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isilon onefs 9 release notes

Note it is best practise to ensure unique hints by using a naming format that uses cluster name - for example: igls-ignore-. Workaround: None Required. Workaround: Review shares/exports/quota paths manually to determine which configuration data will be migrated for the selected source path. Export with multiple paths that are protected by different SyncIQ policies is not supported. Make a record of the state of all Configuration Replication Jobs in the Eyeglass Jobs window - these states will NOT be preserved on the reset: Jobs which are Configuration Replication type, SSH to Eyeglass appliance using admin: sudo -s enter (must use root)  then use admin password (default password: 3y3gl4ss), set the initial state for all Eyeglass Job types to User disabled,, Once reset completes, go to the chrome browser and refresh the browser and login with the credentials. This way Eyeglass will identify each Export uniquely. For more information about OneFS major, minor, and maintenance releases, see knowledgebase article 89210 on the EMC Online Support site. Alarms other than the “Replication job failed to run “ are not cleared automatically once the error condition has been resolved. Target cluster client list must be updated manually. Readiness logic to determine whether 2 pools are mapped for Access Zone or Pool failover will map based on partial match instead of an exact match. Default is no delay. In this case Eyeglass issues an SPN alarm for missing SPNs based on the list returned even if there are no missing SPNs in the domain specified in the check command. In Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.6 for DR can be found here. This may cause an issue if there are multiple pools on target side which match. Release 3.4.6 of the Isilon version of Aspera Enterprise Server and Connect Server provides the new features and fixes listed below. Next schedule Configuration Replication job will rectify and after that point the DFS and SyncIQ failover mode will not be available for policies configured for Pool Failover. If you have configured a custom DFS suffix, if the source share name already has the suffix it may be added again to target share on replication instead of being skipped. All failover readiness criteria can be viewed from the Eyeglass web interface DR Dashboard. Workaround: Use the Refresh Now button or close and reopen the Inventory View. Eyeglass quota job includes quotas related to excluded SyncIQ directories. Target reachability alarms related to Inventory or Configuration replication would have been sent. Looking ahead, we plan to combine the initial and MR release notes into a single document. The user can download a PPT file that contains the configuration and performance information, and a XLSX file that contains the detailed configuration information. The Eyeglass Cluster Configuration Report for OneFS 8.0 is missing following information: The Access Zone Replication Job associated with the SyncIQ mirror policy configuration replication Job has the following error when the SyncIQ policy source and target path are not identical. If so, start the failover again and now select the "I have reviewed the warning status" check box and continue with the failover. Workaround: Logout and refresh browser and then log back in and reopen window may clear this condition. The Zone/Pool Readiness DNS Dual Delegation Validation no longer checks for PowerScale SSIP reachability from Eyeglass as the reachability of SSIP from Eyeglass is not related to client access to PowerScale. This has no impact to the failover itself, steps to enable rehearsal mode complete successfully and no impact to dr test. INFO Raised alarm: MAJOR Access Zone Failover Job failed. 1924: Quotas on excluded SyncIQ directory are selected for replication, 1998: Custom Eyeglass configuration replication Job does not have an associated Zone replication Job, 2004: Custom Quota Job is incorrectly listed in the Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window, 2038: Create alias results in temporary error, 2043: Configuration replication job has error after zone is deleted, 2045: Edit Configuration for Custom Job has multiple source cluster selected where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters, 2046: Job Edit Configuration view has the wrong parent selected, 2049: Delete Zone does not delete associated configuration items on target for custom Jobs and auto jobs with disabled zone Job, 2235: Eyeglass replication Job does not complete when source cluster becomes unreachable after Job has started, 2060: Access Zone Replication Error - Error on creation of shared resource, 2488: Inconsistent behaviour in Run Now for Disabled Jobs, 1938: Issues with Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs after the Access Zone is deleted, 2308: In EyeGlass, NFS alias health is always 'unknown', 2804: Disabled SyncIQ Policy is not initially displayed as Policy Disabled in Eyeglass, T676: Eyeglass Zone replication Job does not replicate all authentication providers for OneFS 8.0, T723: Job shows OK when there is an Access Eyeglass Zone Replication Error, T771: Edit Configuration does not show parent node selected, T805: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs not updated when IP address changed on Source Cluster, T593: Eyeglass errors for multiple exports with the same path, T1792: Eyeglass does not auto-detect PowerScale version changes and may use incorrect API version for Configuration Replication, T1851: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs not removed when there is no SyncIQ privilege for the eyeglass service account, If the eyeglass service account has the SyncIQ privilege removed the Eyeglass Jobs are not updated to removed even though the associated SyncIQ policy cannot be retrieved. Impact: Allow Writes step of failover will fail. Report will run successfully once cluster is reachable. OneFS integrates with VMware vCenter through the Isilon for vCenter plug-in. For case where DR Failover status is OK or Info, the DR Assistant Failover wizard validation check step requests acknowledgement that warnings have been reviewed even though DR failover status has no warning status. Retry interval is configurable. When 2 Data Config Migration Jobs are started concurrently, each runs a separate Configuration Replication Job and the Configuration Replication Job cannot run concurrently. Zone Readiness and Pool Readiness SPN validations do not check for the conditions below. When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, an associated Zone replication Job is not created. Subsequently, new maintenance release (MR) notes are published whenever a new maintenance version for a particular branch is released (for example,,, and In this case, what should have happened is that template setting is ignored if there is already an existing user quota with a higher limit. Workaround: Monitor email for Access Zone replication errors. Resolution: Correct settings for transfer of ECA logs for OpenSUSE 42.3. To avoid the replication error on each cycle and keep the SyncIQ policy available for failover the Eyeglass Configuration Replication job can be set to AUTOSKIPCONFIG as per instructions, T16965 Audit does not consider differences on source and target for SMB share property inheritable_path_acl, 1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service, 2224: Eyeglass Cluster Configuration Report runs when Cluster is unreachable, 2061: Access Zone name for Directory Migration is case sensitive, 3037: Configure Remote Logging Services in Eyeglass requires manual steps, Workaround: Please refer to Eyeglass Tech Note, Eyeglass PowerScale Remote Logging Service Tech Note. If the pool on the target cluster which contains the SmartConnect Zone which is configured on the source cluster as the SyncIQ policy target host is configured as “short” name instead of fully qualified name AND that pool has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint defined instead of the required igls-ignore hint, Zone Readiness INCORRECTLY does not show an error. For the case where there are multiple access zones overlapping wtih System Access Zone on /ifs path, DR Assistant will show an error during navigation indicating an invalid configuration and block completion of failover. without displaying results for reachable cluster or may provide results for reachable clusters without providing the error. Eyeglass API now can be used to retrieve DR readiness information - please refer to documentation here. Upon resolution the user or group SID is saved in the configuration. Check for Access Zone exists on target cluster for Directory migration fails is case sensitive and will fail if Access Zone exists with same name but different case. In this case you are able to see the SyncIQ Job Reports related to failover at the bottom of the Failover Log. example expire in 20 days will be 22 days on the target cluster. Over the past few years, changes have been made to improve the ease of use and overall quality of the release notes. When the API request for cluster storage usage is returned from PowerScale with information missing for one or more nodes, the Eyeglass Cluster Storage Usage window may not display all information for the nodes where information was returned. Any Snapshot Schedule where the path is at or below the Job source path will be included in the Job. The first failover name cannot be _mirror. Workaround: Open the DR Dashboard to see the current state of the validations as of the last time the Zone/Pool Readiness job has run. Failover API does not validate source cluster reachability and will allow a controlled failover to start even if source cluster unreachable. Workaround: Disable the Runbook Robot mount step by setting to false following the instructions here: By default a 1 second time skew tolerance between Isilon nodes is now taken into account when executing the Date-Time Validation for failover readiness. This may result in an AEC Duplicate Permission error from the PowerScale cluster or no error until duplicate permissions exceeds allowed space and an AEC Message Too Long error occurs. 2) IP Pool failover is now available for OneFS 9.0 and 9.1. T2908  New Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job cannot recover state and mode from the Eyeglass Fingerprint file. Workaround: None required.

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