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lion guard fuli and azaad

!” He laughed. “I clearly saw Ono tickle your paw with his feather, and you giggled. FULI: A cheetah? Azaad is a minor character in The Lion King: Revisited. Just then Kion and Rani appeared. Azaad is tall and lanky with large green eyes and a bulbous brown nose. “No, We have only just began. Fuli got on her back. HAHAHAHAHA!” She laughed. !” He yelled. “Oh and why is that? He picked it up and began to rub it through his for paw almost teasing Fuli. I've spotted a cheetah, making his way up the pass. Azaad just grinned “Hmmm…Id say both is worse but then again who am I to judge I am not ticklish like you” he chuckled. Fuli The Lion Guard: A cute female teenage tomboyish East African cheetah cub who is the fastest member in … AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Kenzie_McMal Traditional Artist. “Your called Fuli the fasted right?” he said. KION: Anga, is Kovu alone? Eventhough they had been close friends for a while now, this was Kion's first time of being at such close proximity with his female cheetah friend. “Running at this hour? I HAHAHAHA WILL FIND OUT HAHAHA THAT YOU ARE HAHAHA TICKLISH!!! Kion and Fuli is a popular ship due to her being one of his close friends and the only female lion guard member. "Fuli and Azzad are walking towards each other and looking at each other with heart-eyes. Azaad/Fuli (The Lion King) Azaad (The Lion King) Fuli (The Lion King) Romance; Summary. “Affirmative.” He replied as he stopped tickling him. Azaad is a male Asiatic cheetah who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard. Bright as the stars Annieloveranimations243. You……c…….cant…j……just tickle me….” He replied. She passed a few trees and then a rock as she continued picking up more speed. Kion, Azaad: ok,fine! The Junior Night Pride is the animated television series and a spin-off sequel of The Lion Guard. By: Dr. DT (This story is post-canon) Fuli, normally fast and energetic comes down with a very high fever. I will give you a second chance. When Fuli tells him that the Lion Guard is having trouble with a flock of flamingos bot… Rani stopped laughing and got back up. However, as her grandmother's request, she welcomes her and the Lion Guard to the Tree of Life. wanna race me? Fuli was picking up speed but Azaad was slowly beginning to catch up to her. I just find them cute together. As she was still trying to catch her breath. Listed in Folders. His name means "free" in Arabic. “I am more concerned on how they had the energy to be tickled at this hour” Replied Kion. Later, he helps leads Janja and Jasiri the hyenas to the Lion Guard, who are staying at the Tree of Life. 1. Fuli wanted to jump up to greet him properly. You run just as fast as me and not only that but you have a kind and gentle heart…..well….most of the time hehe” Replied Azaad. Animal Strength: Fuli is the third strongest member in the entire the Lion Guard. My gender swapped version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Azaad said nothing in response and he just continued to lick her toes. Fan Art, Fan fictions, The Lion King stuff. He tells Fuli that crossing Azaad's territory is a problem as the canyon is not big enough for two cheetahs. After all, they had to interact and behave professionally with each other since they were members of the elite Lion Guard. Azaad was settling into his new life with Fuli. FULI: You think we're too late? Still in the same place, I havent been able to work on it for a few days. Fuli was walking more slowly than normal and seemed distracted, something only Kion noticed. Fuli backed up slightly. _____ Please, ask me first before u... Fuli and Azaad. “Aww, Does that tickle Fuli?” He asked as he dragged it back down. “AHAHAHAHAHA OH MY HAHAHA GOSH! Fuli just seems to … “You already got your revenge on me when you pushed me off a cliff and tickled my paws till I really couldn’t take it. “My Fuli you don’t miss a trick do you?” he replied. Azaad just continued to look up at the stars. He also used his tongue to lick between her toes on her other paw. He then began to brush his tail in her sensitive armpits. Azaad rolled his eyes. “HAHAHAHA NOT THAHAHAT TO!! He stopped. Well what would you rather me say? After the fight, Azaad comes to Pride Rock, where he meets Simba and Nala.He then spends time with Fuli in the Pride Lands and gets bothered by a troop of baboons.. Later, as Kion and Vitani argue over who should save a trapped Thurston, Azaad approaches Thurston and advises him to back out of the hole. Fuli The Lion Guard Cheetah. Later, as Kion and Vitani argue over who should save a trapped Thurston, Azaad approaches Thurston and advises him to back out of the hole. “Well, Your not going to tickle me that easy! As Scooby continued his walk he started to notice objects flying. JASIRI: That's Kovu, Zira's son. “Hey Ono, What you doing?” Asked Kion. ULLU: (Hoots) Queen Rani, Lion Guard. His face turned back a little to see if the chest was still ok. Thankfully for him it was. Azaad The Lion Guard: Fuli's competitor and friend. See full list on . Beautiful . Lets talk about this! “AHA! Fuli began to sweat a little. OH MY HEHEHEHEHAHAHAHA!! Her disdain for other species does not interfere with her inner heroism, for Fuli is willing to jump in paw and tail to save the Pride Lands from harm. Fuli and Azaad are shown to have a very close and affectionate relationship. “No! Ono shrugged his shoulder and began to drag his feathers across the soles of Azaads paws. HAHAHAHA ITS TO TICKLY! Or should I say…CHEATED..” She replied. “Fine…But only because you won! 1 Kion and Mufasa opening 2 Set the mood (of love)/Find Yourself 3 Fuli, Oona and Azaad reunite/Gil and Janja reunite/Jasiri warns everyone about Zira and her Pride 4 Oona, Fuli and Azaad's talk 5 Flying over the Canyon 6 Sliding the river 7 Gil and Janja's fun 8 As You Move On 9 Oona's confession to Azaad 10 … The heroic side of the Lion Guard is often displayed throughout the series, but this episode really showcases how compassionate Kion, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte and Ono can be, including to strangers. Fuli was trying to think of a way to make him break. 50% I like her. anyway, here is an Azuli fanfic- please enjoy. This made Fuli blush a little. “HAHAHAHAHA!” She laughed. fuli azaad lion guard king series fanart digital disney portrait furry feral cheetah feline love couple. yourdrcloudthings liked this . (nuzzles her) (Fuli smiles and returns the nuzzle.) She is the former fastest member of the Lion Guard. “HAHAHAHA I HAHAHA CAN SWEAR HAHAHAHA I HAHAHA HEARD YOU GIGGLE!” She laughed. KhaliaArt Digital Artist. Fuli growled a little. Ono began to increase the tickling between Azaad’s toes. “I AHAHAHAHA….I AHAHAHA TOLD YOU I AHAHAHA WAS FASTER THAN HAHAHAHAHA YOU!!! And began to chase after her. Related Pages. Actually that reminds me, how far is the story anyway? “Did you REALLY just ask that question?” she replied. “Of course he would do that…..people normally lie about something that they don’t want people to know…..Common….” Said Ono but was quickly cut off by Azaad. Gallery. Fuli felt strange; she felt heavier than usual and more tired. ―Fuli. #link. Despite finding it strange that Fuli would be friends with them, but he accepts them. fuli azaad lion guard king series fanart digital disney portrait furry feral cheetah feline love couple. Wow you really are sensitive aren’t you…must be from all the running you do.” He teased as he continued to lick her paw pad on her left paw. I DEMAND A REMACH!” She shouted. "You are a most remarkable cheetah, Fuli." Ok fine I will prove it. “Hahahaha!!! Stolen on Instagram once again:…. Listed in Folders. “Uh, yes Azaad.” He asked. “Maybe you had a little itch hehe” he replied. She stopped and was surprised by this. Azaad is a male Asiatic cheetah who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard. I just told you that I am not ticklish. He attends Kion's wedding to Rani at the Tree of Life. She grabbed his paw and gently stroked it with her claw Azaad widened his eyes in surprise. AZAAD!” She yelled. We will just wait for the day to come. It was so adorable to him. Asked Fuli. So I can’t be tickled..” he replied. There was a moment of silence before he spoke again. She is the fastest and first female member of the lion guard. Digital - Portraits. Ahahahaha!! Azaad encounters the Lion Guard, including Fuli, in having directions to the Tree of Life ("Tiny Dancer"). Fuli shook her head. THE LION GUARD 2016. the lion king the lion guard cheetah fuli azaad ship them otp fuli x azaad tlg tlk disney cat big cat feline spoilers. Azaad is clearly taken with Fuli's speed, and her kind heart. Fuli. He is an adolescent male Asiatic cheetah, who has a crush on Fuli and a good friendship with Rani. But I already told you the real reason why I giggled.” He replied with a large grin. Azaad attends Kion's wedding to Rani at the Tree of Life ("Long Live the King"). In the barren lands Mabaya: Nyoka, I see you have failed me. His pointed nose contains two shades of brown, again darker than that of Fuli's, and also larger. Fuli nudged him. His hide is yellow with black spots, and he has a lighter muzzle and underbelly. What if Zira's pride is still... ANGA: Kion! As a cheetah, her position on the team is the fastest. Gorgeous! Azaad arrives at the Pride Lands with the Lion Guard and introduces himself to King Simba and Queen Nala.Azaad introduces himself to the royal family When the Lion Guard is reuniting with their friends and family, Fuli shows Azaad around the Pride Lands and they run into the baboons. “I…..uh…..well….I….” he replied as he was stuck on what to say to get him out of this situation. His ears are rimmed with brown, and he has dark brown markings all over his body. He suddenly stopped. And Kion…do you think you could give me a paw massage to help me sleep….BUT WITH NO TICKLES!” Said Rani. Digital - Portraits. “Hehe…okay relax Rani…I will massage your paws to help you relax and sleep With no tickles…” He replied as they all went back in the tree of life to go to sleep for the night. !” She laughed. “W……WELL….Alright….” she replied. Azaad was trying his hardest to keep it in but he was beginning to sweat and tears began to run down his face. Azaad then grabbed some Vines from a tree and ripped them off. “Yeah It is, You know Fuli. Movies Lion King. a year ago. No sign of the Royal Family. 1 Characters 1.1 Main Characters 1.2 Secondary Characters 1.3 Tertiary Characters 1.4 Villains 1.5 Minor characters 1.6 Guest Appearances Sawa - second-born cub and daughter of Kion and Rani; sister of Raja; Princess of the Tree of Life; Leader of her Junior Night Pride Ekai - son of Baliyo and Pyaara; cousin of … "What's wrong?" The Lion King Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. About. WHY HAHAHAHA ARE HAHAHAHAHA YOU DOING HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THIS TO ME!? disneyandanimals Feb 15, 2020. She is the fastest and first female member of the lion guard. HAHAHA THIS HAHAHAHA TICKLES SO MUCH!” She laughed as Azaad continued to tickle Fuli’s pads with his tongue. Shomari … Kion sighed. Azaad's pelt is golden, while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are paler in color. Azaad then began to lick on her hind left paw pad a little. I see a strange lion on Pride Rock. Work Text: At dusk, well after the … Rani. Fan Art, Fan fictions, The Lion King stuff. In "The Trouble With Galagos", the Lion Guard helps timid Badili 'find his roar' and reclaim his territory from another antagonistic leopard. While Fuli was busy distracted by looking at the sky Azaad quickly got out a claw and tickled her paw pad lightly. “I thought I already told you the reas… know what we are not even going to go over that again…YOU deserve some more punishment hehe” he replied as he licked between her toes faster and dragged the feather down her arch. “Well, It was a bit sneaky of you......Maybe I should give you a paw massage at some point…” she smirked. I love you so much. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Ok you two please......I really dont want there to be arguments on my account, thats not what its for. Thank you for letting me know Fuli! I BEG YOU!” She said as she was trying to get free from the vines which held her in place. HAHAHAHAHA STOP!! “Interesting.” He said. Fuli looked back to see Azaad was almost by her tail. Azaad appears to trust the hyenas, after learning that they were trying to warn the Lion Guard. #link #parent a year ago. “Oh hey guys, Uh…..Why is Rani laughing?” Asked Azaad. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. They tickled like crazy for a full 20 minutes” He added. “Your never going to live that down are you?” he replied. “Tell me, or the tickling continues until you do!” she said now getting more impatient. Azaad chuckled. “How exactly am I lying? ANGA: Yes. However, he mocked Janja for being scared of lighting which angered Janja and returned the favor by mocking Azaad for avoiding water. Now I know tickling you is going to be a blast!” he replied. “W……What….c…condition?” she replied. Shomari began to slowly circle around Fuli as he explained,"I know who you are Fuli, the lone cheetah from the Pridelands turned lion guard member turned Night Pride member, but I also know that the guard, is like a family to you," Shomari noticed Fuli's suprised expression when he told her that and continued,"that is right, isn't it," Fuli became annoyed,"yeah so what,"she said defensively. “Relax Fuli….I will…Its just I am a bit tired right now..” he replied. I AHAHAHA CAN’T TELL HAHAHA WHAT’S WORSE! FULI: You two know each other? they're like Kion and queen Rani. really good friends Kion, who literally get married with Rani: yeah, really good friends" … It felt like you was tickling me slightly.” She said. Fuli blushed a deep red. 113 notes Aug 3rd, 2019. Although on the same side, they are not above teasing each other when the … NOT THE FEATHER! Scooby looked around, his arms were beginning to shake and his body began to sweat. HAHAHAHA” she laughed. Hahahahahaha Thahahat is hahahah to hahahaha much! “About what?” she replied. AHAHAHAND WHEN I HAHAHA DO! Azaad began to tickle her soles faster. ALL: Lion Guard defend! “Oh, Just something to keep you busy While you were just…..HANGING AROUND!” She replied and fell back laughing. Fuli and Azaad are speeding in to wish all their fellow fast felines a happy # InternationalCheetahDay!. !” He laughed even more. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, Fuli gulped but also smirked a little at his teasing tone. After the fight, Azaad comes to Pride Rock, where he meets Simba and Nala. Scooby sighed in relief. Azaad tickled Fuli like this for a good 5 minutes then he stopped. She is one of Kion's friends and a member of the Lion Guard. You was right behind my tail but then when I looked back you was gone! “I Am! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEASE! “So, what’s your secret?” she asked. She was voiced by … “And what would that be?” She asked. FULI AND RANI: Azaad! Add a photo to this gallery “Well from what Kion has told me, Lions of the past look down on us and protect both the pride lands and the tree of life.” She replied. “I…..A…am..b…..but….I….am…going…to..g…get you back!” she said while catching her breath. … Physical appearance. NO! PouassonDeOro Edited Nov 20, 2019. Fuli Flinched her paw and yelped in her bonds in surprise. !” He Laughed. That was until he fell onto his back. She is the former fastest member of … “Oh…Is that right?” she said with a almost evil tone. Fuli rolled her eyes and looked back up at the stars. I bet we will have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow.” Replied Azaad. “Uh huh….and whats that?” she asked. Just some Azuli fluff. While Fuli was busy distracted by looking at the sky Azaad quickly got out a claw and tickled her paw pad lightly. HAHAHAHA NOT MY PITS AGAHAHAHAIN!! He was about to say something but just then Azaad and Fuli came back. It was Night Time in The Tree of life. Fuli let out a sigh as she relaxed and looked back at the stars. Ono began to drag his feathers inbetween his toes and they began to wiggle. “IF YOU WILL NOT OPEN THE DEAMON CHEST, WE WILL, “Hello sir. Sheis one of Kion's friends and a former member of the Lion Guard. I can't fucking wait, it's gonna be so good. (looking surprised at each other) Wha-? JASIRI: But if Kovu is at Pride … I am not stupid.” She said. “Hehe, Looks like your paws are your weakspot…Then again that isn’t much of a surprise to me…” he replied. Listed in Folders. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fuli is the third protagonist in The Lion Guard series. “Sure, I was getting bored and I though I would have a bit of fun with you” He replied as a grin formed more on his face. A Beautiful Birth is an episode of Birth of a New Journey, a series created by LionGuardFan01. “Yeah…..And I assume it will involve tickling at somepoint…” Said Rani. “Maybe I could give you another knick name to” he said with a grin. KION: No, we can't be. During Fuli's race in the Battle of the Lion Guards, Azaad cheers her on. She lay on her back and stretched out her paws for Azaad to massage them for her. “Hey Ono, can you come back down for a second?” she yelled. “Right….Well should we all be heading back in the tree to get some sleep for the night? Fuli is extremely confident in her great running abilities and shows extreme delight for being able to outpace a pursuer of any species. His ears are tipped with brown, and he bears the signature black tear markings of a cheetah. “Y….Yhehehe yes!” she giggled slightly. Fuli’s eyes widened “N…NO! 4 posts • Page 1 of 1. “Oh nothing, Just uh….thinking out loud..” He replied trying to save himself. The Lion Guard : Azaad and Fuli 2 by Agony-Wolf on DeviantArt. Species - Cheetah. When Zira and her pride of Outsiders invade the Pride Lands, Azaad, Jasiri and Janja inform Kion that the royal family needs the Lion Guard's help. “You won huh? She is one of Kion's friends and a member of the Lion Guard. Hehe” he replied. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Backstory 3.2 Legends of the Lion Guard: Protectors of the Pride Lands 3.2.1 The Pride Land Games 3.2.2 Kion and Nguruma's Birthday 3.2.3 The Young Leader 3.2.4 The Likizo ya Mvua Celebration 3.3 Legends of The Lion Guard: Battle … … Fuli gave him a look. I just find them cute together. Scooby Doo was walking down a graveyard with the daemon chest. He had the chest tied onto his back to make it secure so that no one could take it from him. “OHOHOHOHO THAHAHAT IS HAHAHAHA IT! Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. 1.1 version 1 (made by harris hyatt, do not edit, add, or delete) 1.2 version 2 1.3 version 3 Cast version 1 (made by harris hyatt, do not edit, add, or delete) luke as kion; stanley as simba; veronika (from ninithedoggirl) as nala; nia as kiara; trevor as rafiki; samson as zazu; whiff as timon; scruff as pumbaa; ryan as bunga; harold as ono; … Or so they thought. 75 likes. Fuli began to cover her eyes and fell back in laughter. “You…let me…m…massage your adorable paws..” he said with a smile. Azaad then cut the vines with his teeth and helped Fuli out of them. Kion: Fuli, you're mine. Common knowledge really.” He said. Featured In - 'The Lion Guard' series. FULI: Kind of weird leading an army of Outlanders into the Pride Lands. 1 Cast. Commisisons - Commissions. hello i'm Fuli and i'm the fastest Cheetah around. “I can’t tell weather you was saying that in a serious way or you was making a pun..but whatever..” he said. Her name means "Very Fast" in Swahili language. Include ? With … Stories - Silce of Life. 16 0. The voice replied with an almost demonic laughter. #link. As a cheetah, her position on the team is the fastest. At first, Rani thought that Fuli was a threat due to the rock slide that Bunga caused. “SO YOU DID TICKLE ME?” She said in shock. Azaad meeting Fuli in secret love Azaad encounters the Lion Guard, including Fuli, in having directions to the Tree of Life ("Hello Hello"). What do you think about Azaad x Fuli? What do you think is up there?” He asked her. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; mylemusic liked this . Fuli is the third protagonist in The Lion Guard series. OHOHOHOHONNNNNOOOOO! You like it really.” He added. Dark fur, green eyes. Just then he heard a voice. “OPEN THE CHEST!” It said. 17% Total votes : 6 . Add a photo to this gallery Kion x Fuli shippers have had more fuel added to the fire as of Season 3, with Fuli showing the most visible concern and worry out of the rest of the guard about Kion’s slowly-deteriorating health and sanity thanks to the effects of Ushari’s venomous bite. The Junior Night Pride is the animated television series and a spin-off sequel of The Lion Guard. “Hehe HEY! Fuli is one of the main characters and the tritagonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, both based on the 1994 film The Lion King. azaad; fuli; Table of Contents; Details; the Talk Memory #1 the Chat A New alias Memory # 2 The BrotherHood Memory # 3 Inside the BrotherHood End of Memories The BrotherHood vs The SisterHood The Betrayal the Danger in the Storm The Eye of the Volcano The battle on the Snowy mountain The Destiny Get notified when Fuli x Azzad story is updated. However, once he takes the chance to get to know someone, Azaad relaxes and becomes much more friendly and helpful. “Sorry love, But rules are the rules.” He replied. Fuli let out a sigh as she relaxed and looked back at the stars. I am not even half way done yet!” he replied. I just find them cute together. Azaad began to rub the soles of her paws with his thumbs. !” she laughed. Saved from She was able to hold with little struggle to make Makuu's mouth stay open. Be nice, please follow, enjoy and have fun!! So….YOU WAS LYING!” She said. He later helped them to the Tree of Life where he visited before and guided them down the fastest route to the Pride Lands where he later meets Simba and Nala. Azaad commenting on how Fuli had the fire of a Cheetah made no sense to me being that IS a cheetah. I feel like that’s kind of obvious” he replied. !” she laughed. “No Ono I am fine thank…………Actually….there is one thing….” She replied as she smirked back at Azaad. AZAAD: Mibinamet! Fuli:(snarls) STOP! He stopped. 13. “I…I am ready!” she replied. “YOU HAVE TO CATCH ME FIRST!” He yelled. “I am only joking fuli.” He replied as he continued to massage her soles. Azaad assists the Lion Guard in fighting off Vitani and her pride. Beshte: yeah. “I am only joking fuli.” He replied as he continued to massage her soles. “I never said you were. HAHAHAHA THAHAHATS SUCH AHAHAHAHA A LIE!” She laughed. This made Fuli go mad. He began to drag the feather inbetween all four of Fuli’s toes as she wiggled them. Status Living Residence • Tree of Life• Pride Lands (formerly) Affiliations • Night Pride• Lion Guard (formerly)• Pride Landers (formerly) Titles Fastest in the Pride Lands (formerly) Relationship information Romances Azaad Friends • Anga• Baby baboon• Beshte• Bunga• Kion• Makini• Ono Enemies • Chuluun• Makucha• Mama Binturong• Ora• Scar Fuli is a female cheetah. Summary: Kion and Rani consummate their marriage, while Azaad decides to declare himself to Fuli. Include Ratings Teen And Up Audiences (1) Include Warnings No Archive Warnings Apply (1) Include Categories F/M (1) Include Fandoms The … Once they were done, Kion pulled Fuli aside, letting the rest of the Guard go their own directions. No votes I hate her. August 2020. I WILL WIN AND HAHAHAHAHA I WILL PROVE THAT YOUR LYING! Art from 2019 - 2020. RANI: Azaad. Azaad’s eyes widened but he tried to keep in his laughter. Man, stories like this make me so excited for our story. I am defiantly going to have to convert them into chapters lol. HAHAHAHA YOU AHAHAHA ARE GOING TO HAHAHAHAHAHA BE HAHAHAHAHA SO SORRRRYYYY! !” She laughed even more. “Hehe…..HEY! “Mmmm This is going to be so fun hehe” he said as he began to lick on her paw pad more almost teasing her. _____ Please, ask me first before u... Fuli and Azaad .. “Oh….Thats an Idea..” she said. The Lion Guard half of the Night Pride was on their day patrol; none of them had gotten used to the nocturnal schedule of the lions at the Tree. “Ruh!? Author. She'sa cheetah cub who along with her friends Kion, Bunga, Ono, and Beshte form The Lion Guard to protect The Pride Lands from threats such as hyenas. To learn more about these amazing animals and what you can do to help them, please visit the International Cheetah Day website at the link below. Character Information Azaad is a male cheetah who appeared in three episodes of the third season of The Lion Guard. That chest was thousands of years old and hardly a little fall was going to break it. “And what is that supposed to mean?” She said with a look. Azaad ignored her plea and began to tickle her toes faster. “It didn’t feel like an itch. “AHAHAHAHA THAHAHAT IS AHAHAHAHA TO MUCH!!! His name means "free" in Arabic. RANI: Azaad's been to the Tree of Life before. BECAUSE I CLEARLY SHAHAHAW YOU GIGGLING! Art from 2019 - 2020. Fuli let go of him and let him up. “Ughhh…I swear though Azaad. It is with my deepest regards that I ask you to please stop despising of the literal trash spewing out of that black hole you call a mouth, for I think the community would be better off without it.”. Fuli (The Lion King) Azaad (The Lion Guard) Jasiri (The Lion King) Janja (The Lion King) Bunga (The Lion King) Additional Tags: Fluff; Language: English Stats: Published: 2019-09-04 Words: 1021 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 22 Hits: 824. Fuli is the tritagonist (later supporting character) of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. KhaliaArt Digital Artist. She would … ph0220 TheHotrodHero Commission Disney Lion Guard King Romance Shipping Kion Male Rani Female Queen Fuli Azaad Cheetah Janja Jasiri Hyena Slice_Of_Life None_Canon ★ Like ph0220's stuff? When she knew Azaad was going to tickle her, she didn’t think he meant in this way. “Hehe…..HEY! “Ughhh, can we just get this over with?” she asked. HAHAHAHA!! “HAHAHAHA WHAT? My first Lion Guard fanfic—I am so tired of seeing KionxFuli pairing. Azaad loved hearing Fuli’s laugh. Azaad and Fuli confess their love for each other. “Well Azaad looks like I have won! “Well….Yeah..” she replied. Kion let out a relaxed sigh as he held Fuli closer. “Uh Sure” Said Ono as he began to brush his feathers against Azaad’s soles. Blur Wild Kratts: A cheetah who loves chasing Chris when he is using Gazelle Powers. “So, How about we try this on you?” He grinned. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. “Well…obviously he laughed. At the bottom of his muzzle are two blac… He began to wrap them around her wrists and ankles . Kion gave Rani a look. You took your time slow poke” He replied with a grin. 1. Jasiri too is a popular shipping partner. However the only thing that Azaad and Fuli have in common is they like to run. ! Scooby gulped. It is so obvious that Fuli and Azaad are very good friends, and will more than likely become mates (in my opinion), so please, no fire thank you. Azaad then had an Idea. “Oh nothing, Just uh watching Azaad and Fuli run.” He replied. When first approached, Azaad is cold and defensive, willing to protect his territory from intruders at all costs; these traits stem from the fact that he is a firm believer in the fact that cheetahs are loners and can have no friends. “Could you tickle my sole for me so I can prove to Fuli I am not ticklish?” he replied.

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