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paramilitary 2 brown

Buy this one if it's available for purchase. The fit and finish is excellent. The handle and blade have been profiled thinner; removing uncomfortable angles when in the closed position. Up until now I always thought that the blade shapes were weird and was just unsure about all of them.After many videos watched and posts read about how nice these knives were I took the plunge. great steel, very sharp out of box, a more "socially acceptable" color combo than "tactical black" or the like. The only thing that could make this better would be a standard deep carry clip. We take great care in our modifying process to guarantee that they function as intended. Fun to figit with. But never fear Blade HQ is here, you guys made my holiday by bringing this masterpiece back for another chance to get it. What is there not to like about a PM2, smooth action, very comfortable to use and who doesn't love the compression lock. Very pleased. Archived. Great over all knife. 5 minutes and a bit of blue loctite and my issues were solved. I would rate a B+, has not been cut with or carried. I know everyone has there own opinion on what a edc should be, cost, weight, color, ect. It's made in America. NKD - Spyderco Paramilitary 2, Brown G-10, Black S35VN, MXG deep carry clip. I just got it two days ago and the blade already swings freely after some slight tinkering. Earth Brown G-10 is used for the scales on this PM2. I�ve owned a couple of benchmades and now this, out the box the action is amazing and the blade comes razor sharp. This one with the upgraded steel and dark brown g-10 is well worth the little extra. Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 Earth Brown G10 Black DLC S35VN Limited C81GPBNBK2 . Be sure to check out our Spyderco PM2 Review to see our cut test results and an in-depth review. This new one has better fit and finish, but makes a strange contact with the stop pin. The blade is stellar. I'm SO glad I did. It's very light and easy to pocket carry. Spyderco: Paramilitary 2 - Limited Run - Brown G-10 - CPM-S35Vn - Black DLC - C81GPBNBK2. The paramilitary 2 does all that. Fit and finish, blade centering, ergos, and materials are all excellent. The steel is awesome. There quite obviously is a very good reason everyone recommends this the Para 2. save hide report. It's razor sharp out of the box. It seems there are a lot of the in circulation. Any knife enthusiast worth his salt needs a PM2 in his collection. Otherwise, this bad boy is a winner. I don't put my knives through anything that could be considered hard use, but I feel like I could trust this knife with my life. Right out of the box it is razor sharp and cut through paper, boxes and zip ties with ease. I am a fisherman and it�s already been on 2 trips, the lanyard tube is great because I attach a bungee like cord to the knife so it doesn�t fall into the lake. The compression lock is my favorite lock so far on all of my pocket knives, and the G-10 handle is amazing. This purchase has set the hook for me on high quality knives and I will continue to expand my collection. love it. This is my first �real� high quallity knife definitely glad i went with PM2. BHQs customer service is unbeatable! experience. Engraving is absolutely perfect. Do yourself a favor if you don't have one....get one. I just wish Spyderco would put a deep carry clip on these knives. I was resistant at first but after carrying the S35VN Para 2 for over a year now I just love it. I still have it and it serves as a backup in my truck to this day. In short, if you're not signed up to be notified when this comes back in stock, stop being a communist and get on the list. Out of Stock . Spyderco Para Military 2 Knife. I got so carried away on how sharp it is I practically shaved my whole upper thigh Just to so i can see it cut. I have been looking for this knife for a long time and I never thought I'd find it anywhere again since they have been all sold out. Shipped with USPS First Class. This is my second Para. It does not disappoint. My new favorite EDC. If you haven't used a PM2 then you are seriously missing out. The handle scales are textured brown G-10 for impressive strength and grip. Because, at Spyderco, they practice the principle of C.Q.I. Arrived screaming sharp from the factory, and I really like the look of the brown g10 handles. Spyderco C223GPBNBK Para-Military 3 , 2.95" CPM S35-VN Black Plain Blade, Earth Brown G-10 Handle. I wasn't a huge fan of the black or camo scales. By using this site, you accept our. ISypderco Paramilitary 2 Earth Brown G-10- S35VN Blade. I've been thinking about getting a second one, and I definitely would not mind winning a Para 3;). ITS A WINNER!! Why change something if it works? This unique expression of the Spyderco Para Military™ 2 was produced exclusively for Sportmans Supply. Out of Stock . I purchased this knife to be my �dress up, go to town� knife because it is thin, easy to open and is sharp. The Paramilitary 2 is absolutely perfect. Can't wait for the next sprint run paramilitary 2. The Para-Military 2 folding combat knife in Earth Brown G10 handles and Crucible Industries S35VN steel (C81GPBN2)! Fantastic Blade steel, ergonomics on this knife is terrific. Just look at the price of the previous M390 sprint knives on eBay. All in all this knife is absolutely superb it's what you'd expect from a PM2. Spyderco C81GPBN2 Paramilitary 2 knife Plain S35VN Brown G-10 Handle Sprint Run. Can't wait for the next sprint run paramilitary 2. It fits well in the hand, and performs great with any task, small or large. The color combo is spot on. Just right. Any knife enthusiast worth his salt needs a PM2 in his collection. I knew that the PM2 was popular and I knew it was good but I never realized what I was missing until I finally got one. If you like a knife that's high end but without too much flash this is probably the one. Model # SP-C81GPBNBK2 . This is the first $100+ knife I have every carried daily and dear God I was missing so much.The fit and function, and overall quality the extra money fetches for these knives is incredible. When are we going to see a M390 sprint again, that's really what the marketplace wants. The paramilitary 2 does all that. Shop now for the Spyderco ParaMilitary 2 C81GPBNBK2 folding pocket knife featuring a black, flat ground, plain edge, CPM-S35VN stainless steel blade and an Earth Brown G-10 handle. It is stunningly beautiful, in a very simple way. I own quite a few knives and to be honest it's the best fit and finish I've ever seen. Out of Stock . The blade has a very consistent grind and is super sharp and slicey. This knife has been stellar. This version of the Paramilitary 2 has all the same features as the regular PM2 yet is supercharged with a DLC coated CPM-S35VN blade. This is my favorite Spyderco in my favorite steel. I bought two of these, couple weeks apart. u/deathstar2. The black G-10 handle is narrowed at the end improving the ergonomics. Great materials, comfortable ergonomics, reliable build quality, attractive aesthetics, and easy one-hand use all contribute to the astonishing popularity of the PM2. As always razor sharp out of the box. The brown is a great color and the S35VN blade is absolutely one of the best overall steels around. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Earth Brown G10 / Satin S35VN Exclusive The Spyderco C81GPBN2 Paramilitary 2 is a Manual Folding Knife that is perfect for everyday carry. Ergos are great for me; I've done some pretty heavy cutting, and find it quite comfortable. Watch every week! I re-profiled and sharpened the S35VN blade on a wicked edge when I received the knife (edge angles were slightly different), and have not had to resharpen after 2 month of daily use (mostly boxes/letters). When I compress the lock, it makes a metal on metal scooting sound. do yourself a favor and just buy it. blade lockup is tight, knife itself looks sick awesome color combo, I love the Para 2. now I have one the same color as my german shepherd. Brown G-10 handles. The S35VN steel is amazing it comes laser sharp. Everyone knows the Paramilitary 2! from - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery I believe this knife speaks for itself. Its actually 'that' good! This is by far one of my favorites, the color of the g-10 is perfect it blends nicely with all my clothing and the added benefit of a upgraded steel is fantastic. The S35VN steel is hard enough to make the proudest diamond sigh. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Brown G10 (S35Vn) $ 155.97 $ 173.97. Out of the box it was very sharp and the finish is superb. Has a small mark on the scale where the clip was before it was flipped. NO TRADES The first "I'll take it" followed by an email. SOLD Paypal only Gift option or +3.5% Will ship out USPS priority mail CONUS only. S35VN is fantastic steel, and after a year of use, it finally needs sharpened, The blade shape is versatile, and the iconic Spyderco hole makes it easy to deploy. Fit, finish, and function all top tier. This is my 6th Spyderco knife, my 4th compression lock knife and my 2nd Paramilitary 2, so I know what to expect. Ive had it for months now and its still razor sharp and solid as a tank. I can't decide which lock I like better between Spyderco's compression lock and Benchmade's AXIS. I really love this knife and Blade HQ is the best place to purchase a knife on the Internet! I have several knives many of which are more expensive than this one but I always go back to it. the para 2 is already a stellar edc and utility knife but adding the brown g10 and s35vn blade steel just aps the ante that much more. Want to get some carbon fiber scales to make mine. 97% Upvoted. Be sure to check out our Spyderco PM2 Review to see our cut test results and an in-depth review. This knife definitely deserves the praise which is often bestowed upon it. I highly recommend this knife if you have other PM2's or you just always wanted to try one. After several key changes and improvements from the original PM the PM2 was released back in 2010. This thing came extremely sharp out the box. $224.95. Crazy sharp right out of the box...only other knife I have this sharp out of the box is my Hogue Sig auto. By using this site, you accept our. Black clip on it, but comes with silver clip also. Do it! Spyderco Lil' Native Sprint Burnt Orange G10 CPM REX 45 Compression Lock Folder C230GPBORE .

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