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the mangrove alliance

We’ve lost 50% of the world’s mangroves just in the past half century, and if current trends continue, the remaining mangroves could be gone within the next 100 years. • Emerging place-based conservation payment strategies, such as various payment for ecosystem services (PES) schemes, or the United Nations’ Reduced Emissions … A Virtual Journey to El Salvador and Honduras, Our Friends in Puerto Parada Need Your Support, EcoViva Stands with the Black Lives Matter Movement and those Protesting Racial Injustice. Water. lost 20% of the world’s mangroves between 1980 and 2005, local communities who live from the forest, deforestation rates inside protected areas legally managed by the communities that depend on them are two to three times lower, 40 Islands in Bay of Jiquilisco Added to National Protected Areas, 1 Million Trees: A Plant-a-Thon for World Environment Day,, Help our partners provide disaster relief in Honduras, ¡Vamonos! The 6 th year of the competition has been the most exciting to date with new categories and four special judges; Cristina Mittermeier, Steve Winter, Octavio Aburto, and Jennifer Hayes.. In addition to expanding mangrove habitat 20% by 2030, the Global Mangrove Alliance will also aim to catalyze $10 billion in investments to help improve the resilience of coastal communities and improve the wellbeing of an additional 10 million people through restoration and conservation projects. The Global Mangroves Alliance is the chief custodian of the Mangrove Knowledge Hub. The Mangrove Alliance is a group spearheaded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Wide Fund (WWF) and the International Union for the Observation of Nature (IUCN) that aims to increase global mangrove forests by 20 percent by 2030. The Mangrove was a Caribbean restaurant located at 8 All Saints Road, Notting Hill, west London. Partnering and campaigning with both smaller, community-based groups and larger organisations such as the IUCN Mangrove Specialist Group and the Global Mangrove Alliance to preserve existing mangroves, bring mangrove challenges to light and encourage the use of best restoration practices The Global Mangrove Alliance was founded to build a global community committed to securing mangroves and protecting the important role these forests play in our world. That’s why its members will focus efforts on increasing awareness of the role of mangroves and global investments in coastal resilience and integrated coastal management. The struggle to save mangroves like these in Ecuador is a global challenge that no single government or organization can tackle alone. Scientist These extra ordinary ecosystems contribute to the wellbeing, food security, and protection of coastal communities worldwide. More Posts Photo Credit. The GMA will endeavor to increase resilience to the impacts of climate and ocean change through USD $10 billion of new investments as well as eliminate all mangrove-associated anthropogenic GHG emissions. Global Mangrove Watch … With 67% of mangroves lost or degraded to date, and an additional 1% being lost each year, mangroves are at a risk of being destroyed altogether. Now it’s teaming up with Conservation International, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and The Nature Conservancy to form … Global Mangrove Alliance; Rallying the world around #mangroves and expanding the extent of mangrove habitat 20% by 2030. They also provide a vital defence against floods and storms, and have a crucial role in sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. With their dense network of roots and … The writer/director set Thrawn (now voiced by Lars Mikkelsen) as the main antagonist of Rebels seasons 3 and 4, set before A New Hope in the earliest days of the Rebel Alliance… We teamed up with Conservation International, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and The Nature Conservancy to form the Global Mangrove Alliance. The Global Mangrove Alliance vision is built from lessons learned through our member’s vast collective portfolio of work regarding protecting, restoring, and valuing mangroves, and is updated by the members of the Global Mangrove Alliance on an annual basis. Mangrove forests offer significant protection from coastal erosion, storm surge, and sea level rise, all of which may lead to potentially devastating and life-threatening flooding along the coast. The Alliance will endeavor to implement its Global Mangrove Strategy to achieve global priorities and actions. It has been a splendid year for MyMangrove as we have managed to reach out to countless stakeholders in our mission to promote love on mangroves and spark the interest for mangrove … Mangroves are one of the most critically threatened ecosystems in the world, with a growing list of countries where 50-80% of mangroves have been cleared in the last 20 years. Documents; Video; Blog; The Global Mangrove Alliance. Key Resources. The Global Mangrove Alliance will capitalize on the diverse strengths and experiences of its members to facilitate understanding and knowledge sharing, coordinate projects on the ground, and connect a wide array of stakeholders as a means of ensuring successful science-based conservation and restoration of mangroves at an unprecedented scale. A GLOBAL GOAL FOR MANGROVE ACTION. Mangrove restoration and conservation has an enormous benefit as the species serves many functions, including water filtration, … Mangroves are essential to maintaining water quality. Global Mangrove Watch and the Global Mangrove Alliance Thriving mangroves are key to the health of nature and effective climate action. WWF is dedicated to supporting these forests and communities both directly, and through programs like the Global Mangrove Alliance which promotes the protection of these valuable ecosystems at multiple levels of community, governance, and research. The Global mangrove Alliance was co-founded by TNC, WWF and CI to work together to build a global community of stakeholders to leverage the expertise, funding, resources, diverse skills and networks to amplify existing efforts and increase attention to the critical role of mangroves in coastal ecosystems. The alliance brings together technical experts, civil society organizations, governments, local communities, businesses, funding agencies, and foundations to accelerate a comprehensive, coordinated, and global approach to mangrove conservation and restoration at a scale that matters. With 3 billion people around the world dependent on seafood as their primary source of protein, and the world’s population expected to grow by 2 billion by 2050, increasing this kind of food production sustainably is a pressing issue. Welcome to GlobalNPO - the global directory of non profit organizations! The Global Mangrove Alliance was founded to build a global community committed to securing mangroves and protecting the important role these forests play in our world. Even as the Global Mangrove Alliance, an international coalition of conservation groups and government agencies, pushes for a target to increase global mangrove extent by 20 per cent by 2030, funding and enforcement that effective protection requires are scant. It is estimated that as much as 50% of mangrove coverage has been lost in the last half century alone1. "As a company with its core business engaged in forestry, we understand the importance of protecting nature for the sustainability of its resources. About. The Global Mangrove Alliance. Mangrove protection in the Western Indian Ocean Region is enhanced. Maricé is also part of the coordinating team of the Global Mangrove Alliance, and is assisting with development of the Global Mangrove Watch platform. Mangroves are incredibly productive plants, able to provide numerous goods and ecosystem services that are beneficial to both people and marine environments. Launched in June 2017, the Alliance is an unprecedented collaboration that brings together NGOs, governments, industry, local communities and funders towards a common goal. Become a Member Join … This vision will utilize our expertise across Alliance members to connect and coordinate isolated initiatives into a global portfolio that leverages and amplifies best practices and pursue development opportunities to support our work in mangrove conservation and restoration at scale. Like the El Rio before it – a coffee bar run by Crichlow at 127 Westbourne Park Road in the early 1960s that attracted attention in the Profumo affair, as one of the places frequented by Christine Keeler and Stephen Ward … They support a rich biodiversity and provide a valuable nursery habitat for fish and crustaceans. Recent Posts. Working collaboratively on climate adaptation, climate mitigation, sustaining biodiversity and improving human well-being. Enjoy a tour of the mangrove swamps of La Boquilla, a fishing village located twenty minutes north of Cartagena. The three-year project, Conserving Caribbean mangroves in the face of a changing world, will coordinate a collaborative alliance among Caribbean and international stakeholders dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems; mainstream the importance of mangrove biodiversity and ecosystem services into local, national and regional decision-making …

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