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whitstable oysters history

The Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company, which operates several restaurants and a hotel in Whitstable, can trace its history back to the late 1700s and (according to some reports) as early as the 1400s. The Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company is one of Europe's oldest commercial ventures, and its oysters were exported across the Roman Empire during the Roman occupation of Britain. The Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company traces its roots back to 1793, when it was set up by an Act of Parliament, but oysters have been a part of Whitstable’s history for far longer. We are very happy to have Whitstable oysters as one of our Official Oyster Suppliers of London Oyster Week. A Big Oyster Story! Today you can enjoy fresh and flavoursome oysters on the Kent coast. The Pacific Rock oysters are farmed either in bags on trestles in the intertidal zone. The Whitstable Oyster Fishery Company traces its roots back to 1793, when it was set up by an Act of Parliament, but oysters have been a part of Whitstable’s history for far longer. The first oyster trestles were put out in 2009 and soon 200,000 seed oysters were placed out in them. Whitstable Community Museum & Gallery Whitstable, with neighbouring Chestfield, Seasalter, Swalecliffe and Tankerton, have the most amazing and varied histories. By then the plentiful oyster had become the food of the poor. Its traditional charms, rich maritime history and strong arts culture complements the modern town.. Part of the Canterbury District, Whitstable's main claim to fame is its oysters which remain an intrinsic part of this sea town's character and are celebrated every July at the Oyster Festival Chargrilled Sardines £8. Oysters have been fished from Whitstable Bay since Roman times. The company lays claim to being Europe's oldest surviving commercial enterprise. We are still a family-run business and the world-renowned Native Oyster is once again a cherished food. More than thirty years later, we’ve come a long way and are hugely proud of what we have achieved. But Whitstable oysters go even further back, almost two thousand years, to when the Romans discovered them and, regarding them as a delicacy, shipped them back live to Rome. Whitstable is historically famed for its oysters. Whitstable Maritime aims to help residents, visitors and students enjoy exploring the town’s coastal connections – past, present and future. Every year, the beautiful seaside town hosts a series of colourful events, mixing traditional coastal celebrations with modern festivities including a huge parade, and the bustling Harbour Food Fair with dishes and drinks from around the globe. ... Whitstable is famous for its oysters and appreciated by many for its quaint architecture and stunning sunsets. About. A history of oysters through time: the Triassic period, the Mesolithic period, Roman times, 18th and 19th Centuries, and today. Shrimps, Oysters, Cockles, Muscles, Whelks and Winkles together with crabs and whitefish are all part of Whitstable’s story. After attending church, the people of the town would play games and relax together. This company still owns the beds on which our oysters are now produced. I f you like oysters, you’ll love Whitstable, at least for the time being. Whitstable train station runs services to London St Pancras, Victoria and Cannon Street, with journey times from 71 minutes. Contents 1 History Whitstable – oysters, boats and the Harbour Day Before I get to Dr Martin Watts and his presence at the Whitstable Harbour Day yesterday, I thought I would just mention events in Northamptonshire. Every hoy, smack, wherry etc. The oysters grown on these newly constructed trestles are the controversial Pacific Oysters, an alien non-native invasive species, not the Whitstable Native Oyster.

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