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the importance of caring to nursing practice and the profession

Retrieved on February 14, 2003, from, J. National  League of Nursing Press, New York. Factors Influencing Nurse Medication Errors, I AM DEDICATING THIS POEM TO ALL THE NURSESÂ, An Outstanding Journey of a British Nurse to the Yakut Lepers in SiberiaÂ. Florence Nightingale, a pioneer, who took advantage of the contributions women made in society in promoting health and caring aimed to address that caring is something more substantial, Watson’s Nursing Theory That means reaching out to the patient and forming a deeper connection to the spiritual self. To accomplish this goal, nurses need to understand the true importance of cultural diversity in the nursing profession. (1999). All nurses wish to provide quality care, but many are unsure of its components. The dying patient in the nursing home is offered the opportunity to die with a caring nurse holding their hand. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will describe the term of professional caring and the connection to the nursing practice and discuss the dilemma of care and cure. Human needs assistance10. Existential-phenomenological-spiritual forces. The conceptualization is articulated for the purpose of describing, explaining, predicting, or prescribing nursing care (Smith & Parker, 2015). to us as respectful, compassionate and professional nurses to help ensure that caring in nursing surpasses these turbulent times and remains at the forefront of nursing practice. The nurse enters the world of the patient in order to come to know the patient as a caring person, and that it is from this “epistemology” that the caring of nursing unfolds (Schoenhofer 2002). 10(1), 49-52.Watson, J. Caring is directed to a pain free death with dignity and a belief of a spiritual transformation or journey after death.Caring centers on the person, preserving dignity and humanity. Nurses often attend services for the deceased to say goodbye and receive closure with that patient and family. Both patients and nurses have expectations about the nature and importance of the caring relationship. The second carative factor of Jean Watson’s ten carative factors is faith-hope (see table one).Hope is guided by our commitment as nurses to our patients. Ethics are a fundamental part of nursing. Creative problem-solving caring process7. It is a commitment to alleviate another’s vulnerabilities by providing attention and concern for each human life (Watson 2002). Psychologists are comforting and require attentive listening skills to help their patients. In addition, caring science includes multiple epistemological approaches to inquiry including clinical and empirical, but is open to moving into new areas of inquiry that explore other ways of knowing, for example, aesthetic, poetic, narrative, personal, intuitive, kinesthetic, evolving consciousness, intentionality, metaphysical-spiritual, as well as moral-ethical knowing. July 2002. NY: NLN Press.Watson, J. Definition description.March 20, 2003Teresa Vance, RNBacone CollegeBillie R. Tower BSN Nursing program, © 2000-2020 // JJP Internet Ventures, LLC, DETOUR OFF THE SEPSIS ROAD EARLY RECOGNITION IS KEYÂ, Making a Difference: Recognizing the Risk of Alcohol and Benzodiazepine Use by Older WomenÂ, The Importance of Communication and Education toward Patient Literacy:Â, How Personal Digital Assistants Can Increase the Quality of Nursing Care Provided in the Hospital SettingÂ. Choosing personhood: intentionality and the theory of Nursing as caring. Nursing . In its simplest form, interprofessional collaboration is the practice of approaching patient care from a team-based perspective. Do nurses really understand Advanced Health Care Directives? Kerrie’s experience highlights the importance of resources like the “principles of nursing practice” which stress how vital dignity and compassion are in the care that nursing staff provide. The most unique characteristic of nursing as a profession is that, it is a CARING profession. 16(4), 12-19.Watson, J. Many nurses have shaped what we experience as the nursing profession today, be it through theories or physical changes. The nursing profession is considered both an art and a science. In order to do this effectively, reflection involves describing, analysing and evaluating experiences from practice in a way that helps you make sense of it. Bereavement contact is done on a routine basis for a year after the death. To practice nursing ethically, nurses must be sensitive enough to recog - nize when they are facing seemingly obscure ethical issues in everyday work. Sensitivity to self and others4. She ran her own hospital, called the Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal, (Dictionary of Canadian biography, n.d) and should, the connection between professional nursing practice and professional caring. The theory of human care or the Jean Watson’s Caring Model, as the name suggests, was a nursing theory that was developed by Dr. Jean Watson, a professor of nursing in the University of Colorado (Watson, J., 2014). Caring for others has a positive impact not only for those receiving care, but for the nurses and family and friends. Little girls care for their dolls; boys care for their trucks; parents care for their children; sons and daughters care for elderly parents; and nurses care for the sick.The humanistic nature of nursing is reflected in the caring model. The patients we encounter are in a variety of settings, such as, own home, nursing home, retirement center, family home, or a friend’s home. Caring: theoretical perspectives of  relevance to nursing. (2003). Caring can save the life of a patient, offer a death with dignity, and convey trust and commitment to patients, families, and staff. (McCance, McKenna, Boore 1999). Nurses must be aware of current practices in order to provide care … It’s experiencing human connection at a deeper level than a physical interaction (Watson 2003)The nurse must have an inner peace with her own mortality. (1988). Altruism and attractiveness of the profession were identified as primary motivations for seeking nursing as a career. (1996). Most identified caring as an essential quality of nurses. Upon her return to England, Nightingale successfully established nurse education programs in a number of British hospitals. Our focus is always centered on the patient while dealing with the family. As other healthcare professions began adopting Sackett's concept for patient care, it was renamed evidenced-based practice. Now during my completion of my MSN, it has been an eye opening experience to view nursing theory and its application to the nursing profession. Caring. The use of the term “quality care” is habitual in the healthcare setting and in nursing. And also determine the importance of both in professional nursing practice.

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