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can facebook messages be delivered if phone is off

if their phone is off), so by itself it isn’t an indication; You won’t see any updates to a contact’s profile photo The color theme of each conversation thread can even be modified as well. As long as the message says delivered to recipient than they will see it, if not. When they do turn their phone back on, the green check will show up as soon as it is delivered. Install the Hoverwatch on the desired device. Audio clips can be sent through Messenger if you'd like to send a message without having to text or make a full audio call. That being said, even though the message is still in your ex’s inbox, your name won’t be attached to the message. Android phones don’t have that “delivered” message on texting, and even an iPhone user won’t see the “delivered” notification while texting an Android user. So, if the person has their phone off it has no way to get to their phone. On Facebook, a message is delivered to the recipient’s inbox just as soon as you press the Enter key. If they’re messaging you on their phone and then their phone dies, it is possible that they have Facebook open on another device (such as a computer at home or a laptop). The name of a group message can be customized, as can the nickname of the people involved. The program saves audio and video files from Facebook messages. This means that messages are already stored on your phone … A single grey tick means that your message hasn’t been delivered, which might mean you’ve been blocked… though it might also mean that the person you’re sending it to hasn’t been able to receive the message yet (e.g. And it’ll stay in his inbox until he deletes it, even if your own account is no longer active. Facebook announced today that all users can now remove messages sent on Messenger -- a feature that had previously only been used by Facebook to delete messages sent by company executives. It can help you read all the messages that were sent using Facebook messenger. With my experience the text does not show a green check until the message is actually delivered to the phone. Facebook Messenger will send push notifications to your phone each time your receive a new message. The person will not see it until its says delivered. Your message was quickly labeled as spam If you have banner notifications enabled on your device, you might be able to catch a message or two as it’s being delivered to your notification … As you can see in above image, the sender of a Facebook message will see a Faded Blue Circle with check mark when the message leaves his/her device.. As soon as the message is delivered to the recipient, the blue faded circle turns into a Filled Blue Circle.. Hoverwatch tracks all Facebook messages sent from the Android phone or tablet. Yes, it can. How do I track all Facebook messages sent from my Android phone or tablet? The messages can be removed from a conversation with just one person or with a group of people. Users can view incoming Facebook messages from their status bar and in a bid to avoid conversing, they can opt to delete the message without opening it, which can be another potential cause for this Facebook messages Sent but not Delivered problem. The recipient deleted the message without opening it .

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