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can a lion kill a giraffe

0 0. They don’t need to drink a lot of water, because they get most of their water from the plants they eat. 4 years ago. Lions and leopards usually choke their prey by the throat and crocodiles perform their “twist of death” to kill them almost instantaneously, but hyenas and wild dogs usually begin to eat before the giraffe is dead. But two days ago it was a different story. So to answer your question, lions usually won't go for adult giraffes, but it has happened. But any lion that could would run from the giraffe instead of waiting to be kicked. An interesting giraffe fact shows that in the Kruger National Park lions kill 1,8 times as many bulls as cows. 4 years ago. First ones that come to mind are animals that are big and willing to face a lion. Why are giraffes vulnerable when they are drinking water? Best Answers. Can a giraffe kill a lion by kicking it? Answer Save. The Giraffe is NOT endangered and there are MANY of them in herds in Africa. A cape buffalo is much more durable. 0 0. If the lion sits still for it, yes. Relevance. An elephant is large enough and strong enough to face a lion alone. The giraffe … lion biology, Meet the lions, Uncategorized Lone lion kills a giraffe Lion Guardians on March 5, 2011 We have seen lions bring down different prey species from A to Z – from aardvark, antelopes, elands ostrich, wildebeest to zebras. One lucky kick by a giraffe’s long, powerful hind legs could cripple or kill a lion. So most lions prefer not to attack a full-grown giraffe unless they are able to sneak up on it while it is bending its long neck to the ground in order to get a drink of water. The Bulls DO in FACT run with the herd until they are cast out or pushed out. 5 Answers. 0 0. daniel g. Lv 7. They feed MANY people, as do Hippo, Zebra, Elephant, Wildebeest, Impala, and many other species. What animals can kill a giraffe in one to one confrontation? There are reasons to Hunt EVERY species in Africa from the Baboon and Monkey to the Lion. When attacking, predators try to get the legs of the … It is possible, there are cases where giraffe have held off attacking lions with kicks. 'The giraffe, never taking its eyes off the lion, continued to threaten another kick by raising its hooves toward the lion and slowly, almost imperceptibly, moving toward it. Few animals can face a lion in a one on one confrontation. I wouldn't say a bull giraffe is necessarily a top tier prey animal, if a lion can get up on to it's back, the kill itself is not hard. However, lions do not often tackle giraffes because they are so large. This is the shocking moment five young lions play with a live baby giraffe before killing it. Gary C. Lv 7. Due to their length and size, as well as their deadly kick that can kill in one hit, adult giraffes have virtually no predators to fear from. Lions can kill an adult giraffe, but really it depends on how desperate they are because one kick from a giraffe can either kill or injure a lion so badly that he may as well be dead.

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