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employee write up for lack of attention to detail

Sometimes managers try to be kind and supportive at the expense of giving it to someone straight — when it’s actually far kinder to let someone know if they’re putting their job in jeopardy. It can be extremely frustrating for smart well-educated women to accomplish so much and yet not be able to figure out why they struggle with the most basic things at work. I’m not a lawyer, but I have worked with student populations that came from a lower SES, and at universities which largely served those populations. Including or not including an Oxford comma is a debate within the legal community and just because Maine’s laws are now interpreted that way does not mean that Texas or California laws must be interpreted that way. It’s cruel to be “kind” to Jessie, even if she is a sweet person. Culturally, we need to be a lot better at understanding the abilities of people with disabilities. There are gremlins in their Word program, apparently. It’s not hypothetical anymore. I think this is a great question. But the college has let this student spend six figures getting a degree that seems highly likely to be a terrible fit. Another analogy. If a person has to multi-task and read emails , things get missed. I have no idea, but it wasn’t a good school (ie, ranked at very bottom). Checklists are helpful, but they can’t teach you how to apply evidence to a claim or how to keep the parties names straight. Describe a time when you were confused by a client's request. In my supervisee’s case, the mistakes are mission-oriented and cause problems. The kindest thing here might be to sit her down and ask her to really think about if this is the right career for her. Attorneys owe their clients a duty of competence, zealous representation,  confidentiality, and maybe a few others that fit into a general idea of “you have to put their interests first so long as they’re legal.” Her inability is rising to the level of incompetence,  if it hasn’t gone past it yet. Yeah, I think the getting evidence wrong was really what motivated me to write to Alison – it crossed a line, and I had to do an affidavit explaining the error to the court. when it really works better to pay attention to just a detail or two at a time. I think it’s way overstepping for LW to go into this. I’m not a lawyer – I pay someone to do things I don’t understand and assume they do them correctly. As a high functioning person with multiple disabilities, I get why she might not (not sure she needs them, not wanting to draw attention to herself, not sure of the reception). I mean, by all means suggest they give this a chance, but I’m not sure this type of error is the kind that checklists catch well. If she cannot do that, she’s going to land your firm in hot water one day. It’s not all Smith v. Jones. At work you ask questions to be able to do your job better. If she has that the earlier she knows the better for her. All the numbered steps in the world aren’t going to give me the ability to back that trailer if I don’t already have the ability to back that trailer. If I’d made basic errors like that I wouldn’t have made it through school, let alone the past six years. It failed miserably. I spent most of the early part of this year in a fog and barely scraped by. It strikes me as waaayyy too much work on OP’s part to try to hand hold her junior colleague through whatever issues there are. I think I will need to make it explicit how damaging this is for her career. But I’m not sure her mentor can implement them for her – I think you were able to do it because you were a) sufficiently motivated and b) figured out for yourself what kind of errors you were prone to and how to avoid them. If the 4th of July was on Friday in one book, what day of the week will Christmas be on in the sequel? If that sounds like an unreasonable amount of hand-holding, I agree. -What does the evidence show? Instead of being straight with her, our director has given her projects to others on our team. There are likely expenses such as benefits for each person that couldn’t just be reduced to make room, making this potentially a very expensive proposition. Check through document that party A is correctly identified using this note. And they’re not specific to law: Getting names wrong and providing information that doesn’t agree with the evidence or sources doesn’t really work anywhere. That is an unhelpful tangent. Plus, someone needs to be kind and give her a Come-to-Jesus talk about how these problems can get her fired. Finalize on the computer, print a hard copy and review for needed changes, make changes on the computer, then review another hard copy – repeat until it is 100% perfect. I dealt with it by creating a checklist for common documents (eg does the salutation match the signoff? And Jessie doesn’t seem to have the ability to back the trailer. Or they take out loans for the full amount and plan to work at a big firm to pay them off. – Make a table checking my new content against any reference documents I have a nit-picky friend who will spell-check for me (for a fee), but that probably can’t work for something that’s confidential. Obviously not on her own, but under your supervision. And then there’s finding a good home in practice, which can be difficult if you feel economic pressure (e.g., debt) or the pressure to perform. I haven’t heard anything since she ran for a school board seat 5-6 years ago (maybe she won?). Yes, this sounds like it would basically mean hiring somebody to do the lawyering for the lawyer. is it right to fire someone for being arrested for a (horrible) crime? Yeah, this. “A person’s law school is often a signal of their SES, not of their professional competence.”. I think you are probably right, but given that OP has expressed a desire to help her employee, suggesting a medical screening would certainly be a way to help. Marta sets the high standard of accuracy for the entire department. Maybe “do people with learning disabilities deserve accommodations” shouldn’t be a viable topic for debate? Could she be a good manager, motivator, visionary? We develop checklists for standard processes, not for, “Are you sure that the evidence matches what the client says?” or for, “Are you sure you got the clients’ names right?”, Exactly. sometimes?) Really it’s a kindness to let her know she’s not doing okay. Yes, this is a fear of mine, and my reluctance to say “she won’t succeed in this job” is solely based in my own fear of failure. Show her what she missed. But she says that she’s tried paying more attention and it hasn’t solved the problem. I have a running joke with one of my colleagues–it makes her crazy to read stuff in bound galleys because all she can see are the mistakes. Can you describe a time when you were able to produce quality work when under pressure? If she’s terrible at editing, give her items to proofread from other people and give her feedback on whether she caught errors. If they hadn’t had the blood in the OR, the man would have been dead before they could fix the problem and / or get more blood from storage.

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