objectives of quality circles are to develop and utilize human resources effectively, to develop quality products, improve the quality of work life and sharpen and utilize an individual’s creative abilities.

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