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largest ranches in new mexico

For more than a decade Singleton has been quietly buying far smaller ranches between Santa Fe and Roswell--but a whole lot of them. Senator and a county on the Arizona border is named for him--partly due to his uncanny ability to defend old land claims, often in exchange for a piece of the action. Major Ranch Realty offers Ranches, Land, and Farms for sale in New Mexico. Fallon-Cortese Land, formerly Emmet Fallon Land Agency, was established in 1972. At 270,000 acres, it is also the largest contiguous piece of private property in the state. Looking for Mexico farms or acreages for sale? Babbitt RanchesFlagstaff, Ariz. At 7,651 deeded acres, Luera Ranch features exceptional trophy big game hunting along with a solid large-scale cattle operation. R.A. (Hap) Canning, Capitan NM, 65,000 acres, 18. LandWatch has 11 farms and ranches for sale in Taos County, NM. In that time, rangelands were destroyed and recovered, giving deep roots to the region’s culture of stewardship. Page 5 of 15. These ranches lay where the deserts Sonoran and Mohave meet, at the sky island of the Hualapai Mountains. These accounts portray the panoramic sweep of the New Mexico experience. $50,000 - $99,999 26. We are grateful to Worth magazine, which in March published a pioneering list of the country's 100 largest landowners, including 12 on this list. It's not surprising that only two persons on this list—William D. Sanders and John Yates—made the Crosswinds list last fall of the state's 25 richest persons. Lane family, Solano NM, Lake Forest IL, elsewhere, 290,000 acres, 5. Sam Donaldson, McLean VA, 45,000 acres, 27. Jay Taylor family, Albuquerque NM, Amarillo TX, 60,000 acres, 21. These ranchers are descendants of the Kohn family who established the original mercantile and ranching operation, headquartering at Montoya, N.M., in 1902. Leslie & Linda Davis, Cimmaron NM 125,000 acres, 10. Property taxes are relatively low, offset by sky-high state income taxes and a gross receipts tax that unlike those in many other states does not exempt foodstuffs, clothing or clothing. Easily find ranchland for sale in New Mexico including hunting ranches, ranchettes, dude ranches, horse ranches, cattle ranches, recreational ranches, and luxury ranches at The livestock business in New Mexico actually dates back to 1540 when the military explorer Francisco Vasques Coronado brought up some sheep and horses from Mexico. The expanse of the ranch extends into three southeastern New Mexico counties from the Pecos River Valley in Chaves and Eddy counties, east to the “Caprock Escarpment” in Lea County. Part of his legend, in fact, seems to be that he owns more land that any other individual in this state. From the 1500s until the advent of U.S. control in the 1840s, various Spanish and then Mexican rulers made hundreds of land grants covering millions of acres. More history of the Bell The Bell Ranch . set out to identify the state's 40 largest private individual or family landowners by acreage and provide some sense of their histories. John Yates family, Mayhill NM, elsewhere, 100,000 acres, 12. The overall value of land and rural real estate for sale in the state amounts to nearly $4 billion, and covers … West of the Rio Grande all the way to the Arizona state line, the overwhelming bulk of the acreage is held by government, much of it connected to the huge Indian reservations. As the nation's fifth-largest state, New Mexico contains 121,335 square miles, or 77.7 million acres. At New Mexico’s BELL RANCH, sustainable grazing practices ensure the health and balance of native grasses and prairie while keeping carbon sequestered in undisturbed soils. An article published nationally in 1885, ``Land Stealing in New Mexico,'' caused a sensation. Nor do you have to be filthy rich to own significant land in New Mexico. That's the big news from a pioneering Crosswinds project focusing on this question: Crosswinds set out to identify the state's 40 largest private individual or family landowners by acreage and provide some sense of their histories. San Cristobal Ranch Lamy, N.M. Henry Singleton, Beverly Hills CA, 1,200,000 acres. We offer only the best ranches, luxury homes, hunting properties, and land for sale in New Mexico. Pie Town 16. Besides any unit of government and the Indian tribes, we excluded holdings of publicly traded corporations, utilities, private corporations not dominated by an individual or a family, widely held partnerships, and non-profit entities such as foundations and religious organizations. Moise family, Albuquerque NM, 50,000 acres, 26. Find working ranches for sale in New Mexico with Fallon-Cortese Land! Mexico realtors are here to offer detailed information about ranches for sale or help you make an informed buying decision.View comprehensive demographics data or compare side by side up to 4 farm listings. Since 1973, the Irwin family has owned it with a strong commitment to the traditions and culture of ranching. The Bell Ranch stands at 290,100 acres (1,174 km 2) of the original 656,000 acres (2,650 km 2) of a century and a half ago. Our New Mexico ranches for sale offerings have something for everyone. Our essays include tales of fatal gunfights, political intrigue, risks taken and failed, luck, famous inventions, family dynasties, obligatory connections to Billy The Kid, tragedies, carpetbaggers, alleged UFO crashes and, of course, an abiding faith in the permanence of terra firma. It is an integrated operation, raising quality cattle and top-performing horses. As you would expect, all of these holdings are essentially livestock ranches, cattle or sheep or horses, with some farming and other uses. He now owns upwards of 1.2 million acres of New Mexico, at least 50,000 acres more than Turner. $0 - $49,999 39. He soon went to work for a large rancher as a cowboy and started to develop his own herd. Alexandria Station. The median listing price of farms & ranches in Deming is $144,950. The 40 Largest Private Landowners in New Mexico. As the founder of Cable News Network and now vice chairman of Time Warner, Ted Turner is famous, even legendary. In many ways, however, the histories are more important than the numbers. Based on total acres currently listed for sale on Lands of America, New Mexico is among the top three states in the country for land and rural property for sale. The 1,200-cow outfit is an exemplar of the Western tradition. 7 UpPrescott, Ariz.One of three ranches making up the 134,000-acre Campwood Cattle Company, founded in the early 1970s by W.A. Frank Chappell, Waterford CT, 40,000 acres, 34. Whether you are looking to invest in a New Mexico working ranch, hunting & fishing property or interested in selling your ranch land or recreational property, Mirr Ranch Group provides a wide range of experience in New Mexico land for sale. Central New Mexico 284 acres of grazing ranch land now for sale. This month Barrett rejoins Forbes magazine as an associate editor. 22 to 27   |   Nos. All six, students at the University of New Mexico, worked as editors or reporters on the, , the student newspaper. But since territorial days, New Mexico tax policy has been heavily skewed in favor of big landowners. That's 3 1/3% of the entire country. Usually, the grants were unsurveyed and they often overlapped one another. Gene is the champion of dude ranch vacations starting with his book Ranch Vacations, then moving onto Kilgore’s Ranchweb, and most recently Top50 Ranches. You can't do much else with land far from population areas that doesn't have a lot of rain or underground water. Cloud, Fla. Following the Coronado Expedition of 1540, cattle ranching took hold in the Southwest in the 1600s, providing the region with more than 300 years of ranching history and traditions. Vermejo Park Ranch. The beautiful New Mexico landscape makes for a spectacular location for your next ranch. Kryloff and Barrett last wrote for, in October when they and Ray Langley co-authored. While the church doesn’t disclose the ranch’s revenue, a 2001 estimate (PDF) places it at roughly $16 million. Turkey Track Ranch, New Mexico. Edmund F. Ball, Muncie IN, 45,000 acres, 31. Recent listings in New Mexico of ranches for sale totals almost 2 million acres and a combined market value of approximately $737 million. Mitchell family, Albert NM, 55,000 acres, 23. Discover the pristine beauty of our list of New Mexico ranches for sale. We're not writing about renters. New Mexico realtors are here to offer detailed information about ranches for sale or help you make an informed buying decision.View comprehensive demographics data or compare side by side up to 4 farm listings. The white faced red Hereford cattle of Ellis' tenure are gone. Rancho Cerro Bola is located in the state of Coahuila on Hwy 53, about one hour of northwest Muzquiz. This property is just outside the limits of the Town of Estancia and is... 284.46 Acres : … The acreage includes 36,582 deeded acres, 49,433 NM State Lease acres, and 169,926 Federal BLM Lease acres. Like the land, they’ve weathered the suck-your-skin-dry winds and the relentless sun, but given a little moisture and warmth, they reveal a vibrancy that rivals any springtime in the Southwest. Starvation Peak Ranch is one of the truly distinct properties that has accomplished the merging of history gone by with the modern west. IX Ranch, Montana | 126,000 Acres. We don't know of anyone today with 2 million acres of New Mexico, although oilman Robert O. Anderson, now of Roswell, may have been in that league until his fortune collapsed a few years ago. The Bell is home to the Silver Spur horse breeding program and boasts the largest Remuda of all the Ranches as well as over 3,800 head of cattle. Best Ranches in New Mexico, United States: See traveler reviews, candid photos and great deals on ranches in New Mexico on Tripadvisor. Nos. The Silver Spur runs about 12,000 commercial cows as well as produces registered Charolais, Angus, Red Angus and Hereford bulls, and a composite they call Rangefire, which … That works out to 7% of the entire state but 16% of the state's privately owned acreage. It is knowledge passed down from the preceding generations, for many of the ranching families of the Southwest have as much history as the cattle, and their operations can be traced back many decades.

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