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powerblock pro exp review

If you close the rod is connected by plastic as confirmed as my set broke over several years. The Commercial Pro 90 handle is knurled, made of steel and is straight in shape. In fact, out of all PowerBlock’s lines, I think these bars are only compatible with the Pro Exp line. Awesome! Great addition to the previous stages. Whereas, the metal pin isn’t meant for flexing. I understand that as it gets heavier it becomes wider. I wonder if anyone tried the new expansion kits on the old Urethane 90? Another question I had is how is the open handle design on this pro exp? There’s a big negative with these commercial sets, unfortunately: They’re expensive. The Classic Series (i.e. I created the chart below to show you: Comparing the old and new version, yes, they’re comparable in terms of their quality/durability. slide the pin right back in & you’re good to go. Weight is weight. This lets you go from 50-70 lbs per dumbbell. That said, I’m sure the column stand is more stable, since it’s overbuilt. Specifically, make sure the magnetic front part of the selector pin is engaged on the front of each dumbbell. That’s way more than the typical fixed straight bar sets you’ll find at commercial gyms, which usually top out at around 110 lbs. Now, I just wish we could actually get our hands on them, given the current back-log due to the pandemic impacts. Take Your Workout Further Accessories. It includes the pair of handles plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-50 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. Maybe wit the dumbbells is going to be the same, but based on your review, the feeling of the dumbells for every exercise is closely the same. Still, it’s an option. UPDATE - October 2019: The EZ curl bar and straight bar now have black colored block handles, instead of the ones shown below, which are white. I’m trying to figure out if this attachment would be sufficient. Model: PowerBlock Pro EXP Series. It weighs 25 lbs at its lightest, with just the bar and empty handles. Ahh looks like already answered above. of free weights in the space of one pair. But you can learn how to use it to minimize or eliminate any feeling of imbalance. Do you know the proper conservation? Each weight setting corresponds to the color on the side rail of each weight block. The trade-off, however, is that you lose the main benefit of the PowerBlocks, which is the very rapid weight adjustment. Definitely refer to measurements above and do an at-home test to see if a given measurement could fit through your stance. I managed to snag the pro exp 90 with the ez curl, barbell, and ketel attachments recently in spite of them being sold out and back ordered everywhere with this virus scare. ): Note that the Pro Commercial dumbbell sets (Pro 90 Commercial and Pro 125/175 Commercial) aren't compatible with the EZ curl bar or the straight bar. I’ve put my Ironmaster’s through many grueling workouts. Handle is seated quite low, that means if you have The Auto-Lock mechanism isn’t unique to the Pro EXP dumbbells. Combines up to 15 sets of Dumbbells into One. I read reviews on the newer regular exp model that the handle sits very low to the adder weights and some peoples hand sit against them and it is uncomfortable. Is the build quality different? MSRP: $ 629.00 $ 439.00. As much as I love the look and design of it, it is no where near as durable as the steel welds. I have a hard time buying the foldable since I worry about it collapsing. Unfortunately, no. PowerBlock EXP Stage 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set (Sold in Pairs) 4.5 out of 5 stars 307 $357.04 $ 357. Basically, you’ll only notice an imbalance if you rotate the bar during the exercise, such that the blocks on each end turn from being rightside up to being sideways or upside down — the way to avoid this on exercises like curls where you have to rotate the bar, is to choose the right starting position (generally, this is where the blocks will be rightside up/parallel to the floor, or. Thanks for the comment, Maru. There are small 2.5 pound weight increments that are excellent I was wondering if the powerblock Pros would hold up to an exercise like a renegade row where the handles would be supporting my body weight? The Pro EXP sets have 2.5 lb increments with 2 adder weights per dumbbell. Mode de fonctionnement : Les haltères ajustables PowerBlock Pro EXP fonctionnent intuitivement. 189,00 € Lire la suite. The handle weighs 5 lbs, and each of the 8 plates are 5 lbs. They're in great shape. The only other PowerBlock dumbbells (besides the Pro 50 and Pro EXP) that are compatible, are the U50, U70 and U90 from the now-discontinued Urethane Series. The only thing to be careful of is to make sure you don’t accidentally insert one side into a higher weight setting slot, and the other into a lower slot. The Pro 50 has 2.5 lb increments with 2 adder weights per dumbbell. Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial review Decided to splurge and upgrade my spinlocks with a set of Powerblock Pro 90 Commercial dumbbells. Also, not many people will need to do exercises with just 5 lbs. 21.82 lbs / 20 lbs / +9.1% However, you can easily do a workaround for these by grabbing the dumbbell by the two adjacent columns on the outside of the handle. a measurement of the handle block so you can get an idea of the handle grip position. Rupture de stock. Haltères Ajustables PowerBlock Pro EXP – 1 à 32 kg. I’m pretty sure the Pro EXP dumbbells don’t have any plastic in the rod. The PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage one, helps with developing a fantastic physique, getting in shape, and strengthening muscles without the need of getting a gym membership or flooding your workout room with free weights. Otherwise, the adder weight(s) will drop or fly out during use. PowerBlock Pro EXP – 1 à 23 kg. With the dumbbells in their stand or flat on the floor, remove the selector pin from its current position. The numbers on top are in pounds; the bottom numbers are in kilograms. The Commercial Pro 90 selector pin is made of Zytel, whereas the Pro EXP’s pin is made of polypropylene. Thanks, You already mentioned one of the main differences between the two models: That the commercial version has 2 different handles for 5 lb increments with no adder weights vs 1 handle with 2 adder weights for 2.5 or 5 lb increments. areas that help to add stability to performing exercises. However, I wanted to also include some photos to show you which weight blocks each expansion kit comes with: The Stage 2 Expansion Kit includes a pair of the yellow and blue weight blocks. increments. The open handle gets rid of them completely, which gives you a more natural dumbbell “feel.”. They're by far the best overall non-commercial PowerBlock model you can buy, in my opinion. Exp stands for Expandable, that means you $ 429.00 Add to cart; Pro EXP Set, 5-50 lb. See the photo below for the right and the wrong way: Slide the pin all the way through the handle. I’d appreciate your thoughts on this knowing that you don’t speak for Powerblocks. Hi Charles, I’ve personally used mine for push ups many times — And I weight 215 lbs right now. Anonymous . Short & sturdy yet heavy with solid metal construction that makes them near impossible to break. For example, the Pro 90 Commercial Set is over $550 more than the 90 lb Pro EXP Stage 3 Set! The level of detail and consideration is amazing ! 80.54 lbs / 80 lbs / +0.68% From the pictures, it shows that you’ve definitely used those IronMaster’s “well” over the years. Each model under the PowerBlock Elite umbrella we reviewed was compact and easy to store. 2. feel little movement between plates during use 89 people found this helpful. Finally, I want to invest in kettle bells and am unsure if I should allow this to be a factor as I may just get traditional kettle bells seperately instead of trying to use the powerblock or ironmaster to do everything. Zachary Kendall. Before I list the steps for adjusting, you should first understand the color-coded weight setting graphic that’s printed on top of each handle -- it’s pretty straight forward: The important things to understand are as follows: Keeping the above in mind, here’s the step-by-step adjustment process: The above is my admittedly long-winded description of the adjustment process -- It may look like a long process based on the amount of text I used. The selector pin is two-pronged, with each prong being split into a top and bottom portion. Only downside I found with PowerBlock Exps are the cage area. The … Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your comment now. Changing 2.5 pound tubes is easy & fast, just take the base unit out, flip the switch, tilt & both metal units are If you have the handle upside down (i.e. While stainless steel is an upgrade in terms of build quality, the painted steel will provide plenty of protection against oxidation for just about everyone. Rupture de stock. This means that there are NO padded wrist supports at the top/opening of the handle. 70.47 lbs / 70 lbs / +0.67% There are 3 stages & 2 expansion kits – 50, 70 & 90: 50 to 70; 70 to 90 pounds. 60.61 lbs / 60 lbs / +1.02% Image source: n1 qualified man. > PowerBlock EXP Review – Stylish Metal on Metal. Today, I had another stroke of luck when I visited Rep Fitness’ website and saw they finally had the AB-3000 FID bench in stock–ordered that on the spot and it, too, is already on its way to me. While metal may seem better than a plastic composite, that’s not the case for this application. Aperçu. Share. Be the first to review this product. However, the process is actually quite rapid in practice. The rigidity of the all steel design can be a negative in some cases if they’re dropped since the plates will be permanently bent, we don’t recommend customers try to repair on their own incase they don’t line things up correctly. PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbbells (pair) ... Read all reviews for PowerBlock Pro EXP Stage 1 (5-50lb) Dumbells (pr) 2 Reviews. This lets you go from 70-90 lbs per dumbbell. That means increments are in as little as 2.5 lbs using the adder weights (for even loading between left and right side, the minimum increment would be 5 lbs). The set shown is the U90 Stage 3, which has since been replaced by the Pro EXP Stage 3. I know you’ll love the dumbbells. Availability: In stock. Pro EXP Stage 1/2/3 Sets & Expansion Kits, Weight Blocks Have Non-Welded “Flex” Design, PowerBlock Pro EXP vs Other PowerBlock Models, my review of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells here,, Kabuki Strength Power Bar Review: New Generation Power Bar, Force USA Monster G12 Review: All-In-One Gym, Force USA Monster G9 Review: All-in-One Gym, Force USA Monster G6 Review: All-in-One Home Gym, Urethane coated plates make it the most durable & robust, and the quietest PowerBlock set, Open handle with "wedge" design gives unrestricted room for hand and wrist (no “wrist support” bars). PowerBlock EZ Curl Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; PowerBlock Straight Bar $ 129.00 Add to cart; Pro 32 Set, 4-32 lb. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This isn’t something you usually have to think about since the “auto-lock” feature ensures the lever is automatically moved up into the locked position when inserting the handle into the weight stack. The metal can bend slightly, but if it bends beyond a very limited range, it will be permanently deformed. Stay safe and thank you again for these awesome reviews. Alternatively, you can buy one of the lighter stage sets now, and then upgrade to a heavier stage in the future, if you want. Kootek 50-150 Lbs Hand Grip – Excellent Device for Low Price? The other set is the Pro 50 set. I’m really struggling in making the choice. This mean you can easily rest them on your thighs before or after doing a bench pressing set or If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: There are 3 stages of the PowerBlock Pro EXP Set. The handles are designed to fit right inside your Pro EXP’s weight stack. It’s likely my shortcoming, but I still don’t know which if there two are you preferred adjustable dumbbells. Dimensions 14.5″ L x 7″ W x 7.25″ H. WARNING: Cancer and Developmental Harm Human body is amazing in its own unique way & quickly adapts …, Solution is simple – You can use chalk But will be good to get your advice on whether sticking with the pro model is better. I know you may be just be here for a quick summary of the Pro EXP to find out if it’s the best adjustable dumbbell for you. I’m a calisthenics athlete and 90 lbs is plenty of weight for me so I won’t looking at the 125 lb model (even though it could later be expanded to 175 lbs) as I simply won’t be lifting that much. It’s closer to 7.5 lbs. In your opinion, do I need to explore the commercial series PowerBlocks and if so which would be the best? There’s also no clicking at all (which you get with the PowerBlocks depending on how fast you lift the dumbbells, but it’s not actually loud or disruptive to the movement). Unfortunately the Pro 125/175 aren’t compatible with the straight bar and EZ curl bar. Because it enables significantly more range of motion for the wrist to move the forearm back or forward (or for the dumbbell to tip forward/back, moving itself closer to the forearm). Weight. Would you recommend pro exp over the support model? $ 439.00 Read more; Pro EXP Set, 5-70 lb. 21-09-2020 09:44 | Ruislip Jayvardhan D. Affordable price, quick … palms facing in). Watch out for cheap Chinese knock-offs. I know you may be just be here for a quick summary of the Pro EXP to find out if it’s the best adjustable dumbbell for you. Adjustable Dumbbell Set 3.8 out of 5 stars 4 $295.00 $ 295. The PowerBlock Sport EXP model includes an auto-lock for smaller weight adjustments, allowing you to remove one or both of the 2.5 lbs. I started this website back in late 2009 during college, and it has been my pet project ever since. (The Urethane Series U50/U70/U90 sets are/were also compatible, but they’ve been discontinued. I had my u90s for only couple years until it break similar to the pros I believe. If your forearms do run into either end of the Pro EXP handle, they’ll be up against the flat wedge surface that’s angled in the same direction that your forearm is angled; in other words, it won’t cause any pain or discomfort. I’ve wanted to upgrade and get a set with the kettlebell handle and straight bar attachment. If you buy this one now, you can upgrade it later to the 90 lb Stage 3 Set by purchasing the Pro EXP Stage 3 Expansion Kit (70-90 lbs) separately. . Most athletes do & th …, I didn’t know that hand grippers could help with CTS! Second, there’s zero movement between the plates on the Pro EXP. I am considering purchasing a set of PowerBlocks. It’s more helpful to look at the actual weight with different plates selected. I went to a showroom and tried out other Powerblock versions and none of them had this problem this problem of the Powerblock EXP's . flat on their ends. The attachment includes a steel bar, which is permanently attached to two empty handles of its own (one one each end). Feel free to ask for my assistance & share your thoughts by leaving a comment. My knuckles aren’t close to hitting the adder weight tubes; there’s plenty of clearance, and I definitely have larger than average hands. Haltères PowerBlock Option EXP Stage 3 – 34 à 41 kg. You may be wondering why the lightest weight settings are (relatively) less accurate. Quality-wise Is everything the same about them other than the color? Will the expansion kit of the Pro Exp fit the older U90? Learn more. @ 70 lbs = 14 5/8″ First off, the MAJOR difference is that the non-expandable models (obviously) can’t go any higher in weight; so you’ll never be able to buy an expansion kit to make the Pro 32 dumbbells go higher than 32 lbs, or the Pro 50 go higher than 50 lbs. Is the Commercial Pro more durable than the Pro EXP series? However, the Pro Commercial 125 and Pro Commercial 175 are NOT compatible with the EZ Curl and Straight Bar. Not everyone needs the maximum weight right away, that’s why we offer sets that will grow with you over time. 50.80 lbs / 50 lbs / +1.6% The other major difference in the new flex pin's design is that the two prongs are split into a top and bottom half: On the old metal pins, each prong was just a single (non-split) metal rod, which inserted in just one slot beneath the desired weight plate setting. That’s so awesome to hear, Randy! The Pro version is more expensive but I ended up buying those because the Powerblock combination of ergonomics, durability, and convenience is superior to anything out there right now. The Pro 125 can be expanded to 175 with the add-on kit in the ‘expansions’ tab.-$ 329.00 – $ 1,948.00. Affordability is not really an issue, if I’m going to have something for at least 5-10 years i don’t mind spending an extra $200 on the pro exp, I’m just worried about this “non-welded flex design”. UPDATE: I spoke to my contact at PowerBlock. OR, simply place the handle back in the weight stack, and the lever will automatically be pushed back into the locked position (this is the “auto-lock” feature). Let me know if you have more questions or want to see other photos. Still, if you absolutely must have knurled steel handles on your PowerBlock dumbbells, there is one option. Add or remove the one or both of the adder weights as needed. The non-welded flex design on the Pro EXP does NOT actually involve plastic components. It has two adder weights for make 2.5 lb or 5 lb micro-adjustments. Also, the open handle is just more comfortable. To help you decide which dumbbell to get, then let this unbiased review spread the facts in front of you so that you can make the right decision on which dumbbell to purchase. Happy to help! If you buy through a link on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. If that’s the case, just look at my overview in the table below: Dumbbell. Also, the bars and kete attachments l I received from johnson fitness were the white variety, not the newer black model. If you want to get more serious with kettlebell training, it’s probably advisable to get a traditional set. when you bring the dumbbells up from your knees to your upper torso). However, over the past couple years -- starting with the new Sport Series in late 2016 -- newer models, including the Pro EXP dumbbells, have switched to the open handle design. 0 Comments . The Powerblock and Bowflex dumbbells are the two most popular brands of adjustable dumbbells. ATIVAFIT Dumbbell Review – Affordable Space Saver? Yes. It’s not something I notice or think about during my workouts. $668.00. The weight can be adjusted by increments of 2.5 pounds using PowerBlock’s specially designed adder weights. If you want more than 90 lbs, then the Pro 125/175 is the only way to go. The Commercial Pro 90 uses stainless steel hardware, which you can see on the bolts at the end of the side rails. Pro 50 and Pro 90 (Pro Commercial Series). The review that you made is just great and because of it I am going to buy the Pro Exp dumbbells. I am interested in the Pro 125 because I have outgrown my Elite set at 90 lbs per hand for presses. Sorry…, Your email address will not be published. Also a very convenient solution for your home gym to save up space. The magnetized part engages on to the front side rail, locking the pin in place during use. Required fields are marked *. However, as of recently, ALL new PowerBlock dumbbells sold have a 5 year warranty. The EZ curl bar has a max weight of 165 lbs and the straight bar has a max weight of 228 lbs. The only other bench I might consider looking into that also has these attachments is the Ironmaster bench — You can read my. Great question, Mike. If you’re interested in the Ironmasters, I’d recommend you read my review of the Ironmaster Quick-Lock Dumbbells here for more information. I love the detailed review on every model of powerblock that you provided and I appreciate it.I I just wanted to know what the main differences are between the Pro 90 and Commercial Pro 90 in terms of build quality. ATIVAFIT dumbbell 71.5 Review – Need Faster & Nicer? Very tidy also when you have less … Whereas the expandable models (Pro EXP sets) can be expanded to a max weight of 90 lbs (i.e. Have you used the straight bar and do you have any thoughts of it? The handle weighs 4 lbs, and each of the 7 plates are 4 lbs. Your email address will not be published. Greetings! And drops from a height of 12” or higher will void the warranty if you damage them. Have you used these types of adjustable dumbbells before? If you buy the Stage 1 Set now, you can upgrade it to the 70 lb Stage 2 Set later by purchasing the Pro EXP Stage 2 Expansion Kit (50-70 lbs) separately. PowerBlock EXP Review. Strong welded metal & upgradeable to 90 pounds, much cheaper & space efficient than having dozens of sets The selector pin is made out of a durable plastic composite with flexible properties. With the Straight Bar Attachment, you can convert your pair of PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells into a truly adjustable straight bar set. In other words, better for starting & finishing position which mean less injuries for you. Hi Kelvin, yes, the Pro EXP is much better in both of those ways. The grip portion of the handle has a contoured shape, meaning it’s thickest in the middle and becomes gradually narrower toward the ends. At what weight would you say that it becomes too wide to use for kb swings for the average person. This new and improved design feature offers two big benefits: Unrelated to the "flex" part of the design are the magnetic blocks in the front of the pin. Whereas, the Pro EXP is a rubberized (thus, non-knurled; though still has some grip to it) and contoured in shape. That all said, this wedge design shouldn’t be a make or break feature when choosing which PowerBlock you want -- It’s minor compared to the big features like urethane coating or the non-welded “flex” weight plate design. Take a Pro 125 to it's max with the add-on kit to make each dumbbell 175 lbs. Avg Review: 10/10 The PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells are an excellent choice of adjustable dumbbell for the home or light commercial gym. Quick Overview. The idea behind a contoured handle is to be more “ergonomic,” or to better fit into into shape of person’s hand when grasped onto…. PowerStation . PowerBlock was founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers who became friends while designing equipment for several companies including Parabody and Cybex. It includes the pair of handle plus the weight blocks to make each dumbbell go from 5-90 lbs per dumbbell in 2.5 lb increments. You Save: $ 190.00. Rounded top, flat bottom; PowerBlock logo, Machined steel, powder coat paint that shows weight setting, located on both side rails of each block, with color coded rings, Snap-on band that shows weight setting, located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; no color coding, Square shape (flat top, flat bottom); no logo, Snap-on color coded band located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; entire length of indicator band is colored; doesn’t show actual weight number, Padded wrist supports at top makes it a closed handle design, Snap-on band that shows weight setting, located on side rail on just one side of each weight block; no color coding (all indicator bands are red). Pro 125-175 Expansion Kit . But powerblock pro exp will allow a quicker shift in weight. This is exactly the information I was looking for. However, if you are just using the handle (for 7.5 or 10 lbs), then you have to manually pull the lever up into the locked position. The benefit of the open handle design over the closed handle design is that you have a lot more room for you hand, which is especially great if you’ve got larger hands. Just wondering if you have had 1st hand experience or what you’d recommend. for progression & for performing super-sets. In short This is an awesome write-up. The main reasons are that the urethane coating makes it more durable and quieter to use than the Sport EXP. The individual weights themselves are not all exactly 10 lbs. Brief Review - Pro Rexan Powerblock Dumbbells A few weeks ago I picked up a pair of Pro Rexan Powerblocks with plates 1-4 and the four 2 1/2 pound adder weights plus the stand for $150 off CL. Aperçu. Technically, you could use more, but your stance would be so wide it wouldn’t make sense. Hard impacts, or impacts near any exposed part of the selector pin, increase the likelihood of the selector pin to dislodging. Being passionate about strength sports, I'd love to discuss about these topics. the Sport & PowerBlock Series). You don't get the knurled handle with the Pro 125/175, and the increments are 7.5 lbs (instead of 5 or 2.5 lbs). I think I will get the dumbells and the bench with ext, but for the bars, I think that before trying them, I won’t be completely sure. If you have bigger hands, I suggest switching to PowerBlock Elites & problem solved. Plus, the quality of the grip would maintain better over the years compared to rubber coating, which will obviously wear faster than steel. Detailed Review. Sure, they’d likely survive accidentaly drops, but it does elevate the risk of damage. If it’s a less serious part of your training either the PowerBlock or the Ironmaster kettlebell adapters will do the trick. They sold out in less than an hour. Also make sure the ends of the pins pop out the back of the handle, just past the rear side rail -- See the image below (which I already showed for tip #2, but it's worth showing again): If you accidentally hit dumbbells together lightly, chances are nothing will happen. from POWERBLOCK. But the big one for me is which is better for use and good form. Still, it’s a noteworthy upgrade from other handles; it’s one more small detail to put in the “plus” column when considering the Pro EXP vs other sets. locked) when you put the handle back into the weight stack. Unless they are pictures of someone else’s. Of course, part of this depends on your budget and how expensive $600 is for you in terms of your financial position. PowerBlock doesn't just manufacture the "World's Best Dumbbell." Cette extension nécessite les PowerBlock Pro 5-50 EXP Urethane et l’extension PowerBlock Pro EXP Urethane Expansion Kit 50-70lb. ...All in all, the PowerBlock Pro EXP dumbbells are an excellent product. Lift it and you’ll get stronger. Yes, I also own and use the straight bar. I also enjoy using it a lot. the opening of the hollow cylinders is pointed to the floor), then the weights fall right out onto the floor -- or your foot -- if you move the lever to the open position. No wobble or rattle, plus they are @ 40 lbs = 11 1/4″ The attachment includes the straight steel bar itself, with its own PowerBlock handles permanently affixed to each end. The only dumbbells currently in production that still have the padded supports on the handle are the Elite 50/70/90. $ 588.00 Read more; Pro EXP Set, 5-90 lb. SideWinder Grip Twister Review – Next Level Pinch Training? This is an upgrade over the older pin styles which were made of metal. Les haltères Powerblock U90 sont ajustables de 5 lbs à 50 lbs par incréments de 2.5 lbs. Obviously, the biggest pro of opting for one of the PowerBlock products is the fact that they do not take up a whole lot of space. The PowerBlocks are tough. At this point my options are the exp model, the sport model or the pro exp model since the elite are not going to be done for months upon months. In my opinion, 50 lbs is probably the max practical weight for doing kettlebell swings using a relatively wide (but reasonable stance); maybe 60 lbs for taller guys using a wide stance.

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