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[121] In the transepts and towards the crossing in the nave the capitals have many small figurative carvings among the leaves. Medieval (Time Period) - Clover Close Barn The outer two are of domestic proportion and the central door is ornamented only by a central post, quatrefoil and the fine mouldings of the arch. The quadripartite vault of the nave was decorated in the 19th century. 16 Other Attractions within 0.3 miles. [69], Employed staff include the organist and master of choristers, head virger, archivist, librarian and the staff of the shop, café and restaurant. The Liberty of St Andrew was the historic liberty and parish[168] that encompassed the cathedral and surrounding lands closely associated with it. Books of particular interest include Pliny's Natural History printed in 1472, an Atlas of the World by Abraham Ortelius, printed in 1606, and a set of the works by Aristotle that once belonged to Erasmus. More have survived on the northern and eastern sides of the north tower. The sense of space is enhanced because the floor is kept completely clear, creating a huge, echoing space. [8] Its Early English front with 300 sculpted figures,[6] is seen as a "supreme triumph of the combined plastic arts in England". In 1620 an organ built by Thomas Dallam was installed at a cost of £398 1s 5d. [a][17][18] In 909 the seat of the diocese was moved from Sherborne to Wells. The large continuous capital that encircles the central pillar of the chapter house is markedly different in style to the stiff-leaf of the Early English period. [99] In the second zone, above each pair of standing figures, is a quatrefoil containing a half-length angel in relief, some of which have survived. [111] It is flanked by two windows each side in the clerestory, with large figures of saints, also dated to 1340–45. Music at Wells. Location [74], Three Sunday services are led by the resident choir in school terms and choral services are sung on weekdays. The choir stalls have 19th-century stone canopies and modern embroideries commemorating bishops. 1448; John Bernard, †1459; Thomas Beckington, †died 1464; John Gunthorpe, †1498; John Still, †1607; Robert Creighton, †1672; Richard Kidder, bishop, †1703; George Hooper, bishop, †1727 and Arthur Harvey, bishop, †1894. He donated the nave's great west window at a cost of £140. Wells Cathedral. moat (Historical Reference) - Muchelney Priest's HouseHistoric Building, Bath   Glastonbury   Wells   Oare   Selworthy   Dunster, 7a Cathedral Green Typically the themes are less unified or directly related to the Bible and Christian theology than small sculptures seen elsewhere within churches, such as bosses. [6], The north porch is described by art historian Nikolaus Pevsner as "sumptuously decorated", and intended as the main entrance. [141][142] The choral conductor James William Webb-Jones, father of Lyons's wife Bridget, whom he married in the Cathedral, was Headmaster of Wells Cathedral School in 1955–1960. [136], In 2010 the official clock-winder retired and was replaced by an electric mechanism.[137]. [4] The sculptures occupy nine architectural zones stretching horizontally across the entire west front and around the sides and the eastern returns of the towers which extend beyond the aisles. Please note: All services and concerts from the 5th November to the 2nd December are either cancelled or postponed. These exquisitely decorative arches are pierced by wide circular holes, creating a diagonal cross said to be modelled after the saltire cross of St Andrew, to whom the church is dedicated. Wells Cathedral is located in Wells, Somerset. Experience Wells As A… Day Pupil; Boarder; International Pupil; Chorister; Specialist Musician; Specialist Mathematician; Military Family Member; Music. These bells are now hung in the south-west tower, although some were originally hung in the central tower. Balance was restored in the 13th century when the see became shared between the two places. [44][45] While Wells survived the Dissolution of the Monasteries better than the cathedrals of monastic foundation, the abolition of chantries in 1547 resulted in a reduction in its income. If you approach the cathedral from the market place, through Penniless Porch, don't immediately turn right to the cathedral entrance. The sole unifying elements are the roundels on each side of the pictorial subject, which all show elaborately carved foliage, in most cases formal and stylised in the later Decorated manner, but with several examples of naturalistic foliage, including roses and bindweed. This decorative, covered gateway is known as Penniless Porch for it was here in the Middle Ages that beggars would congregate, protected from the worst of the weather, and beg alms of people passing to and from the cathedral. The focus of the collection is predominantly theology, but there are volumes on science, medicine, exploration, and languages. Norreys' original design called for towers topped by spires rising on each side of the screen, but these were never built, perhaps due to lack of funds or the death of the designer. [93], At the lowest level of the façade is a plain base, contrasting with and stabilising the ornate arcades that rise above it. Ken refused to take the oath of allegiance to William III and Mary II because James II had not abdicated and with others, known as the Nonjurors, was put out of office. The Café and Shop are closed, but the Cathedral remains open for individual prayer, lighting of candles and quiet reflection. As a consequence of the national lockdown all public worship, tours, concerts, and other events are suspended in Wells Cathedral until Wednesday 2nd December 2020 inclusive. Charles Wells Ltd, a vertically integrated British regional brewer; HMS Wells, a British naval fighting ship; Struell Wells, a set of four holy wells in Struell, Northern Ireland; Wells and Fakenham Railway was a railway line in Norfolk, England; Wells Cathedral, in Wells, Somerset [161], Adjacent to the cathedral is a large lawned area, Cathedral Green, with three ancient gateways: Brown's Gatehouse, Penniless Porch and Chain Gate. [32] It was designed in the new style with pointed arches, later known as Gothic, which was introduced at about the same time at Canterbury Cathedral. Wells Campgrounds; Business Hotels Wells; Romantic Hotels in Wells; Family Hotels Wells; Wells Green Hotels; By Hotel Class. The first record of an organ at this church dates from 1310. [88] It has a markedly horizontal emphasis, caused by the triforium having a unique form, a series of identical narrow openings, lacking the usual definition of the bays. [114] The windows of the retrochoir are in the Reticulated style like those of the Lady Chapel, but are fully Flowing Decorated in that the tracery mouldings form ogival curves. [126] One misericord, showing a boy pulling a thorn from his foot, dates from the 17th century. Somerset, So striking are the arches that they almost overshadow the wonderful symmetry of the nave arcades, and the highly decorated piers, which have arguably the finest stiff-leaf foliage carving in England. The boys and girls sing alternately with the Vicars Choral and are educated at Wells Cathedral School. 29 Free photos of Wells Cathedral. [132] Its mechanism, dated between 1386 and 1392, was replaced in the 19th century and the original moved to the Science Museum in London, where it still operates. [118] The oldest surviving glass dates from the late 13th century and is in two windows on the west side of the chapter-house staircase. [53], In 1661, after Charles II was restored to the throne, Robert Creighton, the king's chaplain in exile, was appointed dean and was bishop for two years before his death in 1672. The next great addition was the chapter house, built from 1286-1306. The surviving mechanism, dated to between 1386 and 1392, was replaced in the 19th century, and was eventually moved to the Science Museum in London, where it continues to operate. 5.4 miles (Garden). The custom seems to be reborn, as every time I've visited over the past several years there have been modern beggars inside the Porch. The Decorated interior is described by Alec Clifton-Taylor as "architecturally the most beautiful in England". [131], In the north transept is Wells Cathedral clock, an astronomical clock from about 1325 believed to be by Peter Lightfoot, a monk of Glastonbury. High on the west wall of the north transept is one of the most popular and endearing attractions of Wells Cathedral; a 14th-century astronomical clock thought to be the second oldest mechanical clock in Europe. [112] These arches brace the piers of the crossing on three sides, while the easternmost side is braced by a choir screen. Other Events. [42][43], By the reign of Henry VII the cathedral was complete, appearing much as it does today (though the fittings have changed). No need to register, buy now! [12] During this period a choir of boys was established to sing the liturgy. 3.2 miles, - [55] During Bathurst's long tenure the cathedral was restored, but in the Monmouth Rebellion of 1685, Puritan soldiers damaged the west front, tore lead from the roof to make bullets, broke the windows, smashed the organ and furnishings, and for a time stabled their horses in the nave. [65][66], Since the 13th century, Wells Cathedral has been the seat of the Bishop of Bath and Wells. [122], The 15th-century cloisters have many small bosses ornamenting the vault. The delay may have been a result of inaction by Pandulf Verraccio, a Roman ecclesiastical politician, papal legate to England and Bishop of Norwich, who was asked by the Pope to investigate the situation but did not respond. Wells Cathedral Wells. The round font in the south transept is from the former Saxon cathedral and has an arcade of round-headed arches, on a round plinth. The chapter was endowed with 22 prebends (lands from which finance was drawn) and a provost to manage them. Above the moulding spring 32 ribs of strong profile, giving an effect generally likened to "a great palm tree". One of the foremost architects of his time, Wynford worked for the king at Windsor, Winchester Cathedral and New College, Oxford. This sequence shows miscreants breaking into an orchard to steal fruit, being caught by the farmer, and beaten mercilessly. Concerts are normally in early November, December (an annual performance of Handel's Messiah) and late March. [1] Opposite the throne is a 19th-century octagonal pulpit on a coved base with panelled sides, and steps up from the north aisle. Under Dean Goodenough, the monuments were moved to the cloisters and the remaining medieval paint and whitewash removed in an operation known as "the great scrape". [7] The stonework of its pointed arcades and fluted piers bears pronounced mouldings and carved capitals in a foliate, "stiff-leaf" style. chapter house (Architecture) - It is regularly used for authentic accompaniment of Tudor and baroque music. The entire front, from ground level to the highest pinnacle, seems to overflow with statues, peering out from ornate niches, almost jostling for space. Since 1348 the College of Vicars had its own accommodation in a quadrangle converted in the early 15th century to form Vicar's Close. Children have been educated at Wells Cathedral School for over a thousand years, in what has to be one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring locations. 5.1 miles (Countryside), Glastonbury Tribunal - The innovative solution to this architectural challenge was a set of strainer arches on each side of the crossing. At its centre the vault is supported by a remarkable structure of angled piers. [6], Its Gothic architecture is mostly in Early English style of the late 12th – early 13th centuries, lacking the Romanesque work that survives in many other cathedrals. [126] When the newly refurbished choir opened in 1339 many misericords were left unfinished, including one-fifth of the surviving 65. See all. [89] In the north transept chapel is a 17th-century oak screen with columns, formerly used in cow stalls, with artisan Ionic capitals and cornice, set forward over the chest tomb of John Godelee. [40] At Wells, he designed the western towers of which north-west was not built until the following century. In the 14th century the tower was given a timber and lead spire which burnt down in 1439. The portal of the north porch has complex mouldings with sprouting foliage in the rebates. [149] It now sings for about 50 services a year, when the Cathedral Choir is in recess or on tour, and spends one week a year singing as the "choir in residence" at another cathedral. Although primarily liturgical, the choir's repertoire includes other forms of music, as well as performances at engagements such as weddings and funerals. Wells baronets, a member of the Order of Baronets with the surname Wells; Bishop of Bath and Wells; Other uses. Two large and impressive gateways lead off the ancient market place in Wells. [1], The large triple lancet to the nave west end was glazed at the expense of Dean Creighton at a cost of £140 in 1664. [108], The cloisters were built in the late 13th century and largely rebuilt from 1430 to 1508[20][32] and have wide openings divided by mullions and transoms, and tracery in the Perpendicular Gothic style. He was assisted by Bartholomew Quarter, who is documented from 1343. Athelm and his nephew Dunstan both became Archbishops of Canterbury. [172], The cathedral served to inspire Ken Follett's novel The Pillars of the Earth and with a modified central tower, featured as the fictional Kingsbridge Cathedral at the end of the 2010 television adaptation of that novel. Similar Images . Sleeps 4, from £402.00 [76], Each year about 150,000 people attend services and another 300,000 visit as tourists. The 19th century saw the restoration of the building and its fittings. 1.8 miles (Countryside), Burcott Mill - [126] They originally numbered 90, of which 65 have survived. Also, Gothic Revival renovations were made to the choir and pulpitum by Benjamin Ferrey and Anthony Salvin, 1842–1857. [126] New stalls were ordered when the eastern end of the choir was extended in the early 14th century. map This is uncommon among English cathedrals where the exterior usually exhibits a plethora of styles. [135], On the outer wall of the transept, opposite Vicars' Hall, is a second clock face of the same clock, placed there just over seventy years after the interior clock and driven by the same mechanism. [160] They contain with some repetition, a cartulary of possessions of the cathedral, with grants of land back to the 8th century, well before hereditary surnames developed in England, and acts of the Dean and Chapter and surveys of their estates, mostly in Somerset. Wells Cathedral School is a co-educational independent school located in Wells, Somerset, England.The school is one of the five specialist musical schools for school-age children in the United Kingdom, along with Chetham's School of Music, the Yehudi Menuhin School, the Purcell School and St. Mary's Music School, Edinburgh.The Head Master, Alastair Tighe, is a member of the Headmasters' Conference The facade of the the medieval Wells Cathedral built in the Early English Gothic style in 1175, Wells Somerset, England ID: EJH988 (RF) City of Wells, England. The main north and south transept end windows by James Powell and Sons were erected in the early 20th century. The font cover was made in 1635 and is decorated with the heads of putti. [144] The current Organist and Master of the Choristers is Jeremy Cole. These were "misericords" because their installation was an act of mercy. Many of the clerics had not paid, having been called to contribute a total sum of £200. Ceiling Wells Cathedral. [120] In 2010 a major conservation programme was undertaken on the Jesse Tree window. The main ribs are intersected by additional non-supporting, lierne ribs, which in this case form a star-shaped pattern at the apex of the vault. [126], The subject matter of the carvings of the central brackets as misericords varies, but many themes recur in different churches. The 13th-century west front by Thomas Norreys. [42] Strainer arches, sometimes described as scissor arches, were inserted by master mason William Joy to brace and stabilise the piers as a unit. [109] The eastern range is of two storeys, of which the upper is the library built in the 15th century. Most photos are available for licensing, please contact Britain Express image library. Attraction Type: Cathedral See all 4 Wells Cathedral tours on Tripadvisor. [143] Malcolm Archer was the appointed Organist and Master of the Choristers in 1996–2004. [1], The Lady Chapel has five windows, of which four date from 1325–30 and include images of a local saint, Dunstan. [58][59], By the middle of the 19th century, a major restoration programme was needed. The title of Bishop of Bath and Glastonbury was used until the Glastonbury claim was abandoned in 1219. Sleeps 4, from £370.00. The arcade, which takes the same form in the nave, choir and transepts, is distinguished by the richness of both mouldings and carvings. [106] A new statue of Jesus was carved for the central niche, but the two side niches now contain cherubim. The bottom layers show statues of saints and worthies of Wells, angels and figures from Bible stories. [41], The undercroft and chapter house were built by unknown architects between 1275 and 1310, the undercroft in the Early English and the chapter house in the Geometric style of Decorated Gothic architecture. There must have been an impressive building here during the Saxon and Norman periods, but the cathedral we see today was begun in 1176. Vicars' Close extends to the north of the cathedral, Chapter 28, "Of the Fight in Wells Cathedral", "Cathedral Church of St Andrew, Chapter House and Cloisters (1382901)", "The History and Architecture of Wells Cathedral in Somerset, Part 1", "Ralegh, Walter (1586–1646) Dean of Wells", "Hollywood parodies real life drama in Wells", "The Monmouth rebellion and the bloody assize", "Richard Kidder (1633–1703), Bishop of Bath and Wells (1691–1703)", "The Jesse Window Project – An Update (November 2012)", "Conservation of 'Tree of Jesse' Window at Wells Cathedral", "New Bishop of Bath and Wells Peter Hancock is installed", "Background Information to the Post of Archivist", "Annual Report and Financial Statements for the Financial Year Ended 31 December 2015", Wells Cathedral – Music List, April/May 2013,, "The Capital Sculpture of Wells Cathedral: Masons, Patrons and the Margins of English Gothic Architecture", Bulletin of the Association for Preservation Technology, "Why ancient cathedrals stand up: The structural design of masonry", "The History and Architecture of Wells Cathedral in Somerset, Part 2", "The Medieval Stained Glass of Wells Cathedral", "Cathedral Church of St Andrew, Chapter House and Cloisters, Cathedral Green (east side), Wells", "World's oldest mechanical clock 'to be wound by hand for last time, "Somerset, Wells Cathedral of St. Andrew, Dean & Chapter of Wells N0 6890", "Liber Albus I (White Book; R I), Liber Albus II (R III), and Liber Ruber (Red Book; R II, section i) indexed by surname", "The Bishop's Palace and Bishop's House (1382873)", "The Vicars' Hall including number 28, Vicars' Close (1383202)", "Photos show film crews invading Somerset town for new movie",, Buildings and structures completed in 1490, Former Roman Catholic churches in England, Pre-Reformation Roman Catholic cathedrals, Church of England church buildings in Mendip District, Grade I listed buildings in Mendip District, Buildings and structures in Wells, Somerset, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the ODNB, Pages with login required references or sources, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Short description is different from Wikidata, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz place identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Precentor – Nicholas Jepson-Biddle (since 7 May 2013 installation), Canon Pastor (Treasurer) – Rosalind Paul (since 3 December 2018 installation), Diocesan Canon – vacant since 13 February 2018, This page was last edited on 27 November 2020, at 13:13. The Cathedral will only be open for individual prayer and reflection at this time. The misericords survived better than the other sections of the stalls, which during the Protestant Reformation had their canopies chopped off and galleries inserted above them. [86] Despite its lack of spires or pinnacles, the architectural historian Banister Fletcher describes it as "the highest development in English Gothic of this type of façade."[95]. As a synthesis of form, architectural decoration and figurative sculpture it is considered to be unsurpassed in Britain. [4] The figures and many of the architectural details were painted in bright colours, and the colouring scheme has been deduced from flakes of paint still adhering to some surfaces. Awarded a Quality Food and Drink Accolade by VisitEngland in 2017. The column is surrounded by shafts of Purbeck Marble, rising to a single continuous rippling foliate capital of stylised oak leaves and acorns, quite different in character from the Early English stiff-leaf foliage. [130][165] Buildings in the close include the Vicars Hall and gateway at the south end, and the Vicars Chapel and Library at the north end.[166][167]. #89572390 - Wells Cathedral Reflection In The Pools Of Park, In Spring Season,Wells,.. Editorial. On entering the cathedral, look down the nave and you will see the 'signature' view of Wells; the extraordinary scissor arches that support the crossing. One shows a man in the grips of a horrible toothache, another shows workers in a vineyard, another depicts a lizard eating berries. [114], The Lady Chapel has a vault of complex and somewhat irregular pattern, as the chapel is not symmetrical about both axes. Later in the 12th century, local 'Chilcote Stone', a local variation of the Lower Jurassic Downside Stone, was used as a replacement when the Doulting quarries were under … The strongly projecting buttresses have tiers of niches which contain many of the largest figures. Wells Cathedral Wells. 5 5 0. A hundred yards along you pass under an arch and to your left is Vicar's Close, built in the 14th century for vicars serving the cathedral. Those on the left are figurative, containing images representing the martyrdom of St Edmund the Martyr. [123][124][125], Wells Cathedral has one of the finest sets of misericords in Britain. Each capital is different, and some contain small figures illustrating narratives. The Wells Cathedral School Symphony Orchestra of eighty players, has its main rehearsals from 3.00-6.00pm. [147], The Vicars Choral currently number twelve men, of whom three are choral scholars. Eighteen have mythological subjects, including mermaids, dragons and wyverns. The style, with its simple lancet arches without tracery and convoluted mouldings, is known as Early English Gothic. In 1851 the archaeologist Charles Robert Cockerell published his analysis of the iconography, numbering the nine sculptural divisions from the lowest to the highest. Family Fun . [87], In section, the cathedral has the usual arrangement of a large church: a central nave with an aisle on each side, separated by two arcades. [73] In July 2009 the cathedral undertook the funeral of Harry Patch, the last British Army veteran of World War I, who died at the age of 111. [127] In 1848 came a complete rearrangement of the choir furniture, and 61 of the misericords were reused in the restructured stalls. wells, cathedral, church of england, somerset, st andrew the apostle, bishop of bath and wells, nikon, d90, eddie chui Wells Cathedral 4 Metal Print By eddiechui Wells Cathedral Cathedral Green, Wells BA5 2UE England. [51] He was buried in an unmarked grave in the choir before the dean's stall. [12][13] It was dedicated to St Andrew and stood at the site of the cathedral's cloisters, where some excavated remains can be seen. Wells In medieval times the clergy assembled in the church eight times daily for the canonical hours. What hotels are near Wells Cathedral? 0.8 miles (Garden), Ebbor Gorge - [75] It is also a venue for musical events such as an annual concert by the Somerset Chamber Choir. [61], In 1933 the Friends of Wells Cathedral were formed to support the cathedral's chapter in the maintenance of the fabric, life and work of the cathedral. The triforium is separated from the arcade by a single horizontal string course that runs unbroken the length of the nave. The throne was restored by Anthony Salvin around 1850. [105] In the next zone are the taller figures of the twelve apostles, some, such as John, Andrew and Bartholomew, clearly identifiable by the attributes that they carry. Connect with us on Facebook. [78], Construction of the cathedral began in about 1175, to the design of an unknown architect. [4] It has been called "unquestionably one of the most beautiful"[5] and "most poetic" of English cathedrals.

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