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predator apron for chicken coop

So I am renovating an old outbuilding style shed/barn into my chicken coop. : ) Thanks! Thanks in advance for all your help! Store feed in tightly covered metal barrels to prevent access by mice and rats. Anyway, the radio can’t hurt. More power to you – please continue your wonderful work! They are wonderful to raise. I do not like coyotes one bit. I’ve read of other people stringing old CD’s over their chicken runs, and it seems to work for awhile. MAIN MENU. Thanks so much for the great tips. It scares them and makes them stay away from your yard. Give us a call at 919-794-3989 or reach out through our contact page and we'll be delighted to help! The problem with is that many predators are perfectly willing to strike during daylight, if the birds look easy enough to get. I thought we had an extremely secure system to house our flock, but one really persistent fox found a way in. This oil hurts your skin if you get any fume on your skin. It is also not uncommon for chickens to be attacked by feral cats or even the family dog. I had one bird obviously ill for weeks, but no one could pin a diagnosis on her symptoms so we got a necropsy when she died. My chicks are still in the garage waiting to go into their new home when temps are above 50*. Elevate the coop. Just wanted to let anyone know who is curious that the electric wire seems to have been just the thing to deter anything that would dig. I have chicken wire around my run, sides and top, and other then snakes getting in and taking an egg here and there before we catch it, I have had no other issues. One mistake beginner chicken keepers do all the time is using chicken wire, thinking that it’s going to protect their girls. Probably more…Would that floor be ok to protect my chickns? I’m pinning 🙂 I understand predation and respect the predators, I just don’t want them getting MY chickens. Deterrents like streamers, decoy animals, predator pee, loud music, strobe lighting, and ultrasonic repellents might work initially, but eventually predators may habituate to them. Use an electric screwdriver or nail gun to speed up building a coop. We had a few chickens we lost a couple weeks ago to a Minx (it was so so terrible and I wasn’t sure I was cut out to be keeping chickens. There are all kinds of things around. Our first rooster was, indeed, the first to go. Use half inch hardware cloth not just for the sides. May 16, 2018 - Chicken_Apron_or_Hen_Saddle_Pattern_-_WeAllSew_121314 We have 3 wires running between 1 and 4 feet off the ground. A padlock might be overkill for a racco0n, but I’ve read enough stories about people stealing chickens. This may sound silly, but are there any suggestions you have to remind you each night to put the hens to sleep? Chicken killers will come knocking on the walls to get in and can’t, they will try and dig under the walls. So trade eggs for help to keep your chickens safe and it is a win, win! We strongly advise that anyone with a chicken coop use a predator apron to protect your chickens from burrowing animals. Updated 10/18/19. We are in the process of building a new coop and run. Once you spend the money doing it right the first time you are home safe and sound for the future with little worries. The following are my best recommendations for predator-proofing chickens based on my experiences. Key features of all Lonestar Coops plans: Predator proofing is the starting point of all of our designs Tons of ventilation for healthy chickens, with large windows on all four sides of the hen-house Plexiglas storm windows to close up the henhouse during the cold winters It’s great to know that you’ve not lost any chicken or animal once you had the fencing wires all over the place. KERRY- Please do your homework and read as much as you can..I hope you have everything ready for their arrival. Photos and video showing how to install a predator apron around your chicken coop Should we make a closed area for when we are not with the chickens during daytime ? HOUSING, FEED, DISEASE, SAFETY-PREDATORS,HOT WEATHER-HEAT STROKE,COLD WEATHER-KEEPING THEM WARM AND OUT OF DRAFTS, ETC…. Would cinderblock 2 feet deep be good. I ask because I don’t want to do all of that back breaking work if there is no real benefit. They’re going to be digging as close as they can to the coop where they’ll immediately run into the apron. Unfortunately because of where we live we will be unable to dig down at all to bury wire and etc. Predator Proofing Your Chicken Coop and Run You must understand from the start that virtually nothing is 100% effective, but it is possible to make the coop and run almost 100% effective. You mention some precautions about wooden floors for a coup, but we have a concrete floor. Such a cute but ferocious critter. I suppose hardware cloth on the floor is ok if you keep a thick layer of litter over it. You can save a lot of time, birds, and grief by making the initial investment to predator proof your chicken coop and run. What to put on top of outdoor run in snow country? If you have the inclination and time for training a livestock guardian animal, that may be the way to go. Secure the hardware cloth with screws and washers, and space them closely enough to keep openings less than 1/2 inch. I have a one acre farm. 1. Are your two remaining birds still OK? To prevent them from being able to do that, wire meshing is also placed around the perimeter. The weather is pretty warm here now and I decided to let them go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Votes: 1 25.0% Total voters 4 ••• More options Who Replied? If you are not yet familiar with them, you might want to check out my previous post on Poultry Predator Identification, where their tracks, scat, and behaviors are discussed. The bear came back to see if he could open the door on the shed (scratch signs on the door). I am looking to get chickens and a couple of goats. I enjoyed reading your very helpful articles. Install a predator apron around your chicken coop to deter burrowing and digging predators.

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