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average salary in kuwait

A person working as a Database Administrator in Kuwait typically earns around 1,340 KWD per month. KSA – SAR 1,500 to SAR2, 000 (P 20,000+ – P26, 000+) Lebanon – HSWs in Lebanon usually receives a monthly salary of $400 (P20, 000+) Geologist (Oil / Gas / Energy / Mining) Geologists are individuals who are responsible for drilling oil and finding out scientifically whether oil exist in targeted area. Summary about cost of living in Kuwait City, Kuwait: Family of four estimated monthly costs are 2,552.75$ (779.53KWD) without rent (using our estimator) . The salary of Geologist in Kuwait is KWD 4,000. Earlier, the remuneration packages were split into basic salary, car allowance, housing allowance, medical coverage, education for children, and air … This is the total monthly salary including bonuses. Database Administrator salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. A single person estimated monthly costs are 688.15$ (210.14KWD) without rent. But, given the fact that there is no personal taxation in Kuwait, the net income is usually great, and this is one of the major benefits of working in Kuwait.. Salaries range from 540 KWD (lowest) to 1,820 KWD (highest).. it's been Only + 1 year in Kuwait and it's my First Experience Abroad. Salaries in Kuwait. The minimum wage in Kuwait is 60 dinars ($198) a month. Kuwait rewards these people well. Salaries vary drastically among different job categories. Average salary in Kuwait City is KWD 21,055 (US$ 72,044). Kuwait – 100 to 120 Kuwaiti Dinars (P16, 000+ – P20, 000+) per month. Electrical and Electronics Engineer Detailed salary report based on career, education, experience, gender, age etc. Salaries in Kuwait are similar to or greater than in western nations. (133558) Salaries in UAE (113933) Salaries in Saudi Arabia (93692) Salaries in India (50552) Salaries in Kuwait (41207) Salaries in Pakistan (30342) Salaries in Qatar (29003) Salaries in Egypt (12823) Salaries in Jordan (10127) Salaries in Oman (5745) Salaries in Bahrain Box 1450, Safat-13015, Kuwait Phone:22530600 , 22530612 - 14 Fax +965 2525811 Employer Average Salary Salary Comparison Full Access; Alshaya: $47,000 Get full report: The best paying company in Kuwait is Alshaya, offering an average salary of $47,000. Civil Engineer salaries vary drastically based on experience, skills, gender, or location. The salary range for people working in Kuwait is typically from 236.00 KWD (minimum salary) to 881.00 KWD (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).. Advanced 2019/20 Survey. The official currency used in Kuwait is Dinar and 1 Dinar (KD) equals to 3.29 US Dollar (USD). Top Kuwait Salaries - By Employer . Diplomatic Enclave, Arabian Gulf Street P.O. All employers of labor in the country are not meant to pay their employees or workers less than $198 per month. Salaries range from 700 KWD (lowest) to 2,050 KWD (highest).. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. A person working as a Civil Engineer in Kuwait typically earns around 1,150 KWD per month. This person earns an average salary of KWD 5,000 per month. Minimum Wage for Workers. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

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