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portugal weather june

Of anywhere in Portugal, the Algarve gives you the best probability of having sunny, warm days throughout the year, and June is no exception. Albufeira Here are the average temperatures of Albufeira . Please see our booking conditions for further information or for more information about financial protection and the ATOL Certificate go to:, Thomas Cook: UK Nederland België Belgique, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. Look no further than Portugal. Weather ☀ ⛅ Portugal ☀ ⛅ June ☀ ⛅ Information on temperature, sunshine hours, water temperature & rainfall in June for Portugal. Expect mostly sunny days, with warm, settled temperatures throughout. The average monthly rainfall in June in Vila Real is 2''/54mm. However, keep in mind that the temperature averages for the Douro Valley don't tell the whole story. Is The Algarve Hot In June? June is particularly pleasant in northern Portugal. This means it has long and hot summers, with June being near the middle of this season but not quite as warm as July or August. With 0.7in over 3 days, the rain will not be a problem for your stay. The sea’s a refreshing 19ºC and humidity’s low. For each destination, Easyvoyage's weather tool gives you temperature and rainfall indicators, along with wind force and direction and sunrise/sunset times. High °F. It's worth taking light trousers as well, though, for heading out at night. It enjoys a warm temperate climate with wet winters, dry summers, and the highest temperatures averaging above 71 F. As compact as Portugal is, about 349 miles north to south and only 135 miles east to west, there are distinct differences when it comes to climate within its borders. Porto is typically a little cooler and wetter than Lisbon, so as with the rest of the northern coast at this time of year, it's always a good idea to expect some temperature variation. The day is a public holiday, and celebrations take place all over Portugal. At a higher altitude than the coastal cities, the average minimum temperature in the Douro Valley in June is a surprisingly-low 54°F/12°C. Place. When you pay you will be supplied with an ATOL Certificate. How hot is it in Portugal in June? June is when the summer heat and drought kick in across the Algarve region of Portugal, with an average of only 4mm of rain at the region's capital, Faro. As a whole, Portugal is one of the warmest European countries, though the southern region is warmer and drier than the northern areas, which are a bit more cool and rainy. Being inland, the area gets more extreme weather than coastal locations, so certain summer days can get surprisingly hot. Weather in Portugal in June. Please see our privacy policy. Average June temperatures. 2 The south has a Mediterranean climate which gets lots of hot weather in June, particularly in the popular Algarve region where it’s driest and sunniest. Take a look at the seven-day weather forecast for the principal cities inThe Algarve. While you'll likely be quite warm during the day, the temperature drops at night, so take warm clothing with you to change into. The average maximum temperature in the Algarve in June is a warm 78 F/26 C. The average minimum temperature is 61 F/16 C, the same as Lisbon. Cities in this section are in the Algarve & Alentejo regions. The hottest month of the year is July with an average daily maximum of 30 C and an average low of 22 C. During the winter, temperatures rarely dip below 35 degrees, though snow is seen in the northern mountains. What’s the weather like in the Algarve in June? Daytime temperatures usually reach 25°C in Coimbra in June with low heat and humidity, falling to 14°C at night. In the Algarve, celebrations take place in Albufeira’s Largo dos Paços do Concelho square where a free outdoor … In June, the average low-temperature is 15°C (59°F). The Algarve: Seven-day weather forecast. What’s the weather like in Portugal in June? This month generally has very pleasant temperatures. When you book a holiday which includes a flight with Thomas Cook you are financially protected by the ATOL scheme. But the weather is great! Portugal has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. Last 2 weeks of weather In the month of june, the mean temperature in Lisbon is 72°F (maximum temperature is 79°F and minimum temperature is 65°F). Summer is sunny, and there are often lively breezes; in addition, there may be some days a bit cool, with highs below 25 °C (77 °F), especially in June and in the first half of July. The daytime temperature reaches an average high of 26°C, while the temperature falls to 17°C during an average night Sunshine Hours In The Algarve By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. It's worth packing a rain jacket, just in case. With a perfect climate, june is an advisable time to go in Lisbon. What's the Weather Like on the French Riviera? 53.0 °F 16.1 °C. Beaches and parks are starting to fill up with locals and tourists alike, and with major festivals in both Porto and Lisbon in June, it's a great time to visit. June is particularly dry in Lisbon, with an average monthly rainfall of just 0.7''/17mm. To hear our news first and sign up to our future promotions enter your email address here. In the summer, the temperatures average more like 95 degrees. The average monthly rainfall in June in Faro is almost non-existent, at 0.3''/7mm. The north of the country’s warmed by the Gulf Stream, while refreshing sea breezes will keep you comfortable on the coast. The average minimum temperature is quite mild, at 61°F/16°C. The average temperature in June is a lovely 18°C (64°F), but it's known to go well over that, particularly in the third and fourth week towards July. The average maximum temperature in Vila Real in June is 77°F/25°C. In Nazaré, the summers are warm, dry, and mostly clear and the winters are cold, wet, windy, and partly cloudy. How to Plan Your Trip to Orlando With the Seasons in Mind, The Weather and Climate in Portugal in June, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. June is particularly pleasant in northern Portugal. 63.5 °F Jul – Sep 26.3 °C. Dia de Portugal (Portugal Day), Portugal’s national day, takes place on June 10th. 84. Faro and Vila Real de Santo Antonio are on Portugal's south coast. What’s the weather like in Portugal in June? Average Weather in Nazaré Portugal. Low °C. The best time to visit Portugal is in spring (March-May), when the country is in bloom and waking after the winter. The climate quite comfortable in that locality in the month of june. There are normally 10 hours of bright sunshine each day in Coimbra in June - that's 63% of daylight hours. Visitors from all over the world are drawn by the sun and warm days, as well as the promise of summer festivities. Sunny days and warm temperatures characterize the Algarve at this time of year. UV levels will be very high so make sure you wear sun cream. The entire country of Portugal basks in the sunshine in the summer, with only slight temperature variations from one region to another. At 1.8''/46mm, Porto's average monthly rainfall in June is higher than Lisbon's, as it is for much of the year. You're likely to find plenty of sunshine just about anywhere in the country. Winter temperatures in the interior of Portugal are a bit lower, especially in mountainous regions where lows may drop just below freezing. 67.1 °F Oct – Dec 17.2 °C. Western Coast Month Air Sea Jan – Mar 17.1 °C, 62.8 °F 14,9 °C. There are on average 1.4 days of rain per month and 10.1 hours of sun per day. In summer, between June and late September, the days are sunny with high temperatures throughout the country. Updated weather maps Portugal. °F. The average minimum temperature is a little cool, at 57°F/14°C. The nights stay cool and breezy, with low averages of 13°C. Weather Portugal. Expect plenty of blue skies. Temperatures can get as high as 100°F/38°C on occasion, and as low as 55°F/13°C, so be prepared and pack accordingly. The Algarve’s one of Europe’s sunniest places, and also has the best weather in Portugal. Sitting on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal’s the furthest west country in Europe, surrounded by neighbouring Spain and the North Atlantic Ocean. You’ll get different weather around the country, although the most popular holiday spots enjoy lots of warmth and sun in June with not much rain. If you enjoy hot perfect sunny days the best time to visit Portugal is between June and August. How sunny is it in Portugal in June? Coronavirus - For the latest travel advice please check the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The climate of Lisbon in june is perfect The month of June is at the heart of the summer season, so expect hot weather - especially by midday. You won’t get much rain at this time, with just 16mm over five rainy days, and you can expect long days with 15 hours of daylight and ten hours of sunshine. Lisbon comes to life with carnivals and celebrations in June. Pack your bag appropriately, with both warm and light waterproof options, just in case!

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