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modern esper control decks

- Red Deck Wins by Eli Aden - Esper Superfriends by Emir Alimoglu - BR Zombies by Rahman Aryabhina - Esper Control by Alexandre Aurejac - Human Reanimator by Scott Barrantine - Esper Control by Sveinung Bjornerud - The Aristocrats by Sam Black - Jund Midrange by Justin Cheung - Naya Aggro by Luca Cortesi - Jund Midrange by Pat Cox +1× Collective Brutality Modern Esper Control. Unmoored Ego makes its appearance again, despite you no longer being able do things like name Valakut to lock up that matchup. It only took a week to figure out the Drown in the Loch had real potential to the point where I wanted a third copy. 6. Esper control for modern! 1 Drogskol Reaver 2 Vault Skirge. CKL Plays (Modern) Esper Control. ... Esper Control (Budget) by mysteryking. Midrange decks are popular too, and one of them is called Dredge.. As the name suggests, this deck makes use of the Dredge mechanic, which dates back to 2005's Ravnica: City of Guilds. Haven't been able to keep up with the various tweaks from the past month. -1× Blood Baron of Vizkopa, +3× Nihil Spellbomb It's mostly back because the Damping Spheres and Ashioks are already there to carry the bulk of the work in those various matchups, and Ego can be suplimental instead of the game winning play it was before. Posted December 2, ... Serum Visions needs no introduction as it has been a staple of control decks in modern for years, and is the best available can-trip in the format. Also forgot to update the list last time to reflect Dovins Veto over Negate somehow. -1x Collective Brutality Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. +1× Hallowed Burial This site is unaffiliated. Esper Draw Go that is build to control the game and win with Teferi, Jace and/or Colonnade. Honestly, I'm not sure why WotC allows that muxi prick to exist! Deck of the Day: Esper Control (Modern) By Eric Froehlich / November 20, 2017 October 10, 2019 Whenever I think of U/W-based control decks in Modern, Supreme Verdict comes to mind—a key tool that allows you to play the waiting game and reset the board once your mana is developed and you’re able to handle threats individually. Its current price is around 838$. We recently saw a Narset Transcendent spike based on a fringe Modern deck, and last weekend a similar deck took 9th at the Columbus Modern Classic. Not expecting much out of that one, but still want to give it a shot. Now that the metagame has somewhat settled, decided to keep stoneforge completely separate from the deck. Been a while since I've gotten the chance to update this. As such, cards like Unmoored Ego are swapped out for things like Mystical Dispute. Posted on May 30, 2018 by Card Knock Life. Formats. It also helps you to dig for lands, removal or key sideboard cards. -1× Esper Charm Esper Control by Platinum-Mythic Rank Player – Traditional Standard Ranked Deck (6-0) Standard November 25, 2020. Close. +2× Scarab Feast. Attention! Esper control for modern! Deck Price: MAIN DECK. -1× Spell Queller “Metagame decks” like Blue Moon, RW Control, and Grishoalbrand are born out of this relative calm, destroying unsuspecting opponents and taking events by storm. This will require TappedOut.js included in your blog. Another rehaul following the release of War of the Spark, in particular Narset Parter of Veils. +1× Dovin's Veto, Update 6.17.2019 Quick edit to remove duplicate Collective Brutality, Cut the Brutalities all together to make room for the third Force of Negation, With Hogaak and graveyard decks being at an all time high, I've tried to experiment with various forms of maindeckable graveyard hate. With the banning of Faithless Looting and Hogaak, it felt safe to cut down on the over abundant graveyard hate. It has quite a reputation. Murderous Rider turned out to be a bust, was only medium overall. ( Type. My personal information may be used for the purposes defined in the privacy policy. -1x Hallowed Burial It also helps you to dig for lands, removal or key sideboard cards. You can now import it in the MTG Arena client. Now that companions have been nerfed, I feel a little more comfortable going back to brewing control shells that aren't obligated to run Yorion. Also shifting the shell to accommodate Mystical Sanctuary, which honestly should have been done long ago. Other formats. See our privacy policy. -1x Glacial Fortress, +1× Jace, the Mind sculptor Forgot to document the last few changes, though the metagame has adapted even further since then. “Metagame decks” like Blue Moon, RW Control, and Grishoalbrand are born out of this relative calm, destroying unsuspecting opponents and taking events by storm. There is a channel for esper there. This site © 2020, LLC Archetype: Esper Control. We’re jam-packed with removal to combat them and have a good game against the decks that are designed to prey on them. +2× Force of Negation DMCA requests | Behold, Esper Control in Modern. As long as creature decks are in the top tier, it will remain that way. Other people can view your private deck by using this url, Seems there are no cards in the Acquireboard. The current top 8 decks are: Burn — 960 decklists Jund — 941 decklists Red Deck Wins — 835 decklists Humans — 641 decklists Eldrazi Tron — 593 decklists Dredge — 586 decklists Land Destruction — 466 decklists Amulet Titan — 463 decklists Get the decklists and a complete metagame overview in our Modern section ☝️ +3× Narset, Parter of Veils, -1× Dispel Shaheen Soorani (@shaheenmtg) is 2-0 in #PTGRN Standard with his on-brand Esper Control and needs to dispel the rumors that he ever played anything else.Those other decks were apparently “Non-Esper Esper”. Esper control by Rieski. While you can always add more, this is the standard deck size, allowing for better consistency in starting hands, draws, and general performance. Esper control for modern! +1× Dovin's Veto Tweet. Format: Modern User Submitted Deck Deck Date: Oct 23, 2020 Visual View Stream Popout Edit Browse > Modern Esper Control Modern Esper Control by skysong Report Deck Name $ 456.44. Esper Control Standard July 25, 2020. I've also taken the opportunity to test out Batterskull in the sideboard as a threat that can be found off of Narset.

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