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what does the bell symbol on twitter mean

The "@" symbol means what it appears to mean: "at." There are 3 interactions listed. I know this may be a stupid question but, what does that bell symbol mean on the top right hand corner. It shows up once and a while next to the mail option on the top of the page. But while the verification was briefly opened to all, Twitter has now halted the programme. How do I turn it off? Twitter icons meaning: I may be the only one on the planet who doesn't understand the meaning of the current Twitter icons, but really, I don't understand most of them. Having stumbled upon … Step 3: Tap either “All Tweets” or “Only Tweets with live video” to turn on notifications for the account. Interaction #1 with the yellow star means that tweet was favorited by another user. Character Symbols. Using a hashtag turns the word or phrase into a … From here you can see other users’ account names, most with a small icon next to the name. For instance, when sharing a post about my eBook on Epic Content, instead of just dashes or bullets to emphasize the major topics covered, I used a hand holding … Whenever you see this symbol, typically in front of another person's Twitter name or "handle," it means that someone else made a deliberate effort to mention that Twitter handle and to get the attention of the person who manages that handle. What does the little bell symbol mean? It has a red line through it. From your Twitter account click on the @Connect link at the top of the page. I'm guessing its silencing that contact. Ever wonder how the symbol "˜@' can mean so many different things on Twitter? A Twitter reply icon is an empty ballon? Note: You need to be following the account for the bell to be present. It's a great way to keep up with friends, track breaking news, participate in discussions, and share experiences at live events. The media icon I kinda get, but the Twitter geo pin icon I don't get. There are two main characters that you should know: "#" and "@." The ticks mean that your account is verified, reducing the risk that your account could be impersonated. Twitter certainly doesn't 'move fast' with its potential additions - as had been Facebook's guiding motto for many years.. Last September, Twitter revealed that it was working on a set of radical changes to how tweet replies were presented, adding in new signals which highlighted replies from the original tweeter, identified responses from connections, and so on. I did, and spent some time poking around online to find the answers. These are specific symbols that have greater meaning than just a letter or dash. The hash (or pound) symbol is used to highlight keywords, topics, events or even emotions in a tweet. All I can think of is that the ringer is turned off but it seems to be set. Why is there? I have a new phone Samsung Cosmos 3 Prepay ~~ what is the meaning of the bell-shaped icon on my screen. I have a contact which has a bell symbol with a line crossed through it on the right side of the contact icon in text messages. What does it mean? Twitter is a social networking platform where users interact through messages of up to 280 characters. Once you learn the … Below is a snapshot of metrony on Twitter.

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