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why are professional values important in nursing

Performance evaluation is conducted by managers and the staff do not involve in peer evaluation. © 2020 BioMed Central Ltd unless otherwise stated. Professional nursing values were defined as important professional nursing principles of human dignity, integrity, altruism, and justice that serve as a framework for standards, professional practice, and evaluation. The reasons for the low importance of values such as “Participation in the nursing research and the clinical application of the findings” in Iran are probably the unfavorable attitude towards the application of the research and evidence-based practice, and also low self-efficacy in this field, as well as poor information literacy skills such as searching sources of information, organizing information in databases, information retrieval skills, and evaluating evidence, which were published in two articles by Farokhzadian et al. Your personal Admissions Advisor will provide you the link to the online application form for Regis’ online Master of Science in Nursing programs, along with specific instructions on how to complete the application. The importance of professional values from clinical nurses’ perspective in hospitals of a medical university in Iran. Privacy 2001;17(5):226–31. [32, 33]. Lippincott Nursing Center, “Ethical Issues Experienced by Hospice and Palliative Nurses” Contemporary literature has been reviewed and synthesized to develop this theoretical paper on the Professional Values Model in nursing. Accordingly, the profession demands that nursing professionals exhibit certain attitudes and behaviors in carrying out their major role of caring. All authors contributed equally in writing the manuscript. Therefore, it's no surprise that there are more of them working in the field than any other healthcare professional. As a conclusion, nursing is as rich as any other field of study; it lends itself to continuous exploration, development, and probing. Relationship of professional values to nursing. The datasets generated and analysed during the present study are not publicly available because this study is part of a larger study. Professional values in Korean undergraduate nursing students. Recommendations A main professional value in nursing is treating all patients on an equal footing. Sampling was conducted through the use of stratified random sampling method and 250 clinical nurses participated in the study. Healthcare has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade. They are important because they influence decisions, actions, even nurse’s ethical decision making. The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice. In order to develop the professional values scale, Weis and Schank used the ANA Code of Ethics as well as the studies related to the values and professional value development in nurses [2]. statement and study [31], while in contrast with Shahriari et al., study that the nurses grow older had the lower score of professional values [34]. Indiana University of Pennsylvania, ProQuest Dissertations Publishing. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. 2013. doi:10.1186/1472-6939-14-S1-S2. The Code of Ethics holds the nurse accountable for his or her actions along with those of the individuals to whom the nurse delegates tasks involving patient care (Blais & Hayes, 2011). The Integrated values ensure that the legacy of caring behavior embodied by nurses is strengthened for the future nursing … Outlines what the profession expects of its members. A value is a principle or standard of behavior that depicts one’s judgment of what is important in life. Ethics are fundamental to nursing. Accessed 20 May 2016. If these values are not encouraged or noticed during academic education, they might fully not accepted [15]. This study received no specific grant from any funding agency, commercial or not-for-profit sectors. (102.57 ± 11.94). Mathooko JM. The present study was aimed to investigate the importance of professional values from clinical nurses’ perspective. Therefore, it's no surprise that there are more of them working in the field than any other healthcare professional. All researchers contributed to conceiving and designing the research. Gallegos C, Sortedahl C. An exploration of professional values held by nurses at a large freestanding pediatric hospital. From nurses’ perspective items such as “Maintaining confidentiality of patients” and “Safeguarding patients’ right to privacy” had more importance; however, “Recognizing role of professional nursing associations in shaping healthcare policy” and “Participating in nursing research and/or implementing research findings appropriate to practice had less importance. Q J Nurs Vis. Importance of Interprofessional Collaboration, Communication and Teambuilding, Kaitlin Graye, BSN, RN [email protected] Tags: collaboration, team building, communication. Farokhzadian J, Khajouei R, Ahmadian L. Information seeking and retrieval skills of nurses: nurses readiness for evidence based practice in hospitals of a medical university in Iran. 30 (5): 279-284 . The present cross-sectional study was conducted in 2016 in four educational hospitals of Kerman University of Medical Sciences, Iran. A nurse’s role is not solely built on care delivery. Bridging the gap: a comparison of the professional nursing values of students, new graduates, and seasoned professionals. Nursing practitioners must also exhibit certain attitudes and behaviors in their profession to carry out their major role of caring. These values are considered as the guideline and motivation of professional behavior for the members of a certain profession [1]. Professional values are values acquired during socialization into nursing from codes of ethics, nursing experiences, teachers, and peers.6 Values something of worth; enduring attitudes about the worth of a person, object, idea, or action. Knowledge, attitude and practice of healthcare ethics among resident doctors and ward nurses from a resource poor setting, Nepal. Values are acquisitive; this means they learned either directly or indirectly by observing others’ behavior [12, 13]. BMC Medical Ethics Shahriari M, Baloochestani E. Applying professional values: the perspective of nurses of Isfahan hospitals. professional literature on nursing theory confuses nurses and has caused many to dismiss nursing theory as irrelevant to practice. Attitude. While we may have a variety of shorter term goals that are specific to a situation, like getting a job or a promotion, running a marathon, or visiting Hawaii, our values are life-goals that not specific to any one situation. Nurs Ethics. Entrance Examinations 2011;31(1):72–5. Moral self-concept and moral sensitivity in Iranian nurses. 2009;30(5):279–84. In addition, professional values are necessary to reinforce individuals’ the professional identity and performance [2]. Such programs can be a positive step in applying professional values in the nursing practice. Transcripts Schank MJ, Weis D. Service and education share responsibility for nurses’value development. Professional ethical competence in nursing: the role of nursing instructors. Two other studies showed that nurses’ knowledge of professional values and how such values influence their behavior is an essential component of nursing care [2, 18]. 2014;34(3):325–30. 2009;16(5):625–36. Available from: Results: Professional nursing values were defined as important professional nursing principles of human dignity, integrity, altruism, and justice that serve as a framework for standards, professional practice, and … It is suggested that these values be introduced to nurses and the conditions are provided to participate in these activities in order to contribute to promote the nursing profession. The NPVS-R used a 5-point Likert-like scale ranging from 1 to 5, with score 1 as not important, score 2 somewhat important, score 3 important, score 4 very important and score 5 the most important. Learn more about how Regis College’s online Master of Science in Nursing program can help students develop the necessary skills to ensure dignity and integrity are always part of their care delivery agenda. Nurse Educ Today. Furthermore, in many cases, they lack sufficient power and support to demonstrate their reaction in this regard [7] or they are not aware of its importance [8]. A study published in the Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research(IJNMR) groups the … Comparison of professional values of Taiwanese and United States nursing students. In nursing, professionalism reflects the act of providing quality patient care while honoring the values of respect, advocacy, and responsibility. Following academic education, development of professional values in nurses is mainly influenced by experts in the profession, colleagues, patient care situations, and organizational values [14, 15]. 8. More than half of the participants (54.8%) had an amount of income higher than $440.66. 2010;30(2):107–12. Professionalism also extends to a nurse’s ability to communicate clearly and self-reflect on behaviors and actions, always striving for both professional and personal development. entitled “Ethical values perceived by nurses” indicated that Iranian nurses, due to their religious beliefs, placed more emphasis on preserving patients’ dignity [17]. No significant relationship was observed between the NPVS-R scores and other demographic variables such as marital status, level of education, ethnicity, amount of income, and type of employment (P > 0.05). 2015;22(4):467–78. They provide an evaluation tool for yourself and your colleagues to ensure clinical proficiency and safety. Professional values of nursing are the most important components for the protection of high quality standards in the nursing profession. The professional values of nurses who constitute an important component of health-care system guide their caregiving roles and form a basis for nursing practices (Tanrıverdi, 2017). The samples were selected from the clinical wards using stratified random sampling method proportionate to the number of nurses per hospital. The Nursing and Midwifery Council has highlighted the importance for registrants to “reflect” on their practice and called on employers to ensure that their clinical staff have time to do so. Professional values of nursing Laura Mcclymont-Allen Nur403 July 19, 2010 Stephanie Merck Professional values of nursing Professional values guide the decisions and actions we make in our careers. BMC Med ethics. View all blog posts under Articles | View all blog posts under Master of Science in Nursing. How to Become a Mental Health Nurse Therefore, there is low awareness regarding their direct relationship with the promotion of nursing profession [13]. Data collection was performed using a two-section questionnaire. J Med Ethics Hist Med. The most important personal values that one must have to be a nurse are dedication, integrity, truthfulness, accountability and a degree of selflessness. According to Weis and Schank, professional values are standards for action that are accepted by professional groups and individuals, and are used to evaluate the integrity of the individual or organization. It is one of the ways by which a group/community can live in harmony. For instance, Rassin’s study in Israel, demonstrated that priority values were different among the nursing students of different ethnic groups [3]. Patients may experience stress about their conditions, injuries, procedures, surgeries, or recovery. Nursing Professionalism: The Vroom Expectancy Theory Essay 872 Words | 4 Pages. In addition, most of participants were contract recruiters (36.8%) and almost 62.4% participated in professional ethical training (Table 1). A nurse, by profession, is constantly in situations that pose an ethical or moral conflict. Nursing is a profession rooted in professional ethics and ethical values, and nursing performance is based on such values. Woods M. Nursing ethics education: are we really delivering the good (s)? In the present study, age had a positively and poorly significant relationship with the scores of professional values. It’s imperative that nurses gain a firm understanding of the broad, nuanced traditions that can often define the cultural and the religious status of a patient. Data were analyzed via SPSS version 19 using descriptive statistics (frequency, percentage, mean and standard deviation) and inferential statistics (independent samples, t- test, analysis of variance (ANOVA), Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis and Pearson’s correlation coefficient). You can view samples of our professional work here. While, the least important values were “Recognizing role of professional nursing associations in shaping healthcare policy” (3.44 ± 0.96), “Participating in nursing research and/or implementing research findings appropriate to practice (3.44 ± 0.91), and “Participating in public policy decisions affecting distribution of resources” (3.53 ± 0.96) concerning activism dimension, and “Participating in peer review” (3.53 ± 0.88) concerning professionalism dimension, respectively (Table 2). Cookies policy. Moreover, some other studies represented that nurses have low knowledge and awareness of professional values do not use them in action to shape their ethical thinking and rely merely on personal experiences or organizational culture as the basis of their ethical responsibility and commitment [19, 20]. ● Integrity. A Chinese version of the revised nurses professional values scale: reliability and validity assessment. Borhani F, Keshtgar M, Abbaszadeh A. Becoming a nurse has become a quest for experience, self-development, and learning.

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