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middle eastern countries

Islam is the largest religion in the region. 27 Dec. Israel has coastlines along both the Red and the Mediterranean Seas and shares borders with several countries, including Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and the Gaza Strip. Lebanon is one of the smallest, non-island countries in the Middle East, covering an area of 4,036 square miles. Algeria. Jordan is an independent Arab nation on the Eastern banks of River Jordan in Western Asia. Abu Dhabi is the capital while Dubai is the largest city. By Amber Pariona on October 3 2020 in World Facts. Iraq has a population of over 37,202,572 people. This area is extremely rich in terms of culture, history and religion. Level: Grades 6-12 Materials: internet connection and projector or prepared powerpoint with maps of the Middle East such as those below. Many Asian and Middle Eastern countries are not taking any actions to reduce trans fatty acid (TFA) in the food supply despite the high mortality rates from TFA consumption. Yemen is bordered by several water bodies, namely the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden, the Guardafui Channel, and the Arabian Sea. Check out the most popular study sets created by our community. The country's population has grown significantly since 1950, when it was only around 3 million, due to a faster-than-average birth rate. Iran is home to the largest supply of natural gas in the world and the fourth-largest supply of oil reserves. Of the UAE's 9.2 million population, only 1.4 million are Emirati citizens, the rest being expatriates. At least 5 million individuals have sought refuge in other countries, while another 7.6 million are internally displaced. The country's economy relies on tourism, shipping services, and banking and financial services. Here is the part 5 of the 5 part series on facts about Middle Eastern Countries. The southern part of Asia, known as the Middle East, covers an area about the size of the United States and Mexico. The country's population is estimated at approximately 17 million, although that number may be inaccurate given the inability to perform an accurate census in recent years. It is the eighteenth most populous nation globally. The Crossword Solver finds answers to American-style crosswords, British-style crosswords, general knowledge crosswords and cryptic crossword puzzles. The economy and gross domestic product (GDP) of Iran rely on the services sector. For example, the Middle East region has Arabs as the largest ethnic group. It is a democratic nation with a semi-democratic political system. 23 December 2019. Cyprus is another island nation located in the Mediterranean Sea between Turkey and Egypt. Native ethnic groups of the region include, in addition to Arabs, Arameans, Assyrians, Baloch, Berbers, Copts, Druze, Greek Cypriots, Jews, Kurds, Lurs, Mandaeans, Persians, Samaritans, Shabaks, Tats, and Zazas. Middle Eastern Countries. The most conservative definition limits the Middle East to the countries bound by Egypt to the West, the Arab Peninsula to the South, and at most Iran to the East. Arabic is the official language and Islam the official and largest religion. One of them is Qatar. Because of these demographics, as well as various other factors, Yemen's population is expected to reach 60 million by 2050. The Middle Eastern countries list and Middle Eastern capitals list are alphabetical. The majority of individuals in Saudi Arabia speak 1 of 3 Arabic dialects: Najdi, Hejazi, and Gulf. En général, seule la forme au masculin singulier est donnée. 7 January 2019. Palestine is a sovereign Middle Eastern state which claims the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as its capital even though their administrative center is in Ramallah.

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