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rha ma750i review

RHA has cleverly solved this by providing a tip mount of sorts that allows you to keep your tips ordered by tips and size. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, THe RHA MA750i earphones are one of the best earphones we have ever reviewed when you consider how much value and quality is on offer in this mid priced in ear monitor. Like other RHA products, the MA650 are © Images from are subject to license. This puzzled us. Then we compared them with the originals, which had by now benefited from more use after the review had been written – and curiously the first set sounded better. Search... Popular Search Terms So, in the spirit of experimentation, we left the second (harsh-sounding) set playing for a whole week while we went away to cover CES 2014 in Nevada. However, and this is quite the statement, the RHA MA750i is the best earphone I have reviewed all year. Oliver Haslam on February 23, 2015. Outstanding, especially considering the price point. RHA MA750I EARPHONES SPECIFICATIONS Sitting just bellow is the cable join and adjustable sliding cinch and again it follows the metal theme seen through out, not though that the slider will only come up as far as the inline volume control. It has the ability to go low whenever it needs but the diaphragm never seems to lose control. RHA is a British headphone company with an exclusive focus on in-ear models. In-ear headphones just don’t normally need such an extensive running in. The cable stress relief is on of the coolest I have ever seen and uses a spring system to prevent breakages. Get in touch! When you go through as many headphones and earphones as I do then its sometimes hard to get excited by earphones that are just usually more of the same in different oddly designed packages. Glasgow in Scotland is one hell of a town for music and growing up here I have seen some of my friends and acquaintance's go on to be major worldwide stars such as the Fratellis, Yashin and Travis. Sound and Vision. I would be surprised if you couldn’t find the right fit with amount of tips that RHA offers. RHA MA750i review from the experts at What Hi-Fi? To me there is no other option but these for the price and its very hard to justify spending even more or something else as well. You can however increase isolation by a few decibels if you are using the foam or multi flange tips. There’s now plenty of bass – occasionally a little too much, in fact – which serves to solidify the presentation. Guys if you are Audiophile or HiFi music enthusiast under 10000 Rha Ma750i is gem. Sound and Vision history as the Headphones that Take Their Time. Quit cleverly they also have a QR code on the box that will take you directly to the reviews of their products, something that screams confidence and very useful as these earphones are available on the high street. Fit and comfort is excellent. BA1 1UA. RHA 201044-MA750I noise isolating premium in ear headphone (with remote and microphone) & handmade dynamic driver epitomises quality and performance. As a result the form has followed suit and these are an incredibly good-looking set of earphones that stand out in a crowded marketplace and look classy not garish and flashy. British headphone company RHA produces the MA750i in-ears, which are a little pricey but are constructed with stainless steel and are ideal for classical music. Among those is the RHA MA750i in–ears (MSRP: $129.99), featuring a contoured cable that rests over your ear and uses RHA’s “aerophonic” design, which lets air travel unforced from the driver to the ear for supposed clearer and more natural sound. They are still sticking with their signature inverted trumpet bell design but they've upgraded the construction to 303F grade stainless steel. Liked: ... RHA MA750i EarphonesBritish maker RHA has been in the earphone headphone game for some time, mostly focusing on the lower-end market. An abundant treble wasn’t adequately balanced by the low-end, and the resulting sound was enough to make our reviewers wince. Inside though when you actually get to the IEM's is where you begin to get impressed. The RHA MA750 Wireless are higher-end wireless earphones. Loading ... 1MORE Triple Driver BT review: better than AirPods, RHA MA750 Wireless and Beats X? Now the sound quality is impressive. Vocals are smooth and guitars are plucky even if not razor sharp. There's just nothing negative to say about this product. Visit the RHA earphone and audio page to find out more about the RHA MA750 and other products. It's another solid earphone from RHA that ticks a lot of boxes. Slightly warm, perfect bass, airy openness all lead this to be a thoroughly enjoyable set of earphones to listen to (in fact I have not changed to any other earphone since I received them such was my enjoyment). I actually use them over my Corwin E7 Bluetooth headphones because the sound is vastly superior. RHA mastered it. Although RHA is more than adept at making wired in-ear headphones, its first pair of wireless earphones feel like a misstep. RHA MA750i In-Ear Headphones Review (4K) Jordan Ash. RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics) is a special company that much is true and in my opinion their MA750i represents unparalleled value in the high end Audio game. Music can be a very personal choice, and the same goes for the hardware that we use to enjoy it. Its in the blood, something in the Clyde water if you will, so it makes sense that eventually one company would try its hand at making a set of earphones. MA750 comes in two versions, one with and one without a remote control and microphone for iPhone mobiles. In typical RHA fashion, the MA750 Wireless are constructed from 303F stainless steel—a big plus for durability.The earphones are also IPX4 certified, meaning that they can take a sweat bath and come out no worse for wear.Like the wired iteration, an oxygen-free copper cable is encased in a tangle-preventative coating. The earbuds are comfortable once you get them to fit, but this may prove awkward for some. First Impressions: The box, well it’s rather nice with its magnetic flap on the front. Oh and did I mention RHA offer a 3 year guarantee. This musical influence runs though the town with a number of legendary venues such as the Barrowlands and King Tuts Wawa Hut as well as equally important instrument makers such as Jimmy Moon of Moon Guitars. is a review site for high-end audiophile headphones and earphones. 10 sets of different sized ear tips, including silicone, double flange and foam. I did a lot of research before buying these, as I tend to do with every purchase of this nature. In my opinion , the direct competitor the Shure SE215 , have got some planning to do , it's a very popular IEM , definately outsell the RHA MA750i , however at roughly the similar price , the Shure SE215 gives you a plastic housing , smaller dynamic driver , connection issues due to wear in the MMCX pin , 1 year warranty , a drawstring soft pouch , a limited number of ear tips , slightly poorer in clarity in mids and … Isolation on the MA750i is fair for a set of earphones; they do not inset too deep and are vented so some sound intrusion will always be present as it is with most dynamic drivers. As the RHA MA750 Wireless are lifestyle headphones, they are made to connect to smartphones and manage calls in addition to playing music. An abundant treble wasn’t adequately balanced by the low-end, and the resulting sound was enough to make our reviewers wince. Of course you might have also heard of Primal Scream, Mogwai, Del Amitri and Deacon Blue. The earphones themselves are machined metal and were much smaller than I had expected from the photographs. 2. The fact that they manage to include that (something I can’t say I have seen before) is testament to just how well these earphones are made. They sound a bit on the dark side, but I like this sound (at home I play with HD650 + Little Dot MKIII with Mullard M8161 tubes). The treble is no longer overstated – it’s merely prominent. Please refresh the page and try again. 8. The MA750i is the company’s first foray into a higher end model: coming it at a list price of $129.99, it enters a crowded space of $100-150 units and I was eager to see how they’d stack up. I’d like to start this review off with a big “thank you” to RHA for loaning me the MA750i, CL750, and CL1 for review. The RHA MA750is have a unique place in What Hi-Fi? All rights reserved. The company provides you with every option from comply style foam to multi flange and regular you would have to have some crazy ears to not find a comfortable fit. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! No complaints in this category. As mentioned the tips should ensure that any size or shape of ears would be catered for. There was a problem. RHA's MA750i earphones deliver a strong audio performance in a good-looking design, and you get plenty of eartips so you can find the perfect fit. The cable is thick and strong, with the plug end reinforced with a spring. There are companies out the charging upwards of $500 that don’t have a setup as good as this.

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