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ge dc motor frame size chart

Our motors are a reliable lifeline to driven equipment and are the backbone of our customers' production and operation. See Maximum Allowable Ampacities for Conductors in Raceway, Cable or Earth (30°C) for other insulation ratings.. Motor Wire Sizing. Compatibility of differing motors becomes a major issue when you are looking for a replacement. Genteq is a division of Regal Beloit … Part Name / #: Product Type: Description: GE has been designing and building DC machines for over 100 years. … Frame Size 2 Pole 4 Pole 6 Pole ≦100 5200 3600 2400 112 5200 3600 2400 132 4500 2700 2400 160 4500 2700 2400 DC Motor. Please refer to the Large AC motor chart, or to the specific motor drawings for L449T dimensions. Quantum 580. Pump motors with JM frame sizes, specifically designed for pump applications requiring an impeller. Supplier free 3D CAD models IEC standarized electric motors For mechanical engineers Multiple CAD file formats Superfast download . There are many motors of the same horsepower built in different frames. Ideal for environments where washdown of the equipment is necessary, such as food processing. MV7000 Flat Pack (FP) 16 Pages . All servo motors listed below are specifically designed to work with Applied Motion servo drives. Part Saved . Please check motor drawing for actual dimensions. The Frame size dictates the overall size of an Electric Motor and is a European Standard. Motors can also be classified by their purpose: 1) General Purpose Motors are designed for mechanical loads and hard to start loads, including conveyors, belt-driven equipment, machine tools, reciprocating pumps and compressors, etc. The above chart provides typical Baldor•Reliance motor dimensions. OF POLES VOLTAGE CATALOGUE NUMBER 10 kA 22 kA 15 1 120/240 THQB1115 THHQB1115 20 1 120/240 THQB1120 THHQB1120 25 1 120/240 THQB1125 THHQB1125 30 1 120/240 THQB1130 THHQB1130 35 1 120/240 THQB1135 THHQB1135 40 1 … J series motors come in 40, 60, and 80 mm frame sizes with 10,000-count incremental commutating encoders and IP65 ratings on the motor body. GE Motors. Energy Saver - TEFC Severe Duty. 1325 Heil Quaker Blvd. Electric Motors. ABOUT US. 7 Pages. Another simple way to check is, if your motor is foot mounted, this will be the height from the base to the centre of the shaft. RESOURCES Medium Voltage Motors. The NEC requires circuits supplying single motors to have an ampacity rating of greater than or equal to 125% of the full-load current rating of the motor. Standard Industrial Motor Catalog. Brake motors range Safety, reliability and breadth of range 0.06 kW to 550 kW 3 to 5000 N.m . Supplier's Site. One exception to this is the “C” dimension (overall motor length) which will change from one manufacturer to another. GE Motors List your products or services on Engineering360. These motors come in frame sizes 56 – 355, corresponding to 0.06 – 355 kW. Technological innovation, win-win cooperation, integrity and service make T-MOTOR a reliable partner for drone manufacturer and distributors for long-term co GE motors can also be cross-referenced by matching the motor's specifications, which are also on the label plate, with suitable replacements. PRODUCTS. Supplier Website GE Motors Datasheets for AC Motors. CATALOG. GE is committed to deliver the most durable, reliable and energy efficient motors for your most challenging applications. 5KCP39 HVAC Motors - Likely The Most Common Line of HVAC Motors Used TodayWe've seen thousands of condenser fan & direct-drive furnace blower motors w/ model numbers prefixed by 5KCP39Before we begin - it's important to note that GE no longer makes fractional horsepower single phase HVAC motors, they're now manufactured by Genteq. Note: The wire size in this table is based on 75°C terminations and insulation. for the squirrel-cage, 3 phase induction motors of 1000V or lower. Both series include cast iron and aluminum subranges. Products; Catalogs; News & Trends; Exhibitions; All GE Motors catalogs and technical brochures. Proper sizing and selection of a motor for your equipment is key to ensuring performance, reliability and cost of the equipment. Supplier Profile. The safe Max. 5 Pages. Power Conversion. In addition to the information below for properly sizing a motor, Oriental Motor offers online motor sizing tools as well as assistance from our Technical Support staff. Use the chart in step 3 to pick a good stator size starting point, then find a motor that you think will work. GE Industrial Motors a Wolong Company manufactures electric motors from NEMA low voltage to medium voltage and DC motors. Dimensional data for 444T through 449TS frame sizes reflect the use of a top mounted conduit box with a cantilevered mounting arm. We deliver through three U.S. warehouses and channel partners with the highest quality and integrity. 2. cage, 3 phase, induction motors lower than 1000V and smaller than 315 Frame Size can safely run continuously at the speed in the table below. GE manufactures quality low voltage AC induction and DC motors in North America. IP54 =Al standard TEFC A Cand D M ot rs. Horsepower 900 RPM 1200 RPM 1800 RPM 3600 RPM HP T-Frames 1964-Present U-Frame 1952-Present Original NEMA T-Frames 1964-Present U-Frame 1952- Present Original NEMA T-Frames Servo Motors. Dimensions: Frame Sizes 213TP ~ 405TP WPI frame SIZe fIG no. To assist you in defining the motor size required, please use the table below. Three phase supply is generally considered as an Industrial Supply and used to Power Larger Electric Motors. You have successfully added from to your part list. DC Motors from GE Motors. A 50% duty cycle motor with a 30 min run time means the motor can operate at … T-MOTOR is devoted to being the guiding star in UAV industry with “the Safer Propulsion System”. We can offer new designs and re-rates up to 12,000 HP . GE has over 100 years of DC motor experience utilizing superior design and quality control systems. All sizes: 0,37 kW up to 160 kW (0,5 - 215 Horse Power). ELECTRIC MOTORS AC/DC. 211 Pages. On page 14 you will find a Baldor frame size chart that is a great reference on “T” frame, “U” frame and original frame motors. ESR Motor Systems ESR Motor Systems, LLC • 648 E White St, Rock Hill, SC 29730 Phone: (800) 868-3770 • FAX: (803) 324-3259 Standard NEMA Frames vs. However, as a frame number becomes higher, so in general does the physical size of the motor and the horsepower. The ZMX Fusion 2205-2300kv has been tested in numerous places, and it’s data can be seen here: check out the for more data. Severe duty, long lasting, and high power for a smaller footprint. High-torque brushless servo motors. Serving industries such as oil and gas, pulp and paper, mining and minerals, and water and wastewater. As a leading motor provider, we offer comprehensive solutions supporting a large installed base of DC industrial motors. NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) frame size refers to mounting only and has no direct bearing on the motor body diameter. Quantum V . IP 5 =A lTEF Chemica Processing, Dirty Duty, and Washdown Duty Motors IP Protection - Baldor Enclosures SUMMARY OF IP PROTECTION NUMBERS BALDOR ELECTRIC COMPANY P.O. CONTACT US. HOME. Contact Information Visit our website for list of locations Fort Wayne, IN 46802 USA Phone: (800) 541-7191. Business Type: Manufacturer. Need to find technical data for our innovative & high-quality U.S. MOTORS product lines? AC motors include single, multiphase, universal, induction, synchronous, and gear motors. Washdown. At Motor Technology we strive to supply standard product for any application you may have. Excessive lifting angles can cause motor damage. Mill Duty MD800. Motors with less than 100% duty cycle also have a maximum run-time limit such as 30 min. Motor Sizing. Most of the dimensions are standard dimensions that are common to all motor manufacturers. In any standard frame number designation there are either two or three numbers. BALDOR ELECTRIC COMPANY P.O. physical size of the motor and the horsepower. If eye bolts are used for lifting a motor, be sure they are securely tightened. The world’s best machinery is SKF Equipped Improve your product’s performance with SKF® engineering and application knowledge, design and testing expertise, and a wide range of solutions. Small DC motors, perfect for low speed applications with higher torque requirement. Frame L449T is not included in this chart. Home 3D CAD models for mechanical engineers Electric motors (IEC dimensions) Super detailed 3D CAD models for professional use. Motors designed with added features to prevent corrosion and water ingress. 91 Pages. Please click here to find technical data & other useful information. Maybe you like the look of the ZMX Fusion Purple top 2205-2300kv motors. This number will be on the electric motor nameplate. WeIGHt aJ aK BB Bd Bf aa aB ac (LBS) LoWer end Upper end 213TP 215TP 1 22.32 20.25 10.74 1.122 13.47 9.125 8.25 0.22 10.00 0.44 1” … This is by no means a definitive list, but represents some of the typical sizes we encounter on a daily basis: INDUSTRIES. This may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Quantum LMV. Never lift the motor by the motor shaft or the hood of a WPII motor.

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